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Razer naga mouse jumping-How to solve it


Ways to solve the Razer Naga mouse jumping problem

If you are a great fan of MMO games, then you know just how perfectly this mouse helps you out in the game. After all, using such devices increases your chance to acquire new skills and levels. But, when you see the Razer Naga mouse jumping without any reason, you know there is a problem. Of course, this problem can affect your gameplay. So, whether your Razer Naga stops tracking or mouse cursor jumping, you have help. Yes, just follow the below tips to solve this problem.

Check the mouse’s calibration: razer naga mouse jumping

One of the common reasons why the Razer Naga mouse jumping happens is due to improper calibration. Obviously, with the wrong calibration, you cannot expect the mouse to function properly. So, you use the synapse tool to recalibrate or change the calibration of the mouse. First, open the synapse application and then click the Naga device settings. Here, you will see the calibration tab present on the top of the window. Then, you can add the surface to your Razer mouse.

Certainly, presets are there for different models which you can choose. But, if you use a mouse pad of a different brand, then you will have to calibrate it for yourself. With the synapse tool, just move the mouse and it will do the job. Finally, save the settings and start using your mouse again. Surely, a simple way to solve the Razer mouse freezing problem without much work.

Blocked sensors: razer naga mouse jumping

Generally, the mouse tracks movements using a laser-based optical sensor which is present at the bottom of the mouse. Damages or blockages in the sensors are another reason for the Razer Naga cursor jumping issue. First, unplug the mouse to check the sensors. Yes, don’t check the mouse’s sensors while it is on. Then, check the hole for any crumbs, dust, or even fine hair particles. Use a toothpick to clean the surface. But, if something seems stuck in the hole, then open up the total mouse. And, keep the circuit board separately so that you can clean the body of the mouse using isopropyl alcohol. Once the body is dry, put everything back together and try to use it.

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Slow Computer: razer naga mouse jumping

Yes, even your computer can be an unseen cause for the Razer Naga stops tracking problem. After all, when the performance of the computer suffers or slows down, you can see it in the way it works. For example, texts appear late when you type them. Videos cannot run smoothly and click action takes more than the usual time. In this case, try using the task manager to close unnecessary programs to speed up the computer. Certainly, this can be of help to some extent.

Incompatible work surface: razer naga mouse jumping

If your sensor is not the problem, then it can be the work surface that you use the mouse on. Yes, an incompatible work surface may be the reason why your Razer Naga Epic Chroma not working problem. Well, if the sensor has a hard time seeing the work surface, such problems can come up. Make sure to avoid surfaces that have colors like black, blue, or red. Surely, they cannot reflect the necessary light for the mouse to work correctly. Also, make sure that the work surface is clean without any dust or crumbs. Certainly, this can directly affect how your mouse works for you.

Reset the mouse

Perhaps, one of the best and often repeated solutions for all kinds of device problems. Surely, it can also help with the Razer Naga mouse jumping problem. Suppose, if you feel that the problem is in the mouse and not the calibration, then try performing a quick reset. Well, you can find about it in the instruction manual that comes along with the mouse. If you don’t have it, just hold down all 3 keys of the mouse to reset. And, hold it for 10 seconds, after which you can release them. Yes, the rest of the mouse is successfully over. In short, when your Razer Naga Epic Chroma not working, just follow this simple procedure.

Software: razer naga mouse jumping

The fact is, this solution has worked well for many users who were struggling with the Razer Naga mouse jumping problem. For starters, just download the software updater application from the web. Then, run the application to update the latest version of the software for the Razer Naga mouse. Surely, it increases the chances for your mouse to work again normally. This way, you can easily deal with the Razer Naga cursor jumping problem.

Also, you can try deleting the synapse tool from your computer to fix the Razer Naga mouse jumping issue. After all, this is a sure way that none of the configurations of the synapse tool interferes with the mouse’s working. Once you have removed the tool, make sure to reboot your computer. Then, check if the issue got solved or not.

Check the computer’s ports

Another reason why you see the Razer Naga mouse jumping happens is when the ports of the computer are faulty. In this case, try unplugging and plugging in again the Razer Naga mouse. Or, try a different port altogether. Surely, this solution has helped many to deal with the Razer mouse jumping issue. So, you can expect it to work for you as well.

The mouse is itself faulty

If all the above solutions don’t work for you, then it means that your mouse is the problem. Perhaps, that is why you experience the Razer Naga mouse jumping problem. Now, if this is the case, take it to a service center or buy a new one. Of course, you can use the warranty claim if it is still applicable. But, before you decide that the end for your mouse has come, make sure to try it with another different computer. This way, you can be sure that it is the faulty hardware that causes the Razer Naga Chroma freezing issue.


That’s all folks! Make sure to try out the above methods to resolve your Razer Naga mouse jumping problem. If the problem persists, make sure to take it to an expert or buy a new one.

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