However, there are a few motherboard issues you can fix at home. You do need a professional to fix some of the minor problems in the motherboard. The red light on motherboard is a common issue many faces. Further, when this happens you can mistake it as some serious issue in the motherboard. Still, with a few steps, you can fix it on your own. Also, let us see quick fixes that help you to turn off red lights on motherboard. 

How To Clean motherboard

The motherboard is a crucial part of any laptop. The user must take steps to protect this part. Using the computer rightly, closing all tabs properly and with good maintenance, the motherboard issues can be prevented. Further, an issue in the motherboard can cost you more. You may have to spend more to replace this part. Plus, at times if the motherboard has severe issues some even have to change their entire laptop. 

The reasons behind flashing red lights on the motherboard 

There are plenty of reasons for the red light on motherboard. Sometimes you need to find the exact reason for this red-light flashing. Mostly, when the hardware is not connected properly to a motherboard there is a red light. Further, the hardware connection is not proper or it is not working. There are three pieces of hardware in the motherboard that can cause this problem. 

  1. The CPU, ram, and graphics card are crucial hardware in a laptop. The CPU is a processing unit in the system. Plus, the ram is a part that manages the storage. You have a graphics card that takes care of the visuals. These are parts connected to the motherboard. All these hardware are important. Moreover, there is a possibility of the CPU light on motherboard flashes red. This means that the CPU of your system is not working properly. Also, it is a common reason for the red flash in the device. You need to check all of this hardware to know which is causing this problem. 
  2. The next part of your laptop that can cause this issue is the CMOS battery. If you wonder what is a CMOS then it is a battery that stores hardware settings. This battery is inside your laptop. Also, it is connected to the motherboard of the system. There are several reasons that this battery may not work. Further, if you are using the laptop for many years it may stop working. This can cause red light on the motherboard. Also, a battery failure is a possible cause of it. 
  3. The red light on motherboard issue can be as simple as the boot error. You may not have started your laptop properly. Furthermore, if this is the case there is red CPU light on motherboard.

These are the three common reasons for the red light flashing issue. You need to know which of these reasons is behind the red light on the motherboard issue. Also, by knowing the reason you can choose the best fix for it. 

Some of the other ways to detect the issue 

Some may have difficulties knowing which is causing the red light on motherboard.Let us see some of the ways you can detect it. 

Red light near the boot 

A red light on the boot is due to an error in the boot device. The hardware of the operating system is faulty. Further, if you see a red light on the boot then there is a problem with the hard drive. 

The red light on Vga 

VGA red light on motherboard can occur if the graphics card of the system is misplaced. There is a need to place the graphics card properly to fix the issue. 

The red light on the CPU 

The red CPU light on motherboard could mean many things. One reason is that motherboard is not able to detect your CPU. Further, this error occurs when the CPU is not connected properly to the motherboard. Sometimes the CPU fan may have failed. Also, any part of the CPU such as the pin may have been bent. These are factors that cause red light on motherboard.

Red light near DRAM 

The DRAM red light means that the ram of the device is not proper. There is no proper connection or it is not seated properly. Furthermore, these are the possibilities for a red light on motherboard. You can detect which is causing this issue to perform a quick fix. 

The best troubleshoot to fix the red light on the motherboard

From the above steps, you first need to detect the issue behind red light on motherboardAlso, you need to try out this troubleshoot when your laptop is turned off. 

  1. The first step is to remove the hardware that is causing this problem. Disconnect it and plug the hardware correctly. If you want to know how to remove any hardware you can view tutorials for it on the internet. Also, if you have a motherboard that is old then you may have to replace it. For replacing any hardware you may need the help of a professional. 
  2. The next step is resetting bios. With the manual of your motherboard, you can reset the bios. Every manufacturer has different ways to reset it. Therefore, check the manual of your motherboard to try this step. If you find the manual unclear you can seek professional help. Plus, if there is a connection problem with the CMOS battery you can remove it. You need to remove the Cmos battery for at least 5 minutes to plug it back again. 
  3. If you see that your CMOS battery is dead you can see a red light flashing on the CPU. Further, if your first guess is that something is wrong with the Cmos battery try to replace it. 
  4. If you try the above steps and still see a red flash unplug all the hardware. You can unplug hardware such as GPU, ram, and CPU. Check if there is any damage to these hard drives. Also, dust is a simple cause of this issue. Also, clean everything nicely before you replug it. 
  5. Lastly, after trying all these steps you can reboot the system. Plus, after rebooting this problem will be fixed. 

The above is the best instructions to fix the red light on the motherboard. Further, you can try these fixes for any laptop. If you have red light on Asus motherboard you can try out the above troubleshoots. After all these hacks if you see a red light then the problem is due to a defect on the motherboard.

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