When it comes to online messaging! So the first thought of WhatsApp comes in the mind of the users, this is because Whatsapp is used not only in India but in many countries of the world.

But have you ever had such a thought in your mind? “Is there any messaging app that has many features like Whatsapp! And it is easy-to-use like Whatsapp! So let us tell you that in the last few years, such an application has come in front of people, which you can call an alternative to Whatsapp! Yes, we are talking about Telegram.

Telegram has many features that make it better than WhatsApp or any other messaging.

So what is Telegram to you in this article? How to create an account in Telegram? How do you use Telegram! And what is Telegram Channel and Group! How do you make them? And when and who made it! Therefore, you will get all the important information related to Telegram in this article.

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What is Telegram?

What is Telegram Channel?

how to create telegram channel

What is Telegram Group?

How to create Telegram group?

Key Features of Telegram

When and who created Telegram

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a cloud-based multi-platform messaging service! It is used in Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems. This is an online messaging app that works just like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger! This means that you can send messages on Telegram to your friends, relatives through the Internet!

Release Details

In the year 2013, Telegram App was launched for the Android operating system. And currently, 200 million users use Telegram daily!

The main feature of Telegram is that in this you can send messages, call, Create groups & channels and stickers, etc. to other Telegram users like other messaging apps!

But not only this, you can use those special features in Telegram! What you can’t usually do in other messaging apps such as Secret Chat, you can create a Telegram channel, and also you can add up to 2 million members to the Telegram Supergroup!

So what is Telegram! After knowing this, now the question comes that how to use Telegram App? So friends, most of the users use Telegram on their smartphones only! So here we how to use Telegram App in Android Device? Giving information!

Download Telegram for Android

Download Telegram for iPhone

Windows users can install the Telegram Desktop app!

Download Windows Telegram

After installing Telegram on your device, now the question arises of how to use the Telegram app?

To use the Telegram app, you must first create an account in it! You can create a Telegram account by following the simple steps given below.

First of all, after installing the Telegram app, open it, after opening it, tap on Start Messaging!

Now you have to select your country and type the phone number from which you want to create Telegram account!

After that click on the tick above and now a Verification Code will come to your number! Enter that code!

So friends, in this way your mobile number will be verified and now you have to type First Nane and Last Name to set up a Telegram account!

Congratulations on doing this! You have successfully created a Telegram account.

Friends, after the Telegram account is created, you can see those Telegram users! And start messaging them!

So this is how you learned what is Telegram? How to install it? And how you can create telegram account! Friends, there are many such special features in Telegram, about which it is very important for a telegram user to know. So let’s know about the special features of Telegram app and how to use them!

If you use the Telegram app, then you will see a feature of the Telegram channel, it is very important for you to know about it, so let us know!

In short, understand the use of the broadcasting feature, then through the broadcasting feature, we can deliver a message to hundreds of users at a time!

For example, if you want to send a message to 200 Whatsapp contacts, then you can create a new broadcast and add those 200 members to that list! And now you send that message by typing it in the broadcast list created! So it will reach 200 users at once.

But the major difference between Telegram Channel and Whatsapp Broadcasting feature is that you can add up to 200 members in Whatsapp Broadcasting! But there is no limit to add members in Telegram channel.

Yes isn’t it awesome feature! Friends, if you have 200 members in your telegram channel, then any person can join your telegram channel through public or private link!

Telegram channels are also of two types, first private channel and public channel!

public channel i have a username Yes! And any person can easily join that channel by searching it.

On the other hand, to join the private channel, you have to click on the Invitation link! Creating a private channel is especially beneficial when you create that channel for a specific people (community)!

Apart from this, the special thing about the Telegram channel is that under this you can share files up to 1.5 Gb with your members.

how to create telegram channel

To create a Telegram channel, you will see the menu option at the top of the left side, tap on it!

Now you click on Create Channel here.

After that enter the name of the channel! Also, type the description of that channel.

After that now you have to decide whether to make it a public channel or a private channel! After disassembling this, click on the tick above.

After that, if you want, you can add members to this channel or you can proceed by clicking on the arrow given below.

So friends, after completing these steps, your Telegram channel is ready!

What is Telegram Group?

Friends, like Whatsapp group, there is also a Telegram group, but it is a little different! Because when you have 200 members in your Telegram group, now you can convert that group to Supergroup! Yes

If you want to create a group to chat with your friends, relatives in Telegram then Basic Group is best for you!

But if you want to create a group of people from a big organization or community! So you can create Telegram Super Group. Friends, you can add up to two lakh members in Telegram Super Group. Friends, isn’t it great!

How to create a Telegram group?

To create a Telegram group, click on the top menu on the left side!

After that tap on New Group.

So now you will see Telegram users! Now select the users you want to add to Telegram contacts.

Now you enter the name of your Telegram group here and tap on the top right !

Congratulations on doing so! Your Telegram Group will be created!

Key Features of Telegram


Account: We can use Whatsapp only in a mobile or we can open the Web App in the computer by doing it, but we can use Telegram connected to one.

Cloud-based messages: If you are typing your message and leave it incomplete and open it in another device, then you can type from it. Your typed message will also come.

Bots: In Telegram, you can create your own bot in which you can set automatic tasks. Many useful bots are available in this which you can join.

Channel: In Telegram, you can create private and public channels, in which unlimited users can John. Join HindiMeHelp Telegram Channel

Stickers: You must know what stickers are, they make chatting and interesting.

Voice Call: You can make free calls by using the Internet, whose quality you will not see the difference with the normal call.

Live Location: If you want, you can also share your live location in it where you have been.

When and who created Telegram

For the first time in the year 2013, Telegram was launched for Android devices. The telegram app was launched by two brothers named Nikolai and Pavel Durov! Currently, Pavel Durov is working as the CEO of the Telegram app.

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