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Owlet sock wont charge: The reasons and fixes you need to know about


Owlet sock wont charge is a common issue many faces these days.  Today, owlet sock is crucial for parents to monitor their baby’s health. The baby’s oxygen and heart rate are monitored through the consent apps. Many parents use these owlet socks for their infants. 

With more usage, problems with this sock may occur often. Also, owlet socks are used from any part of the world to monitor the health of an infant. There are lots of effective features in owlet socks that make them popular these days. 

Further, the 18-hour battery life is one of the exceptional features. However, when this rechargeable battery is not charging it may be a concern. Owlet sock wont charge has many reasons. By finding the cause it is easy to fix this issue. Let us see some of the owlet sock not charging fixes you need to try. 

The crucial reasons owlet sock won’t charge

The owlet sock is a durable accessory to get. There are lesser faults in this owlet as it is exceptional in quality. Also, the Owlet sock wont charge is due to battery issues. There are also a few replacements that are needed if the device is not charging. Let us see some of the reasons for owlet sock 3 not charging

1. Resetting the owlet sock 

Any software glitch is a cause for owlet sock 3 not charging issue. In such cases, resetting the device is important. All you need to do is turn off the sock and slide the base station. 

Further, after turning off the device wait for two minutes and restart it again. If there is a network glitch then restarting may work for you. You can see that the device may charge quickly after a recharge. 

2. Checking the charging cable 

If you are using the owlet sock for a while then problems may occur. Owlet sock charging cordmay have a few issues with prolonged use. Damage to the cord can easily happen. If you see that the charger is bent or foil peeping out it is surely a cord damaged. If there is any damage to the charging cable replacement is the only solution. 

3. Analyzing the power ports 

Most of the owlet socks come with power ports. The power station damage can also cause the owlet sock wont charge issue. For this, you can disconnect the sensor from the base station and try to connect the adapter to the port. Also, if the base does not power the device then there is a need for replacement. 

4. Checking the batteries 

The crucial feature of the owlet sock is its batteries. These batteries are effective and they last throughout the life of the device. However, the battery of the device can drain in some cases. 

Further, when facing a device not charging issue many ask how long does owlet take to chargeHowever, when the battery is drained allowing the device to charge the whole day can help. This can boost the device and renew its charging cycle. 

Fixes when owlet sock wont charge

As there are different reasons for owlet sock not working? Apart from the not charging issue, there are a few sensor problems that can occur. If the sensor is faulty then charging and connecting the owlet to wifi can become difficult. Let us see some of the fixes that can cause owlet not charging issues. 

When the owlet sock sensor is wet

There owlet sock sensor can get wet and start to malfunction. This can also cause the owlet sock wont charge issue. Let us see a few fixes that may solve the issue. 

  1. If you’re the owlet sensor gets wet the first step is to use a hair blower to dry it. Make sure that you keep the hair dryer in cool air settings. 
  2. Before plugging the owlet sock you need to check if the sensor is dry completely. 
  3. When you do this sensor of the device will work properly. Also, if the charging has some issue then this can fix the device. 

The battery is not charging 

There are lots of reasons for owlet sock wont charge. If you have a removable battery there are quick steps you can take. 

  1. The first step is to check water or corrosion damage in the charging port. 
  2. Now check for any lint or breakage in the charging cord.
  3. If your owlet device is not turning off then use the power button for a few seconds for this purpose. If the device starts to charge but does not hold any power then make the user charge the boost the charger. Further, you can do it by allowing the device to charge for a whole day. If the original charger of the device is not working you can also try the USB charging port. 

Sensor not charging: Owlet sock wont charge

The sensor is not charging is a common issue that can cause owlet sock to not charge. Sometimes, the sensor may not light up or charge. In these cases, the charger may not power up your device. In such cases replacing the sensor might be necessary. 

The ways to dim the owlet base station 

How to dim owlet base is a question for many. The owlet light can cause a disturbance. During the night the light can be bright for some. Due to this many want to know how to dim the owlet base. 

Further, there are two light settings in the owlet base station. There are both bright and dim lights available. For dimming the light the first step is to turn on the owlet base. Now press and hold the base station button for a few seconds. This will make the light dimmer than before. 

These are the crucial reasons for the owlet sock won’t charge issue. You can try these fixes to solve the problem effortlessly. However, if still the not charging issue persists then technical support can help you solve the issue. 

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FAQ: Owlet sock wont charge

How to turn the owlet sock into the night mode 

The dim light mode helps you to turn the owlet sock into night mode. 

How long does the owlet sock battery last? 

18 hours is the total battery power of the owlet sock.

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