Today there are many different meanings for NFS, and their abbreviations are different. But when you ask a social media user about NFS, they will say something else. That is why it is important to know what NFS means. If you are interested in the functioning of NFS, continue reading and know what does NFS mean?  

Sun Microsystems create NFS. Do you know what the full form of NFS is? When you ask someone, who knows a great deal about computing, they will say that it is an acronym for the network file system. It is a file system that enables storage and the function of retrieving data. It can retrieve disks and directories from a shared network. Plus, it also aids the local users in accessing remote data and files as if they are accessed locally.

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It is presented in the client/server computing model as the NFS’s server works for client authentication, authorization and management. With its help, the client can view and access data with the local systems and access it with the internal disk drive.

What does NFS mean? 

Many people are trying to know the meaning of NFS. This is popular because the meaning of the NFS changes depending on the places it is used. Texting may have a different meaning than what is used in computing. Therefore you may feel confused about it all. So what can you do to find its meaning? Here are some of the contexts where the word NFS is used. You will feel interested to know how it’s meaning changes. 

What does NFS mean in text? 

If you want to know what NFS means, then you have to know what NFS means in the text. What does NFS stand for in the texting language? It means No Funny Sh*t. Many people do not like to write the whole spelling of the words in the texts, so the texters use the word NFS. It has helped many people to send texts quickly. That is why NFS is a popular word in the text world. You can also start to use it in your day-to-day use. It will help you to appear cool and trendy. 

What does NFS’s mean in Snapchat? 

Most of the time, NFS meaning in Snapchat, is Not for sale. Many business pages use this NFS’s to make their buyers know that a product is not for sale or an object is still not on sale. So it is popular on Snapchat too. It is most of the time used by adults and teenagers. Sometimes it also means No Filter Sundays, as many influencers use the term to tell their followers that their photo has no filters. Therefore NFS’s is a popular term on social media pages too. 

What do NFS’s Meaning In Computing? 

Do you want to know the NFS Meaning In Computing? It means Network File System. It has one of the important roles in computing, and many top companies use it. If you want to access the files in the network, then you can use the NFS protocol. This is what NFS means in computing, which is very different from what the NFS means in texting or social media. Only less number of people know about it because of its complexity. 

What do NFS’s Meaning In Gaming? 

NFS meaning in gaming means Need for Speed. It is a racing video game created by Electronic Arts and developed by Criterion Games. The game is about an illegal street racing sport that tasks the players to finish various types of races. But at the same time, they must evade the police because they can get caught. The series is EA’s oldest franchise and was released as The Need for Speed in 1994. 

One of the recent games from the series was Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered, which came out in 2020. This is one of the notable games often called NFS’s by game lovers. So if you are wondering what NFS’s means in gaming, it means Need for Speed. 

All of the gameplay of the NFS’s series use fundamental rules and mechanics. The player has to control the race car in the races, and their goal is to win the race. In the career mode, the player must win a series of races to unlock vehicles and tracks. But before each race, the player will select a vehicle. The vehicles in the series will have a multiplayer mode and allow the players to race one another through a split-screen. Plus, they also have the option to choose automatic or manual transmission. So these are the features that have made the game popular.  


NFS has many uses in various industries and platforms. You can find it on social media, computing, phone, and much more. That is why it is one of the popular acronyms.  

FAQ: What Does NFS

What does NFS mean in text? 

In-text, if you are making notes, you can use the term NFS. It means Not for sure in text too. Many people can use it when writing handwritten notes or other letters to the people they know. It is really interesting to use such acronyms when you are talking with your friends. Further, it is very convenient to use it too. 

What does NFS mean in texting? 

According to the text jargon, the word NFS’s means Not for sure. Sometimes it also means Not so fast. If unsure of anything, you can use this word to imply this meaning to the speaker. For instance, if they ask you about anything and you are unsure, you can say NFS. This is NFS’s meaning in the texting slang. You can use it as your texting slang. 

What does NFS mean on Instagram? 

If you are wondering what NFS’s means, you must know what it means on Instagram. It has many meanings. In the Instagram business, NFS means Not for sale. For example, it is mostly used by the people who sell products on Instagram and manage their business pages. It is useful for them to write NFS’s on Instagram for that people to know that a particular product is on sale. Further, on many Instagram pages, you can find this acronym. 

Another meaning of NFS’s on Instagram is the need for speed. When people play games on Instagram, they use NFS. It is a popular acronym. If a car game uses NFS, then it means the need for speed. 

In Instagram DM, the NFS’s means No funny sh*t. It is used many times by Instagrammers in chats. If a person is bored of a chat or a topic they are talking about, they will say No funny sh*t. 

Another acronym for NFS’s used on Instagram is No Filter Sunday. Many people use this hashtag on Instagram, the people who do not use a filter for their photos. The last popular NFS acronym on Instagram is “Not Following Specified”. On Instagram, this means that you are following someone, but they are not following you back. So these are the several NFS acronyms on Instagram which shows us what NFS’s means. 

What does NFS mean on TikTok?

But what does NFS’s mean? NFS’s means the same in Tiktok as what it means on Instagram. But it is more viral on Tiktok than on Instagram. That is why anything on Instagram becomes viral. The gamers playing the NFS’s game also use the NFS’s hashtags to make their game even more popular. Therefore this is what NFS’s meaning is in TikTok.

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