Top 5 Best Automatic Call Recorder App.

Today I will tell you about them and along with this, I will also tell you about it that How to record phone calls? | Which will help you in recording all your phone calls. These are the top 5 such apps that can record automatic calls on all Android phones and will save those records in your phone’s storage.

There are some apps that you can also lock with a password so that only you can listen to those records. If you make a call from SIM, then your call is recorded anyway by the SIM company, but you cannot listen to that call record, and neither can you get it. So in such a situation, we have only one option left, we ourselves should record the call on our phone. Because sometimes we talk to some people whose it is necessary for us to keep some things recorded.

For Example-

If you are a businessman, then you must be talking to your business partner, financial partner on the phone, which can be useful for you in the future. So you can record calls on your phone with the help of these apps.

If you are in a Relationship then Call Recorder is very important for you. Because 60% of the cases going to the court of relationship are of blackmailing. In such a situation, if you record a call while talking to your partner, then you can avoid being blackmailed.

Best Automatic Call Recorder Android app:

Many times it happens that when you are talking on the phone, you forget to turn on the Call Recorder. But if you use Automatic Call Recorder then you do not need to turn it on. As soon as your phone call will be received or as soon as you will receive the phone call. Automatic Call Recorder will be turned ON automatically and as the call is disconnected, it will be OFF and saved. So let’s see.

#1- Automatic Call Recorder For Me:

If you want that you have such a Call Recorder App which has both Automatic and Manual features, then this is the best Call Recorder App for you. Because sometimes we do not need to record all the calls, so if you use this app, then you can easily turn off the redundant call records by turning on the manual recorder. Along with this, you can also put a password on the recorded call. By which your record will be safe.

#2- Automatic Call Recorder Pro:

This app has received the award of Best App in Call Recording from Google Play Store. So I don’t need to tell you much about this. With this app, you can record all the outgoing and incoming calls, to start the call record, you have to shake the phone a little by the call, just the call recording will start. But this app is a problem, it does not support all Android phones.

#3- Automatic Calls Recorder:

It has many unique features which make this app the best Automatic Call Recorder app. In this app you can set which calls are to be recorded with Automatic Call Recorder, you can record the call of only those people who are needed and along with this you can also call Samsung Phone in this app. can record from

In this app, you can find out from the contact number whose call has been recorded and how many times the call has been recorded on which contact.

#4- Automatic Calls Recorder 2:

People often ask me, tell me any call recorder app for my phone Android 2.3, Android 4.0. So this is for all those people who have an Android phone with Android 2.3 or above. This app is just like the Automatic Call Recorder app. But Automatic Call Recorder is only for Android version of 4.4 or above and Automatic Call Recorder 2 is for all Android.

#5- Super Call Recorder App:

If you want the call to be recorded at the time of calling and whenever you want, the recording should be paused. Then Super Call Recorder is the best Android app for you. Because it records automatic as well as manual calls. And saves the Record Call in your Phone Storage after your confirmation.


Friends, today I have told about the Top 5 Automatic Call Recorder App in this article, all those apps are the best call recording app of Android all smartphones (Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 & all, Samsung all Smartphone, Lenovo all Smartphone, Motorola All Smartphone, LG, Micromax, Yureka, etc.). If you also need the Phone Call Recorder app then you can download it from here. Hope you liked this post and it was helpful for you. If you have any suggestions or ideas regarding this post then you can comment us.

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