Till now we all used to rent online cars but now needy people can also rent a boyfriend online in India. It may sound a bit strange to you, but it is absolutely true and here we are going to talk about how one can rent a boyfriend online?

Technology is changing, people’s thinking is changing, it is not that such online services do not exist, there are many such online platforms in the name of Online Dating App or Website where people can connect with each other and According to the need, you can make Boyfriend or Girlfriend for yourself. But all these apps are according to the consent of both the people, but through Online Boyfriend Service, the needy is not required to consent, he can rent Boyfriend by Direct Pay. Let us know about it in a little detail.

Rent A Boyfriend (RABF) Mobile App :

Rent An Boyfriend (RABF) is an online website and mobile app which is currently made only for Pune and Mumbai area.

With the help of this online service, one can hire a Boyfriend on Rent in Mumbai and Pune Area for some time and with a Rented Boyfriend, you can go to a Movie, Restaurant, or any place.

But according to Rent A Boyfriend (RABF) Service Policy, you can rent Boyfriend only for Public Place.

Prakash, who made this app, says that there is a lot of depression in these High cities and my aim of making this app is that people should be given some relief from depression. This app does not have any kind of features like sexual and private meetings and we have strictly added such things to our policy.

Rent A Boyfriend whose short name is RABF, basically, 3 types of Boyfriend categories have been given in it.


Normal Citizens


This is an app that has been made only for girls and if you are in Pune or Mumbai area then you can select any type of boyfriend from these categories and go for a walk with them.

We understand the questions of some important questions through the FAQ so that we can understand each and every point very well about this Online Rent Boyfriend service,

Cost of Rental Boyfriend”

If you rent a Boyfriend from RABF then you will have to pay hourly which will start with a minimum 2-hour base charge. Along with this, you will also have to see the transportation of the hired boyfriend and all other expenses. such as meals,

Ability to Become Rent a Boyfriend

If you want to make a Rental Boyfriend, then it is not an easy task. For this, you have to qualify for many tests. Like KYC Verification, manners, conversation topics, Medical Test, Police NOC, after passing all the tests you should have knowledge about how to treat women only then you can join RABF.

How to Download RABF App?

We can download the mobile app for Android and iOS directly from the RABF official website and if we want, we can use it on our computer browser from its website and we will not need to download the app.

If we talk about using this app then it is very easy, you register in it and set up a profile, after that fulfill all the required requirements given and then rent a Boyfriend. You can also get information through this video.

Here is a list of some people who has already been given, which is available for Online Boyfriend Rent bypassing all the tests. Similarly, if you also join, you will also be listed here.

Friends, Online Rental A Boyfriend Service has just started in Mumbai and Pune. If it is a success, then we can get to see it in other big cities of the country. Right now it exists only as a website and soon its app is going to be launched. You must share your thoughts about this service in the comment.

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