twitch-notifications-not-workingThere are plenty of talks about the twitch notifications not working issue. If you are facing this problem then you are not alone as many are facing it. Twitch is a world-famous streaming site with remarkable features. 

Also, the interactive site is a favorite spot for many gamers. Its live and entertaining content amuses many viewers. The notifications are crucial features in twitch. Further, there are many complaints among the users about not receiving these notifications. There are various reasons for the twitch notifications not working. If you encounter such a problem then follow these steps. 

Using a different browser : 

Sometimes twitch push notifications not working due to single browsers. But people using another browser can access the notifications in twitch. Also, try to sign in twitch with another browser. For many users resetting the existing browser is fixing the twitch push notifications not working problem. 

Discord Pausing Spotify

Further, browser settings can change unknowingly which can block notifications from any site. Due to these causes, important twitch notifications are lost. However, accessing this notification is possible once you reset the browser settings. 

Changed twitch settings: Twitch Notifications not working

Many applications may misbehave in systems due to many reasons. Due to this, the settings of the application may automatically change. Also, mostly the changes in notification settings are the major cause for the twitch notifications not working issue. First, reset your device and twitch settings before trying out any troubleshooting. 

The reliable hacks to fix twitch notifications not working  

Modifying settings for all the channels 

There are many channels on the twitch platform. Sports, entertainment and much more channels are available. However, each channel comes with different twitch notifications. Additionally, if there is a problem with notifications not receiving for a single channel altering setting is possible. To change the settings for different channels you can follow the below steps. 

  1. Open the twitch platform on your system and click on the Settings option. There is a separate notifications column in the settings menu.
  2. Further, there is a category for every notification on twitch. You can click on the per column subheading in the notifications setting. 
  3. It allows you to click on disable and enable the option as per your preference. There is a toggle button that helps you to change your notifications for every channel. Through this setting, you can control very notifications such as comments, posts, messages, live streams and alerts on the twitch platform. 
  4. It is possible to change the notification setting of a twitch from a Smartphone as well. You can follow the below steps for this purpose. 
  5. The Smartphone has a display icon in the top left corner of the twitch page. 
  6. Now click on the tab that says ‘account notification settings.
  7. Now toggle per channel notifications switches as per your preference. 

These steps can fix any problem with your twitch notifications. You can check whether you are receiving notifications when enabling and disabling it for each channel. 

Re-downloading the twitch application 

Twitch is a smooth streaming platform that offers good quality content. However, some of these versions of this platform may have some problems. If you are not getting twitch notifications then re-downloading is important. You can uninstall the older version to update and install newer versions of twitch. This might stop the notification issue on your system. Try these steps to do it. 

  1. In the windows, search menu type control. Also, it will help you to open the control panel in the system.
  2. You can now find the location of twitch in your system. Now uninstall the twitch application from your system using this option. 
  3. Now it’s time to download the new twitch application from the internet. 
  4. Fill in the necessary credential to receive notifications from an existing account. 
  5. Refreshing the app by re-downloading it will solve the not getting twitch notifications issues. 

Clearing the cache in the browser 

The cache is saved in your system for every internet search and download. Most of the time, cache can take up more space in the memory. Unknowingly memory of your systems is full with a cache that is not deleted. 

  1. Also, you need to timely delete this cache to free up space in the system. This cache can be the cause for twitch push notifications not working. Now let us see how to delete the cache from your system. 
  2. The first step is to click three keys. Press shift, ctrl and delete keys. 
  3. By doing this the cache files will open on your screen. Now click on cache images and files on your PC. Find the cookies and other site data options. 
  4. Now select the clear cache button to delete it. 

These steps might stop the cache that is responsible for twitch push notifications from not working. After deleting the cache launch the twitch platform on your system. This may help you to stream your favourite content on twitch. 


Resetting the chrome browser 

Chrome browser is the most used browser by many twitches users. If you are using chrome then checking the settings on the browser is a smart move. Also, Chrome browser has settings for every platform. The twitch notification settings may change in the browser. Checking and resetting the browser is essential in these cases. 

  1. First, open the chrome browser on your PC. Navigate the page to browser settings to process further. 
  2. Now use the advanced settings option in the browser it accesses more options.
  3. The next step is to search the restore button n your screen. This option will change the browser to default settings. 
  4. Now click on the Reset option. This will rest all the settings to default. 
  5. If any forces are blocking changing twitch notification settings then resetting the browser will fix everything. 

Fixing twitch notifications on email 

Many twitch notifications are available through email. However, due to some reasons, this may stop in your system. If this twitch not sending notifications in the email then try the below steps it fixes the issue. 

  1. The first step is to open the twitch app 
  2. Now go to the settings menu to make changes 
  3. There is a notification tab and then click on the email option. 
  4. Now in the email notifications turn on the twitch updates. 
  5. To turn on notifications from twitch you can toggle the button to enable. 

These steps can fix any twitch not sending notifications on the email issue. If the problem persists there are ways to reset email in your system. 

Try the below steps for resetting email 

  1. Now there is a setting option in the twitch app open it and proceed to the next step. 
  2. There is a privacy and security option in this setting. 
  3. Now there is an edit option in the right corner of your page. 
  4. Through the edit option, you can enter an alternative email id on your system. Verify the alternative email address. 
  5. Now reenter and verify the old email address registers with twitch again. 
  6. The next step is to open the email client to check whether twitch notifications are not in the spam menu. Now, these steps will allow you to receive email notifications from twitch. 

The above are steps that are useful to twitch users across the world. By trying each of these steps it is possible to solve twitch notifications not working issue. However, if the issue still exists then you can ask the twitch helpdesk regarding this. Technical support will help to resolve this problem. 

FAQ for Twitch Notifications not working

What are smart notifications in twitch? 

The smart is a notification that appears to you when present or active on twitch. 

What are three notifications in twitch? 

There is email, push and onsite notification on twitch. 

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