Today 18: 9 Mobile Screen is in trend and you must have often heard about it on YouTube (what is Aspect Ratio) Mobile Review Videos or Mobile Review Website. Many people search the Internet about it, but they do not know to get the correct information about 18: 9. If you also want to know that 18: 9 Mobile Screen then you are absolutely right place. Because today we will know in detail what is 18:9? And what is its connection to the Smartphone Screen? But before that let’s know that

What is the Aspect Ratio?

Aspect ratio is an Image Projection Attribute, which gives information about the Proportional Relationship between Width & Height. If we know the aspect ratio of any image, then we can know-how is the shape of that image. Suppose if the aspect ratio of an image is 1:1, then it means this image is a square shape. Because its Width & Height is of the same length.

The aspect ratio of the image

18:9 Mobile Screen In the 18:9 Mobile Screen Aspect ratio, 18 is the width of the mobile screen and 9 is the height of the mobile screen. That is, whatever mobiles are launched with an 18: 9 aspect ratio, the width of their screen is Twice the height of the screen. Today every mobile company is trying to launch its mobile with an 18: 9 aspect ratio. But not all the companies are able to do it, till now all these phones are there in India whose display is with 18: 9

Samsung Galaxy 8/8+
LG Q6 Series
Honor 8 Pro
Xiaomi mi Max 2
Micromax Canvas Infinity
189 Aspect Ratio

What is the advantage of the 18:9 display?

The biggest advantage of the 18: 9 Mobile Display is that there are phones of this ratio, they get Wide Screen Size. Which is almost like a bezel-less screen.
High quality resolution is seen in most of the phones which were launched with an 18: 9 ratio. What is the difference between Normal Mobile Display and an 18:9 Mobile Screen Aspect Ratio?

There are many users who hear about 18: 9 from a big tech expert, then they think. It has some special features. But there is nothing like this, there is only a difference in Width & Height in a normal Smartphone Display and 18: 9 Display.

Friends, only 18: 9 mobile display has just started and in today’s time Canvas Infinity is the cheapest phone with 18: 9 display, now you will get 18 in all Bezel-less (iPhone 8) phones launched Screen of 18:9 ratios will be seen. Hope you all have understood that 18:9 Mobile Screen what is Aspect Ratios And what does it mean?

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