Friends, today I am going to tell you about the Nokia 3310 phone and also the latest Nokia 3310 phone specification. If you are interested in this phone, then you must read this article.

Recently, Nokia has launched Nokia 6 Smartphone in China. Now Nokia has announced that now it is going to relaunch the Nokia 3310 phone.

The 3310 phones were launched about 16 years ago, at that time it was the most famous phone. Now Nokia has thought, to launch it again in a new form and maybe in this year’s MWC 2017, Nokia will tell about its launch date.

There is a video of the Nokia 3310 Phone Latest Model, which has become very viral on YouTube. It is being told that the model of the 3310 phones will be like this. You can see for yourself

you must have understood that there is no change in its model. Only the specification of the Nokia 3310 phone has been changed.

So let’s see, about 3310 Phone Specification,

Nokia 3310 Specification & Review:

If you have seen your 3310 Old Model Phone, then you would know that it was a phone with a normal keypad. Which you used only for work like Call, Message.

But in the Nokia 3310 New Model, you will get all the same features, which are found in a good Smartphone. Such as Camera, Color Display, Storage etc.

In the 3310 latest phones, you will get 8GB internal storage, along with it you will get a Micro-USB port for Charging & Data Transfer.

If we talk about the display, then you will get a 1.5-inch Color Display and 1600mAh battery, which will give a standby backup of 256 hours.

No change has been made in the design of the Nokia 3310 latest phone. It is still the same as it was before, but its price has been increased to Rs.4000.

Note: All of you must have seen many places, Nokia 3310 is being told. That it will launch with Android Nougat & 5.0 Inch Display. But according to the news received now, you will neither get an Android or a 5-inch display in Nokia 3310.

Friends, why is Nokia launching the 3310 phones again, it is not understood. Think when you are getting Smartphone with a 5.0-inch Display, 1GB RAM & 8GB Internal Storage, 8 MP Camera in the market for Rs 4000. So why would you buy Nokia 3310 Phone?

It is also not clear yet, whether the Nokia 3310 phone will be launched in India or anywhere else, Nokia will probably tell about it at MWC 2017. Don’t know what has happened to Nokia, no phone is launching in India.


Friends, in this post it has been told about Nokia 3310 Phone Specification,

Till now no clear information has been found about this phone. When will it be launched and what will be its actual specification.

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