PC games are on a high, and this is established through various market-based studies. 

Vintage Market Research puts forth that the market for games will be worth roughly from USD 29.17 billion in 2021 to USD31.52 billion by the year 2028.

Though, it can be said technically that you don’t need to consider the RAM for gaming purposes. You must mostly consider a graphics card to run the game.

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Gpu Ram bears more significance compared to that of the processor RAM. But the minimal requirement for any standard PC game is 8GB Ram and 2GB graphics card. 

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In this article, we are to discuss some of the five best PC games with 8GB Ram and 2GB graphics cards. So let us start with our discussion on this.

Pc Gaming Stats To Look Out For 

There are many games on the market that come with 8 GB RAM and 2GB graphics card. So let’s look at the top 5 best PC games that you would like to have.

1. Ghost Recon Breakpoint 

Ghost Recon Breakpoint
Ghost Recon Breakpoint

The following games take place six years after the events of Wildlands and one year later than the future soldier. The particular series is based on Aurora, a fictional South Pacific island that Jack Skell owns. Jack Skell is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist.

Coming to system requirements. For this game, you need to have a CUP of Core i5 4460. Other than this, you also need to have a Radeon R9 280X or Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 (4 GB).

The RAM that is most suited for this game is 2048 MB. The Free disk Space that you need to have is 42.36 GB.

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2. Football PES 2022 

Football PES 2022 
Football PES 2022

Who does not know PES? This is the staunch rival of the premier Fifa game EA Sports. However, some would argue that FIFA is much better compared to PES in terms of quality and detail. Who else better than you remember that you have passed sleepless nights with it? This game is undoubtedly attractive.

Let’s look at the specifics that you are going to have. For this game, you need to have an Intel Core i5 2300 or AMD FX-4350 CPU.

This is very interesting; so far, different specifications are concerned. Along with an 8 GB RAM, you need to have a Video RAM of 2048 MB and 50 GB free disk space. This is a core requirement.

3. Mad Max

Mad Max
Mad Max

Are you a fan of Mad Max? It is an adventure game with 3rd person shooter. This is one of the most sought combat games.

For this game, you must have a CPU Intel Core i5-650, 3.2 GHz CPU. Other requirements include 6 GB RAM and around 32 GB of free space.

Therefore the advantages are extremely clear. However, to run the game seamlessly, you need to have 8 GB of RAM. 

4. Marvel’s Avengers 

This is a superhero game. You can dress from among the comic book characters. Then, you will go on a mission with your mates.

You will gain new abilities, mates and clothes. The story is all about an individual called Kamala Khan who gets some superpower.

For this particular game, you need to have Intel Core I3 4160 and AMD equivalent CPU. Along with this, you also need to have RAM of 8GB and video RAM of 2048 MB. Your computer must have 75GB of free space.

5. Project Cars

Want to ride on some adventurous journey? The game provides you with an ambitious young race that arrests your attention. This very game is quite interesting, and for this game, here are your specific requirements.

You need to have a CPU, Core i5 3450. The RAM that you need must be 8GB. Besides this, you need to have a disk RAM of 2048 MB and 50GB of free space.


The PC games discussed above are varied so far as the subject matter is concerned. These include more or less identical hardware and software specifications to meet your requirements.

Therefore, make sure you update your CPU according to the requirements and enjoy the PC games. 

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