To begin with, Nvidia is one of the best companies in the industry. Furthermore, the Nvidia is a creator of GPU. Graphic card by the company is the best in the industry. Most gamers use Nvidia GPU to manage the workload, However, in recent times new features to GPU. One such feature is Nvidia performance tuning

Read through the article to learn about Nvidia performance tuning.  It is also called as Nvidia auto clock feature. The article will also include information about steps to tune. 

What is Nvidia performance tuning? 

In the first place, Nvidia graphic cards are the best in the industry. Further, graphic cards are important. It is a piece of hardware used by computer users. Mostly, gamers and content creators need help in rendering images. So, Graphic cards help in rendering higher quality images. Such images improve the overall experience of gamers. Even content creators manage workload through GPU.  Hence, the latest features of GPU help increase its performance. 

Recently the company has come up with multiple features. One such feature is Nvidia automatic tuning. This feature is free of cost up-gradation to Geforce GPU. The main function of the Nvidia performance tuning is boosting the speed. The higher speed of the graphic card improves the overall experience.

Furthermore, this tool is designed for Geforce graphic card series. In simple words, Nvidia automatic tuning improves the performance of Geforce GPUs. The performance boost of GPU is possible through automatic tuning. Further, the process of auto-tuning is known as overclocking.

The role of overclocking in performance tuning of GPU: 

In the first place, graphic cards of Nvidia run at a permitted speed. It is like a car speed (horsepower) that is fixed. But with the right tuning tools, the speed can be improved. Similarly, the speed of the Nvidia GPU is set by the company. But the speed of GPU can be increased. In other words, tuning of graphic card for higher speed is Nvidia overclock.

Furthermore, higher tuning of GPU increases its processing power. Higher processing power helps in the faster rendering of images. It also improves the speed of multimedia files. Thereby improving the gaming experience for gamers.

How to use Nvidia performance tuning? 

The Nvidia performance tuning feature of GPU is free of cost. However, for using this feature we need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. The first step to tuning is making sure you have two things.
  • The latest version of Geforce experience software
  • Latest game ready driver

In case you don’t own the latest version, upgrade it. It is because Geforce automatic tuning is better with new software. 

  1. The next step in performance tuning is looking for settings. The settings icon is available right next to the user name. Enable the in-game overlay option from the settings icon. Then, select the GFE option from the extended bar. 
  1. Selecting the GFE option will automatically start the tuning process. The process of Geforce experience performance tuning is simple. It takes place through auto overclocking. Hence, to start the process click on Alt+z. That’s it the process of auto-tuning is a simple click. 
  1. Then from the new window select the performance option. The option is usually visible on the right side of the screen. Next, open the Nvidia performance pane. Now, from the panel select the automatic tuning option. Geforce automatic tuning starts just by simply clicking on this option. However, automatic tuning will take time. But you can see the progress as it scans your PC.
  1. Once the scanning of your system is complete the feature will automatically tune its performance. In other words, Geforce experience performance tuning of GPU happens automatically. After completion of the process successfully you will be able to see the change in speed or performance.

What other options are available in the automatic tuning feature of Nvidia? 

Nvidia automatic performance tuning includes multiple options. Apart from automatic tuning, it also includes other options to improve the performance. It allows for an increase in power limit or temperature target. However, remember that before playing with such options you know what you are doing. Sometimes changing these options can affect the stability of games or apps.

But do remember that even Nvidia automatic tuning can make certain apps unstable. In such cases don’t get panic and delete the performance tuning. Instead, reset the performance tuning and try again after some time. All in all Nvidia performance tuning is a simple one-click option to increase the speed.

Is Nvidia overclocking option safe? 

In simple words, Nvidia auto overclock is a safe option. But before you proceed with overclocking features make sure your PC is running efficiently Before we see how to overclock your PC, let’s understand the basis of overclocking. Nvidia performance tuning through overclocking is not difficult. It is possible to complete the process in less time. However, learning the basic steps and procedures involved in overclocking is important. 

The first step in overclocking is your PC passing stress-test utility. It is mainly because the overclock pushes the limits of GPU. Hence, to make sure your card is stable conducting a stress test is important.

The second step in overclocking your card is having patience. Tough the steps involved in Nvidia over clocking is simple it takes patience. Running multiple tests is necessary to find a perfect blend of performance, temperature, and compatibility.

Hence, overclocking is safe. It indeed increases the temperature and stress. But in return, it improves the performance of GPU. However, sometimes up-gradation can lead to problems. If you experience freezing of PC reduce the clock. 


To sum it up, Nvidia performance tuning is a great way to improve the speed of your GPU. Further, it is a free option released by the company. It enables better performance of GPU by increasing the speed. 

In simple words, Nvidia auto overclock is a one-click option. The option is enabled to increase the speed of the GPU. The main reason for improving the speed of GPU is performance. Better performance of GPU is possible with higher speed. As such GPU offer a faster rendering of multimedia files. 

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