It is irritating when you see the message ‘unable to connect to world Minecraft windows 10’ while playing games on Xbox. Such error messages are common on Windows 10. Thus, to get rid of this error, here we come up with many methods to help you. 


One of the popular arcade games that most people love to play is Minecraft. It is a Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) game that provides you with super fun and joyful game of creating your world. However, most gamers reported an error message that they frequently get in it. It is the error message ‘unable to connect to world Minecraft.’ 

So, how to deal with this error message and play your game with many friends. Before knowing it, you need to understand the possible causes of the error ‘unable to connect to world Minecraft.’

What Causes the Error ‘Unable to connect to World’ in Minecraft?

After receiving many reports from the gamers about this error, we found out that the error is due to different reasons. Here are some of the reasons for getting the error ‘unable to connect to world Minecraft windows 10.’

Firewall – Windows Firewall plays a vital role in blocking several services on Windows 10. The malfunctioning of your firewall is the main reason to get such an error while playing games. The windows firewall will not allow you to connect to the servers. Thus you will get the error ‘Minecraft unable to connect to the world.’

False Positive – In most cases, antivirus software is understood to be a threat by the flag-verified apps. So, this might be the reason to consider Minecraft as a threat and thus, showing an error.

An issue in the Friend list – Sometimes, users will experience a problem with their friends’ list. It means that you can’t connect to your needed friends but easily connect to the strangers’ worlds. In such a case, you will get the same error ‘Minecraft unable to connect to world windows 10.’ The simple solution is to re-add your friends to the game. 

Permissions – Xbox platforms come with a feature ‘disabling the connection with multiplayer.’ Thus, if this feature is enabled, you will get a message ‘unable to connect to world Minecraft windows 10.’ So, check this feature to connect to your friends’ world.

ISP issues – If there is an issue with ISP in Xbox, you will get many problems. Thus, you can use a good VPN to avoid getting this error ‘Unable to connect to world Minecraft Windows 10 to Xbox.’ 

Corrupt Microsoft Account – This is a rare case but happens sometimes. When you have a corrupted Microsoft account configuration, you will get this error ‘Unable to connect to world Minecraft Windows 10.’ Thus, you can’t connect easily to the server as your first step ‘Account Authentication’ itself fails here.

Internet Explorer – It is common to notice the internet explorer settings affecting your applications and games running on Windows 10. Most advanced windows users have an idea about this problem. If such settings have an issue, then you will get this error ‘unable to connect to world Minecraft windows 10.’

Bugs – One can’t ignore this cause. In the windows store, you will have applications with a lot of bugs. Thus, updating the game is the only way to fix this issue ‘unable to connect to world Minecraft windows 10.’

The Solution to Fix Unable to Connect to World Minecraft on Windows 10:

Here are some steps on how to fix unable to connect to world Minecraft

Restart your Computer:

Sometimes, for bigger problems with your computer, the simple solution is to restart your computer. Starting from small to big issues, this restarting your PC works a lot. Thus, when you see the error ‘Unable to connect to world Minecraft windows 10’ simply restart your PC. After starting your PC, launch Minecraft again to see whether it works properly.

If the above method doesn’t work for you, simply move to the next method.

Investigate Windows Firewall:

Most users have this question ‘why can’t I join my friends’ Minecraft world?’ The reason is the windows defender firewall, which will not allow you to connect with your friends. So, you need to check the firewall settings for the Microsoft game file ‘javaw.exe.’ Here are the instructions that you need to follow it.

  1. In the search box, you need to type ‘Control Panel.’ Once you find this option, click on it.
  2. To see all the files and folders, you can use the ‘Large icons’ option.
  3. Now, scroll down to get the Windows Firewall option.
  4. On the left side of the screen, you will see the option ‘Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall’ option. Click on it and check the box placed alongside the file ‘javaw.exe’ option. Ensure that you check both the Private box and the Public boxes.

Update Network Drivers:

If you use a faulty network driver, you will get this error ‘Unable to connect to world Minecraft Windows 10’ for sure. Thus, you need to update the network drivers for playing with your friends in Minecraft. To do this process, you need to use updater software named Bit Driver Updater. This software serves as the best option to overcome all driver-related issues. Here are the steps to fix the Minecraft issue.

  1. Go to the Bit Driver Updater app and click it to do an automatic scan.
  2. Wait until you get the list of faulty network drivers present on your PC or laptop.
  3. Then, you need to select each of the drivers from the list and click the ‘Update Now’ option for each driver. Now automatically, it will start updating and installing the latest version of all drivers.

Disable Overclocking:

To increase the speed of the CPU and hardware components, some users use an overclock option. This overclock option lets gamers get more gaming power and performance. So, this overclock is sometimes the problem for getting the Minecraft error. Thus, you can disable this overclock feature to fix the Minecraft issue.


So these are the few possible fixes for the Minecraft problem on Windows 10. You can use any of these methods to fix the issue, and it all works best for you. Therefore, you can enjoy playing with your friends online without any hassles. 

Unable to connect to world Minecraft Xbox one


  1. How to fix Minecraft unable to connect to the world?

There are several methods to fix a Minecraft issue such as re-adding your friend, checking network connection, and updating the network driver.

2. Why can’t I join my friend’s Minecraft world?

If you can’t join your friend’s Minecraft world, then it might be a problem with the game’s version. You may use a different version of the game when compared to your friends.

3. Whether creating a new Microsoft account works for the Minecraft issue?

Yes, it works to fix the Minecraft issue when you create a new Microsoft account. Due to server issues, your older account will not work temporarily. Thus, you will get an error in Minecraft while playing multiplayer games. Sometimes, signing out and then, signing in will also help you to resolve the Minecraft issue.

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