The red oak technology select fund (ROGSX) is a strong mutual fund pick right now. While looking for strong industry technology funds, check out the red oak technology select fund? You may want to consider the red oak fund as a possible choice. The ROGSX has a Zacks Mutual Fund rating of 3. 

The red oak technology select fund: Objective

The red oak technology select fund is a variant of Sector Tech and the area is full of many options. Technology companies operate in multiple industries. Similarly, they include semiconductors, software, the Internet, and networking. Therefore, industry technology mutual funds that invest in technology allow investors to access a well-known volatile industry. However, with a more diverse approach.

The red oak technology select fund: History

  • The oaks associates are the administrator of the red oak technology select fund.
  • Similarly, the location of Oak Associates is in Akron, Ohio.
  • Red Oak Technology Select made its debut in December 1998.
  • Presently, rogsx stock has approximately US$657.1 million in net assets since 1998.
  • In addition, it is currently managed by Robert D. Stimpson.
  • However, He has been leading the fund since January 2019.

The red oak technology: an overview

  • The red oak technology is a leading supplier of end-to-end resource solutions in multiple industries and fields.
  • They include:
  • Firstly, IT
  • Secondly, marketing
  • Thirdly, finance
  • Fourth, business operations
  • Fifth, manufacturing
  • Sixth and finally, engineering. 
    • Similarly, they focus on finding top talents and efficient recruitment.
    • In addition, the red oak focus is for customers who need quality resources immediately.
    • Specifically, due to contracts, long-term positions, or project management.
    • Since 1995, they are a provider of high-quality talents.
    • The oaks associates always provide customers with the most competent and professional talents.
    • Consequently, in their industries and markets.
    • The variety of amenities by oak technology differs from turnkey actions to fill discrete positions.
    • However, whether you need short-term consultants, full-time professionals, or a mixed resource library.
    • The red oak technology can provide unequal suppleness in resource solutions.
    • They Shorten the recruitment cycle of red oaks.
    • However, they focus on improving the ability to attract the best talent for a business plan. 
    • The cornerstone of their success is to focus on accurately defining the technical skills of their consultants.
    • However, they define these on the basis of the client’s project requirements.
    • The oaks associates use a strict consultant selection process.
    • In brief, it is to ensure that only the best professionals work for them.
    • The oak technology creates a deep-root aptitude grid.
  • As a result, they can develop and expand resource capabilities easily. 

The red oak tech: Location

  • The headquarter of Red Oak Technologies is in Silicon Valley, California.
  • However, they earn a well-deserving reputation.
  • Consequently, red oaks are a leading supplier of IT experts in the province and the United States.
  • We provide services to a wide range of IT clients.
  • The services vary from innovative start-ups and mid-sized companies to Fortune 500 industry leaders.
  • Similarly, they provide customize resource services on your company’s unique human resource needs.
  • However, they provide the professional staff one needs to execute your business plan.
  • Similarly, they also provide:
  • Firstly, management
  • Secondly, network security
  • Thirdly, technical writing 
  • Fourth and finally, technical support. 

The focus of red oak technology

  • Red Oak Technologies is extraordinary in talent management.
  • Similarly, oaks associates are specializing in providing customize service solutions.
  • These are to meet the diverse human resource needs of wide-ranging customer base.
  • Similarly, red oaks also combine a wide series of technical proficiency.
  • These are to provide customers with quality advice and professional services.
  • In addition, the company has talents with work experience in various industries and technical disciplines.
  • Flexible resource allocation allows a company to quickly and efficiently meet the personnel needs of customers.
  • The company provides both:
  • Firstly, promising properties for a precise plan
  • Secondly and finally, continuous resources for full-time employees. 
  • Similarly, red oaks will help in successfully achieving one’s business goals.

Performance: Rogsx Stock 

  • Of course, investors are looking for reliable financial returns.
  • Additionally, the red oak technology select fund 5-year total return rate was 15.97%.
  • Similarly, the Rogsx stock ranks third among similar competitions.
  • If one’s interest is in a shorter time frame, consider the fund’s 3-year total return of 20.23%.
  • In fact, the red oak fund places it in the top third of that time frame.
  • However, on evaluating the performance of a fund, it is also important to consider the standard deviation of its returns.
  • Similarly, the smaller the standard deviation, the lower the volatility of the fund.
  • Comparing the categories in the past three years, rogsx stock has a standard deviation of 14.2%.
  • Similarly, the average of ROGSX stock is 17.15%.
  • However, in the past 5 years, the standard deviation of the fund was 14.95%
  • But its category average was 17.05%.
  • In fact, this makes the red oaks fund’s volatility lower than its peers over the past five years.

Risk factors: red oak technology select fund

  • However, one cannot ignore the volatility of this market segment.
  • Because it is always important for investors to pay close attention to the shortcomings of any potential investment.
  • ROGSX fell 51.65% in the recent bear market.
  • Similarly, they have been seen to outperform their peers by 2%.
  • In fact, all these indicate that the fund is a better choice than its peers during the bear market.
  • Investors should note that the 5-year beta of the fund is 1.13.
  • Hence, it may be more volatile than the overall market.
  • Alpha is another metric to consider because it denotes the risk-adjust performance.
  • Over the past few years, the fund’s alpha value has been positive.
  • The value over the past 5 years is 4.5.

Summing Up

Overall, the red oak technology select fund (ROGSX) ranks top in the Zacks Mutual Funds ranking. In fact, the red oak fund is coupling with relatively high performance and lower average risk, and lower fees. As a result, ROGSX seems to be a good potential choice for an investment right now. 

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