Hello friends, Reliance Digital BIG TV is back once again with some new offers but this time there is a lot of confusion and many benefits in this service of Anil Ambani Group. If we want to use 5-year free DTH Channels, then first we have to understand well about Reliance Digital BIG TV Offer, Condition and Charges.

Reliance Digital TV used to be BIG TV earlier and a few months back in November, there was news that BIG TV is going to be closed. According to the news, this report of BIG TV came that in November their license has expired, if you have balance then you can use someone else’s service.

After this again an update came that the merger is happening in BIG TV Automatic Tata Sky. But now Reliance is back again with some new offers,

Reliance Digital BIG TV Offer

Reliance Digital Big TV, which is the property of Anil Ambani, is back again in March 2018 after one shutdown and its pre-booking has also started. But before that, we know about its offer.

Whether we are Customers, Retailer or Corporate, we will get the subscription of Reliance Digital BIG TV for Rs 499 and DTH will be installed in 30 to 45 days and when the Reliance DTH team comes to do the installation, they have to pay Rs 1500 Cash along with 250 Installation Charges will also have to be paid.

After this, we will get all popular Channels and HD Channels for one year absolutely free and 500 FTA Channels will be available for 5 years absolutely free.

That is, if we buy Reliance Digital Big TV Offer by investing Rs 2250, then we can get absolutely free DTH services for the next 5 years.

How To Pre-Booking of Reliance Digital Big TV Pre-Booking?

I have not pre-booked it yet because before this I have pre-booked Reliance Jio Phone by paying Rs 500 and I have not received the phone yet. So that’s why I have not booked it, if you want DTH then you can book by visiting the official website of Reliance Digital TV.

You can confirm the order by filling its pre-booking form and paying Rs 499. You will get Reliance Digital TV DTH Service 30 to 45 days after Order Confirmation. In this service, one HD set-top box will be available and all HD channels free for one year.


But before doing pre-booking, once read about all its terms, conditions, because later it should not happen that you invest money and keep waiting that free DTH is going to be installed at your house and that time never comes,

Would it be good to do pre-booking?

Reliance Digital TV has completely applied the Offer & Conditions of Reliance Jio Digital on its service and there was a similar offer even when Jio Phone pre-booking happened.

When we go to pre-booking Reliance Digital Big TV and open the Form Page. So we get to see an Unsecure Payment System there. This means that there is neither HTTPS nor SSL Security on the Official Payment System Website of Reliance Digital TV. In such a situation, how can one make an online payment?

Unsecured payment system

Reliance Digital Big TV has said that we will get all HD Channels for one year and all FTA Channels free for 5 years. . Many people have asked about it, so the reply has come from Reliance when we will update the Channels list soon.

Even those people who have done pre-booking are not able to know which channels they will get to watch after taking this service.

According to my, this is not the right time to do Reliance Digital TV pre-booking through this website, because looking at the history of this service, we cannot tell how long it will be with us.

After this, Reliance Big TV has closed again in November and most people shifted to Tata Sky.

Now it has once again come out as Reliance Digital TV and all its terms & services are not clear. Friends, Reliance Digital BIG TV Offer is good, if we get to know how many and which channels will be available for free in it and it starts taking full payment at the time of Installation instead of pre-booking. With this, our trust will also remain and more and more people will also be able to use this service.

If this does not happen and you have to pre-booking this service, then first get complete information about it and get complete information about its services by messaging on Reliance Digital TV’s Facebook page, Twitter account, only then pay to Do. If you have any idea then do comment.

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