Video games are always a trend. People love to play games of all sorts and watch their characters become top of the world. The online world has made it more creative to play and use games as a turning point of boredom. All sorts of people and people of different ages now play games, even different genders, which makes it more diverse in both the gaming world and in the genre of the games.

The video game industry is a multi-billion dollar one. According to statistics, the industry is expected to register double digit growths right through 2022. Games are becoming pretty expensive along with the consoles. If you want to save a few bucks, you need to have awareness about platforms that can help you download games for free. Yes, you will be playing it in an offline setting, but why not? You will be saving a few hundred dollars in the process. To know more about websites that can help you download video games, please click here.

Video games are much more than just scrolling or watching your favorite shows. Video games provide us the chance to look at this world through a different lens. No one would deny the amount of stress everyone felt in these couple of years. It was the time when video games kept everyone together and provided a stress-free environment. With video games, people also made online friends with much more interaction to ensure moral support. Video games are surely a treat as it provides entertainment, boosts enthusiasm, and help us engage our brains in things other than the stressful life we have. 

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We have shortlisted five video games that are trending in this year 2022. With their exceptional gameplays and top-notch graphics, these games have made it to the top listing games until now. Check the list below to know the games chosen for you: 

Having mastery in the martial arts and having fun while fighting combats, this game is made available to the public on their personal computers, PS4 and PS5. This game is set up in the background of you being a kung fu student, finding the murderers of your parents, and taking revenge by showing your exceptional kung fu skills.

  • Dying Light 2: Stay Human

This game has phenomenal visuals and gameplays and is sure, deserving of the top ones. It is set up on a vast map of Europe. You, as the user, have to travel the world while avoiding your death. The most engaging feature of this game is your fight with zombies. You have to survive while fighting zombies. This game is made available on almost all the gaming devices like PS4, PS5, Nintendo switch, and personal computers. 

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  • Olli Olli World

This third one is surely a treat. Making a big comeback in the genre of games, this is a skateboarding game, made available on different gaming devices. This game has a 2D setup of skateboarding and has attracted multiple users around the world. This game also has the first-ever hand-drawn visuals, providing it a great hand at exceptional graphics.

  • Pokemon Legends: Arceus

It is no doubt that Pokemon was one of the most famous children’s cartoons of the 2000s. Even today’s generation is interested in this cartoon. In the start, pokemon games used to launch on Gameboy advance but soon after the personal computers and the Nintendo switch users got a hold of the game. In this game, you are on a mission to catch your pokemon. You become more enthusiastic and stronger by challenging gym leaders of the world. 

Although it is one of the most thrilling games to exist in gaming history, this specific game in the Pokemon Legends series is available on the Nintendo switch. 

  • Uncharted: Legacy Of Thieves Collection

Did someone say thrill with action and adventure combined? We have the right thing for you.

This game is a great combination of adventure and action. This thrilling piece has a high audience in the PlayStation community and on personal computers. This game has remained at a good level with its exceptional graphics, high-frequency audio, and dual sense functionality. 


There’s no need to feel bored as this article got you covered up. We provided immensely enjoyable and surely worth the hype games in this year 2022. With their phenomenal graphics, exceptional visuals, and amazing gameplays, and made available on various devices, these games have surely made their way into the hearts of users around the world. Put on any one of these games and enjoy!

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