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Moto g4 Bluetooth problem How can I fix it


A one-stop guide for your Moto g4 Bluetooth problems

Right now, Bluetooth technology has become an irreplaceable part of everyone’s lives. After all, the majority of the population uses it for their wireless devices or transferring files. Yes, their reach is mind-blowing if you think about it. So, when there is a Moto g4 Bluetooth problem, people don’t know what to do. Well, if you also don’t know what to do when you experience moto g4 plus Bluetooth issues, don’t worry. Just keep reading to know more.

First, why does Bluetooth not work for me?

In short, there are a few possibilities why the moto Bluetooth doesn’t work for you. One of the common reasons right now is mainly due to the incorrect working of Google Play Protect. Yes, this is wrongly flagging a system component that is necessary for the normal functioning of Bluetooth. So, your Bluetooth turns off. This Moto g4 Bluetooth problem is affecting all the devices of its kind which run on Android Nougat. Of course, you can change the situation here.

To solve this problem, go to the settings app on your phone. Next, click the applications and then the reset application settings. Now, you no longer have to worry about this problem.

How to reset the Moto g4 device?

Another method you can try when your moto g4 Bluetooth not pairing is by resetting your phone. Yes, the option to reset can resolve a lot of problems. Here, press the power button of your moto g4 to restart into recovery mode. After that, hold down the power button but let go of the volume up button. Then, slowly release the power key. Now, comes the final part. Just click the wide date/factory reset option using the volume keys to reset your phone. And, that’s it! This is another simple way to solve the Moto g4 Bluetooth problem.

How to turn Bluetooth on moto g4?

Once you resolve all the moto g4 Bluetooth issues, you should turn it on to see whether it works. First, go to the settings application and turn the Bluetooth on. Next, scan for available Bluetooth devices. Using this, select the device that you wish to pair. If the Moto g4 Bluetooth problem doesn’t go away even after this, then try other methods.

Try fixing the Bluetooth connection: moto g4 Bluetooth problem

Perhaps, another reason for the moto g4 Bluetooth not working is – the Bluetooth connection itself is the problem. So, you need to check the basics of this connection. To do that, try turning your Bluetooth off and on again. And, if the devices cant pair with your phone, try clearing the phone’s memory to remove the saved Bluetooth devices.

Can the latest Bluetooth version help you?

Of course, when your moto g4 won’t connect to wifi, you may think of upgrading your software. Well, for the Moto g4 Bluetooth problem, you cannot upgrade the Bluetooth version. The truth is, the wireless radio part of the device is also a part of the SOC. In other words, the hardware of the moto g4 is in such a way that it can support only a certain type of Bluetooth version. This means that you cannot change it for your device.

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Keep the device in the pairing mode

Of course, this may seem silly to you. But, many complain about their moto g4 Bluetooth not pairing when they haven’t kept it in pairing mode. Yes, though simple, it is easy to forget such a thing. Then, allow your devices to get synchronized. Also, you can get to know what devices are available and can pair with your phone. Once there is a connection, the device will ask for a code. Well, if it doesn’t ask for it, then it is probably ‘0000’. Finally, your Bluetooth device will work along with the moto g4 without any problems. But, if it doesn’t, then it is a Moto g4 Bluetooth problem.

Are the devices compatible?

Well, the moto Bluetooth will not be able to work when you try to pair it with a device that is not compatible. Certainly, not all devices can work with all types and versions of Bluetooth. So, before you try to pair it with a device, make sure that it is compatible. Otherwise, you will see a Moto g4 Bluetooth problem.

Turn off and on the device itself

Another classic way to solve all kinds of technical problems – is to turn it off and on it again. Though it may seem simple, the effectiveness is something you cannot deny. Surely, this will help both the devices to align themselves to work properly. In short, if you feel that your moto g4 won’t connect to wifi, just turn it off and on again. Now, you can easily pair your moto g4 with Bluetooth devices.

Update the phone’s software: moto g4 Bluetooth problem

This may seem like a cliché, but it is the truth. Yes, when you haven’t upgraded your software, you can experience moto g4 Bluetooth issues. So, make sure that your device is up to date in its software. Surely, you can visit the manufacturer’s website or check your phone itself for the latest updates in the software. After all, the manufacturer releases such updates to help with the performance and other fixes for your phone. That’s why you should regularly check for these things.

Reduce the distance between the device and moto g4

Another popular reason why you may experience your moto g4 Bluetooth not working is that the device is out of the range. After all, there is a range limit for all Bluetooth devices. So, when you exceed that, you may experience connectivity issues. So, try using the device near your moto g4 phone. That way, you won’t go out of range and have a troubled connection.

The bottom line: moto g4 Bluetooth problem

As you can see, there are multiple ways to solve the Moto g4 Bluetooth problem. So, try them out to solve your problem. Of course, if none of the above ways works for you, then you may need a professional to fix it up for you.

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