Whenever we think of buying a laptop, the first thing that comes to mind is which laptop should I buy? And which company laptop is the best. If you are also troubled by this question, then this post can be helpful for you. Here we will talk about some better tips and techniques by which we can buy a good laptop buy.

We all know that we buy laptops for a long time and generally some good laptops are a bit expensive. In such a situation, we have to decide which laptop will be good for us and what features should be on the laptop. If we make a mistake once, then we have to face the problem for a long time.

I am not going to talk about any specific laptop brand here, just through the features and experience of some Windows laptops, I will tell you which brand is right. If you want to buy a laptop from 20000 to 50000 rupees, then you can take help of these tips.

Which company laptop is best?


1 Which company’s laptop is the best?

1.1 1. Hardware:

1.2 2. Specifications:

1.3 4. User Review:

2 Conclusion:

The biggest mistake we make in buying a laptop is when we hear about a brand again and again and decide from it that this laptop brand is the best and I should take this laptop. I made the same mistake while buying the first laptop and when I bought Dell Inspiron laptop in 2013 and for this, I paid about 42 thousand rupees and I bought i5 laptop with 8GB RAM.

But after some time the problem started coming in it, first sound, display and then motherboard I spent more money to solve the issue of that laptop than its price. After some time again his motherboard got damaged and I never got it rebuilt and it took me more than 2 years to get the new laptop again.

I again bought 4 laptops in the next few years from 3 different brands and here I am going to tell on the same basis which brand laptop is right? And how can you buy the right laptop?

  1. Hardware:

More than the hardware of the laptop, we pay more attention to its software specifications. Whereas software problems are easily solved when you have to spend money on hardware problems. According to a survey by Laptopmag, the hardware of HP Company laptop is the best in 2019 and Asus comes at number two. I bought an Asus laptop in 2016 which was only 25000 rupees and its hardware specification is really good. I used that laptop for 2 years (until it was stolen) I did not get to see any hardware issue.

Asus’s hardware is good and there is a reason for this because Asus itself manufactures the motherboard. Dell comes at number three but my experience with it has never been right.

  1. Specifications:

The second most important tips for buying a laptop that should be kept in mind are the specifications and features of the hardware & software given in the laptop. Because of this, the laptop runs smoothly and the work for which you want to buy a laptop. such as gaming laptop

RAM: Like the laptop brand, there are companies that make RAM at this time.

Corsair Vengeance LED

Kingston HyperX Predator

G.Skill Trident Z RGB

Kingston HyperX Fury

Like many companies make RAM, but you should pay attention to RAM speed and version more than their brand, at this time DDR4 SDRM version RAM is better and you are good for RAM laptops with 1333MHz – 2666 MHz speed.

Processor: This is the second most important specification of a laptop and we all know that Intel makes the best computer processor. But in processors, you have to pay attention to the Intel brand as well as its features. There are some must-have features here.

Processor Core: Core is part of CPU processing and it helps in computer read & execute, this helps in completing the task. Must have heard about your Intel processor core i3, i5, i7, etc. I have told you about the processor core in detail, you can see it from here.

Processor Generation: Generation is very important for an Intel processor because according to the generation, the work process, the technology of the processor changes everything. If you do Intel i3 10th generation and Intel i5 3rd generation then you will get Intel i3 10th generation performance is much better.

Processor Clock Speed: Clock speed directly impacts CPU performance. Just understand that the higher the clock speed, the better laptop performance you will get to see.

Cache Memory: This is a fast memory that works between CPU and RAM, it helps a lot in increasing laptop performance. It is 6MB in size, as much as 8MB but it is very important for laptops.

Display: We cannot keep laptop display among the most important features, but always take care of HD and FHD screens while buying a laptop and especially if you are taking it for gaming or video editing.

Storage: The 2 most common storage for laptops are SSD and HDD and we all know that SSD is faster and if you do not have much storage work or if your budget is a bit good then you can definitely take SSD.

  1. User Review:

Whether by a Company laptop online or offline, but first of all check its user review and read carefully because there are many such brands which give you good specifications at low cost but their quality is not good. In such a situation, you will know from the user review how its performance is. To check user reviews, you can take the help of Amazon or Flipkart because only they are reviewed here. Who bought the laptop.


We have learned that what are the most important features that should be taken care of while buying a laptop, but it is yet to be known that the company’s laptop is the best? I have used Dell, Acer, and Asus laptops. In which I found Asus as the best laptop company according to price and specifications.

Acer is also fine but I have faced some issues regarding performance whereas I can easily play games for hours on Asus i3 laptop that to games like NFS 2015, Max Payne, and Batman.

Hope this post has been helpful for all of you and here I have told from my experience that the Asus laptop is better. If you have any other brand in your opinion, then tell about it with reason in the comment.

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