What is Chrome Web Store? Very few people know about it. Because most people use Chrome Browser only to search Internet Query. But you will be surprised to know that Chrome itself is like a system. Through Google Chrome, you can do all the work for which you install software on the computer. Today I am not going to tell here all the tricks of Google Chrome but about two such tools, which is very important for all Chrome users to know.

Many times it happens that Full Page Screenshot This Full Page Screen Video Recording becomes a bit difficult for any computer software or you have to download 2GB-4GB software. But with Chrome Web Store or Chrome Browser tool, you can use all these services without downloading any software.

What is Chrome Web Store?

When the Chrome browser was launched in 2008, it could only search the Internet. But now many Tools & Services have been added to it, by Google. One of these services of Browser is Chrome Web Store.

“Chrome Web Store is an online store for web applications. Where Web Application for Google Chrome & Google Apps is stored. Meaning it is just like Google Play Store, Android Apps are stored on Play Store and Web Apps are stored on Web Store.

There are about 12 categories of Apps, Games & Themes on Google Chrome Web Store. There are about 200 to 300 Million Apps in all these categories, which you can use for different types of work. for example..

Blogging Category: Here you will find all the Software & Tools related to Blogging.

By Google: All the tools made by Google will be found from here.

Developer Tools: Here all the tools related to Web Development & Software Development will be found.

Fun & Photo: Tools related to Photo Editing and Game will be found from here.

Social & Communication: All the Social Networking & Communication Browsers, all their tools will be available from here.

Shopping: You can find all the tools related to the e-commerce website from the shopping category.

What is Chrome Extension?

Just as there is Application Software for Computer and Apps for Mobile. In the same way, there is some small software for Chrome browser too, which are called extensions. This is the most important feature out of 4 features of the Chrome Web Store.

By adding any web application from Web Store, when you enable its extension. So that service gets started and you can use it as a tool on Chrome Browser.

It is very easy to use any application from Chrome Store. For this, you do not need to download anything or apply any Rocket Science. You can enable any service just by following some simple steps.

Step 1. Open the Chrome Store website and search for the Web Application Service you need.

Step 2. Now click on any application you want to use in the chrome browser and click on Add to chrome option.

Step 3. As soon as you click on Add to chrome option, a pop-up box will open and you will have the option of Add Extension,

Step 4. In no time, that extension will be added to your Chrome browser and you can use it.

Friends, hope you have understood what is Chrome Web Store and how to use it. Google Chrome is not just a browser in today’s time, it is a system in itself. Which you can use as a computer. There is such software in the Chrome Web Store, which you will not find in Computer Software and the most important thing in this is that you can do Real-Time Internet Search by Chrome Web Application.

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