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Xbox one not loading games A Simple for fix it


If your Xbox one not loading games it can be annoying for you. But with the help of brilliant troubleshooting tips, you can fix the Xbox One game won’t launch issue. The Xbox one is an amazing video game console developed by Microsoft. It is considered a successor to Xbox 360 and the third base console in the series of Xbox by Microsoft. 

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After its launch, it received positive reviews for its good controller design, multimedia features, and voice recognition. It has a cool design that impressed the players and many praised its reliability of it. So you may also be a fan of Xbox but sometimes you may experience the issue of Xbox one, not loading games. Here find out the details about how to resolve Xbox won’t load games and Xbox One game won’t start. 

How to solve Xbox one game not working issue? 

You can use the software called as DriverFix which will keep your drivers up and running. It will keep your computer safe from the computer errors that are common and also hardware failures. You can check all your drivers in three steps. 

  • You can download DriverFix which is a verified download file. 
  • Then click start scan to find drivers that are misbehaving.
  • After that, you have to click update drivers and get new versions and avoid malfunctioning of the system. 

If you using Xbox you will understand how frustrating it is to see Xbox one, not loading games and Xbox One games won’t launch. Most of the time when you are trying to open Xbox and start the game, the splash screen will display for a few seconds and it will send you back to the home screen. But there are solutions to solve Xbox one game not working issue. Continue reading all the steps to find the method that works for you. 

1. Xbox One games won’t launch issue- The best method to solve it

If your Xbox is failing to load games and you experience the issue of Xbox one games not starting here are some of the steps you can follow. 

  • Update the console and restart it. 
  • Ensure to update the Xbox console to get the latest version. Then go to the settings and check for some updates. You have to install the latest software version of the console and try restarting the device. You can check if the Xbox games are loading properly or not. 
  • Click the Xbox button on the controller after it launches the game.
  • You have to hold the power button on the console to restart the device. 
  • Then power up your Xbox. 
  • You have to launch the game and press the Xbox button on the controller. 
  • You have to let the game load by using the “Turn console off, Turn the controller off” screen. 
  • After everything is loaded you can go back and check if the issue is solved or not. 

2. Have a look at the Mac address and power cycle your console 

  • First of all, you have to navigate to the settings and you have to choose Network Settings.
  • After that go to the advanced settings and select Alternate MAC Address. 
  • Now you can clear the mac address. 
  • Then the console will restart. 
  • You have to unplug your Internet router and leave the device unplugged for thirty seconds. After that plug it back into the wall outlet. 
  • When the Xbox console restarts you have to launch the problematic game again and check if the Xbox one not loading games issue is solved or not. 

3. Try unplugging the console

If you want to solve the Xbox one not loading games you have to turn off the console and unplug all the cables. Just wait for a few minutes for it to release power and you have to re-plug all the cables. Lastly, turn on your console and check if the games are properly loading or not. 

4. Check NAT type 

Ensure that the NAT type you are using is set to open. Now you can navigate to the settings and choose Network Settings, and go to NAT type. The NAT type will be open. But if it is not you can try opening some ports for the Xbox console to start working. You can try opening the ports like Port 88 (UDP), Port 53 (UDP and TCP), Port 3074 (UDP and TCP), Port 500 (UDP), Port 4500 (UDP), and more. 

  • You can contact your ISP provider for further help. 
  • Reset the Xbox console 
  • This is one of the methods you can try to fix Xbox one not loading games. Here are the steps you can use to reset the Xbox one console. 
  • First of all, you can go to the settings. 
  • Then select the system. 
  • Navigate to the console info. 
  • Choose Reset This Xbox.
  • After that, you can select Reset and Keep my Games and Apps.
  • This option will help you to reset the console and keep the games working. But you have to remember to keep your email and password ready to sign back to your account after resetting the account. 

5. Check the Xbox Live service status to solve Xbox one, not loading games

If you find an error in 8027025A, it means there is a problem with the Xbox Live service. It will result in Xbox one not loading games issue. There may also be a long issue with your profile. If you want to check the Xbox Live service, follow the points below. 

  • First of all, go to the Xbox Live core services and check if it has ‘up and running in green color. 
  • Now you have to restart the app by clicking the Xbox button to get the guide. Then select home when highlighting the app and select quit. You can wait for ten seconds before restarting the app. 
  • If the console is frozen you can perform a hard reset and restart the console by pressing the Xbox button to open the guide. Now choose Settings>Restart Console>Select and at last Yes to confirm. This process will reset the cache on the console. 

Conclusion: Xbox one not loading games

Follow the methods given here to resolve the Xbox one not loading games issue. You can enjoy playing the games on your Xbox without any interruptions.

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