Is there a Reddit night mode chrome available for users? Yes! There is a provision for a night mode on Reddit as well. Twitter introduced the dark theme back in the year 2017. Additionally, YouTube also developed the night mode feature for its mobile application for users of iOS and Android as well. Now, finally, Reddit has come up with the much-demanded feature from the users that is the night mode.

So, if you are a Reddit user, it is good news for you. Also, when a user is a late-night surfer, the dark mode theme has an additional benefit. But, how do I install it? Stress not! We have curated the details for you here to help you persuade for the same. So, let us start.

What is Reddit night mode chrome?

Are you a late-night surfer? Or just a Redditor who loves reading at the night? In any case, Reddit has come up with the highly demanded feature of Reddit night mode chrome. The users are now able to read Reddit without putting undue stress and burden on their retina. Yes! This is true, it could have a severe impact on your eyes in the long run.

So, Reddit has come up with this dark mode feature that enables users to read light color text and icons that superimpose on a much darker background. Earlier, mobile devices come up with a light mode that is dark color texts and icons on a lighter or whiter background. This was severely impacting the user’s eyes at late nights.

So, finally, this is what awaits longer for the Reddit users. Do the late-night Reddit reading whenever and wherever you wish with the dark mode theme on.

What are the benefits of Reddit night mode chrome?

Well, yes we finally have the much-awaited feature on Reddit that is Reddit night mode chrome. But, what exactly are the benefits this feature has to offer to a user. Of course, you should get to know the benefits of anything before even using it in your daily routine. So, here we have curated the topmost benefits of night mode for Reddit.

  1. Avoid staring screens

Firstly, when the lights turn off during nighttime, the room is darker. So, the default setting of brighter texts and icons on a lighter background is a contrast to the surrounding. This is thus putting an undue strain on your eyes. Now, when you will use the dark night mode feature, the result is the same surrounding and the same screen settings.

If you do not want to use a dark mode theme, there is another provision as well. you can lower the device’s brightness or dim out the light mode screen. This way your eyes don’t have to glare not the screen. Thus, protecting your eyes from future damages.

  1. Cuts on blue light exposure

When you switch your screen display settings to dark mode theme, you are cutting down on exposure to blue light. Even those who don’t want to use a dark mode theme can change the settings to reduce the blue light exposure on your devices. This is a far better option for those who find viewing a little difficult in dark mode themes.

  1. Enhances battery life, lesser charging frequency

When you use Reddit dark mode chrome you are able to save up your battery lives by around 30%. This further means you do not need to charge your phone frequently. This way your battery life extends and energy efficiency is enhanced as well. As you need to charge your phone a little lesser.

But, for those who find reading on darker mode a little difficult, can reduce the brightness. This is another useful method to save up your battery life.

These are a few benefits of the Reddit night mode chrome.

Is Reddit night mode chrome better for my eyes?

Though the dark theme for Reddit has a lot of add-on advantages for you and your device. But, when the talk is about eyes, you need to understand a few things. When dark mode theme makes it easier on the eyes than the stark brightness from a lighter screen. Same time, your pupil dilates when you are using a dark mode theme. This further makes the reading and focusing on the screens a little difficult.

Why dilatation results in difficulty to see? When the pupil dilates while using a dark mode theme, it is difficult to look clearly. On the contrary, the lighter mode makes the pupil constricts, which makes the clearer vision.

Thus, before switching to a darker or a lighter mode on your screens, always use the one that is easy on your eyes. The mode that is not hurting your eyes. In addition, you are able to see clearly and read clearly.

How to turn Reddit night mode chrome on?

If you want to enable the dark theme Reddit, you can do so on your own. All you need to do is to first decide, whether you are using a newer Reddit version or the older one. Afterward, follow the easy step-by-step guide to get the Reddit dark theme.

  1. For Reddit redesign

Reddit’s redesign is now live for you, simply go to the upper right of your screen in your work area internet browser, click on your username, then, at that point click on the switch for Night Mode.

  1. For Reddit older version

For those still on the more established Reddit plan, you can get to Night Mode by picking into the new design. To do as such go to the Options tab in your Preferences. Look down to “beta alternatives,” then, at that point click the container that says “I might want to beta test highlights for Reddit” and hit “save choices.” another choice will currently show up for “utilize the update as my default insight.” Tick its crate, hit the “save choices” catch, and you ought to be good to go.


This was about Reddit night mode chrome. Follow the guide to get the Reddit dark mode on your device. But, don’t forget to go through the benefits the dark mode has to offer to you. Along with this, the effect it has on your eyes. So, enable this newly developed feature on Reddit. Escape yourself into the world of endless reading.

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