Taking the name of OYO full form, many people must have come to one mind that what is the full form of OYO? Yes, it happens and today in this post you will get information about OYO Room’s full form and booking, so if you are interested in the hotel business. So you should know about how companies choose their name and what is the reason behind them? Here you will get information about OYO full form, it will definitely be helpful for you.

We all know that the name of the company is kept after a lot of thought because this is the biggest factor of their branding that people should know from the name of the company that it provides some kind of product and service. In such a situation, OYO is a big company and you get to see the services of OYO Rooms all over the world. So it is clear from this that the name of OYO must have been kept after some thought.

Full form of OYO

After seeing the OYO full form, you will understand by yourself how the Moto of its Rooms & Hotel business is hidden in its name. In today’s time, its business is spreading rapidly in Asia, Europe and Americas and people get booking in any hotel in the world sitting at home, which was not easy earlier.

OYO Full Form (What is the full form of OYO?)


1 OYO Full Form (What is the full form of OYO?)

1.1 When was OYO launched?

2 What types of services does OYO offer?

3 Advantages of Oyo Rooms

4 How to book OYO Rooms?

The full form of OYO is On Your Own and the name of the whole business is OYO Rooms so its full form is On Your Own Rooms. This is India’s largest hotel network which is currently offering its service in 199 cities of the world. Its Headquarters is in Gurgaon and the name of its founder is Ritesh Agarwal.

OYO Rooms is an online hotel booking company where many hotels are connected and customers can book them from its website and mobile app. OYO is at the top in India and the biggest reason for this is the offers offered by it which are very much liked by the customers. We had mentioned long back that OYO has entered the market with a unique business model.

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This business model is a Couple hotel booking and because of this it grew very fast in India and in just 8 years India’s number one hotel network is also a real estate company in today’s time. Along with hotels, it also runs the OYO Home, and Townhouse business from which one can rent rooms and houses for a long period of time.

When was OYO started? OYO Full Form

In 2012, the company’s founder Ritesh Agarwal started the company under the name Oravel Stays and later in 2013 the name of the company was changed to OYO and hence its official date is considered as 2013. The company started its first service in Gurgaon, Bangalore. Like did Cities and they got their first investment of $100,000 from Thiel Fellowship.

At present, more than 17 thousand employees work in Oyo, out of which 8000 work only in India and its surrounding countries. The company continued to get good investments from time to time, which helped a lot in moving the company forward, as Soft Bank invested $ 1.5 billion in 2019, and then the company got an investment of $ 1 billion in 2021.

What types of services does OYO offer?

We all know that there is only hotel booking in Oyo but not so, the company also offers many other services. You get some of these services here.

OYO Townhouse: There is a service for people who want to book a flat instead of a hotel room.

OYO Home: This is a home management system in which the customer gets the facility of booking private homes and these are such houses. Which is completely managed by Oyo.

SilverKey: This service is given only to such travelers who do business travel only.

OYO LIFE: If a person wants to take a flat or room on rent, then there is this service for them in which room can be booked for a long time.

Advantages of Oyo Rooms : OYO Full Form

OYO Rooms is the country’s largest hotel booking service and it has many advantages as well as there are other big companies like Make My Trip in India. In such a situation, there must be a reason to get ahead of all this and it is absolutely there. Here we have given information about some of the benefits.

Very cheap hotels are available on OYO Rooms, you have to book anywhere in the country and abroad.

All the hotels of the country are available on a single app and you can choose the room according to the customer review and rating. Good and cheap rooms and hotels are available from this.

Its app is so fast that the user gets a booking in just a few clicks.

Here a special room is available for the couple, which makes this service the most special.

How to book OYO Rooms?

There are 2 ways to book Oyo rooms, booking is done through its website and app. But the booking process is followed in the same way on both. In such a situation, your book from the App or the same will be done from the website.

Oyo Hotel booking

Step 1. First of all open the website or App.

Step 2. Now search the city in which you want to book a hotel or room.

Step 3. Select the room with good reviews and ratings from the list.

Step 4. Now you make the payment.

Step 5. Your hotel or room is booked, check-in by visiting the hotel or room on the date on which you made your booking.

Friends, here it is told what is OYO Full Form is and also its Advan Information about the stages and the company’s beginning has been given. Hope you liked this information and got the right information about India’s largest hotel chain, if you have any question or suggestion, then you can give information about it in the comment.

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