A few days ago I told you about some Best Budget Cameras and Top 10 Useful Mobile Gadgets. Which all of you have liked a lot and commented a lot to tell about more such useful cheap Gadgets. That’s why today I am going to tell you all about 20 Mobile Useful Gadgets Under 199 299 399. All these Smartphone Gadgets can be used in different ways and you can make your mobile phone better.

Mobile Useful Gadgets Under 199 299 399:


1 Mobile Useful Gadgets Under 199 299 399:

1.1 Mobile Useful Gadgets Under 199:

1.2 Mobile Useful Gadgets Under 299:

1.3 Mobile Useful Gadgets Under 399:

Mobile Phone Accessories do not come very expensive but they are found very expensive in the offline market. For example, if you go to install temporary glass on a mobile, then you have to pay 200 to 300 rupees there. Here I am going to tell you about all the useful accessories of mobile in 3 different price range. The quality and performance of all the gadgets are the best according to their price.

Mobile Useful Gadgets Under 199:

#1. Lenovo Zuk Z1 White Padding Back Caver: The price of Lenovo Zuk Z1 is around 8000-10000 rupees, if you go to purchase its Back Cover in Offline Market, then you will get it at least 150 rupees. But online it is getting only 99 rupees. Its original price is Rs.500 but its discount is going on right now. If you have Zuk Z1 Smartphone then you can buy it from here.

2. USB OTG Cable: If you want to connect Pen Drive or HDD to Mobile, then OTG Cable is required for this, its price is normally between 200 to 300 rupees. But from here you can buy OTG Cable for only Rs 123.

#3. Samsung & iPhone Tempered Glass: The price of tempered glass in the offline market is determined by the name of the phone price and brand. If you have iPhone then you will get Tempered Glass from 500 to 1000 rupees and if you have Samsung then you will get 200 to 500 rupees. But on this online website, 99 to 200 rupees are available for the phone of any brand.

Mobile Useful Gadgets Under 299:

#1. Apple Copy Headphone: Headphones of iPhone come from 2000 to 10000 rupees. But its copy 3.5mm headphone is available only in 269. If you are looking for the best-designed headphones with audio quality then you can buy it.

#2. Universal Power Adapter: You all will know that there are different types of Power adapters in every country. Sometimes UK/US Standard Plug is given in Mobile Charger which we cannot put in a Power Adapter here. In such a situation, if you have 4 phones in your house that are of UK/US Charging Standard, then you may have to buy separate adapters for all. But if you buy Universal Power Adapter, then you can install any Standard charger Plug in the world.

#3. Wireless Bluetooth Headphone: All of you must have seen in many Hollywood movies, the actor would have put a small device in his ear which does not come out of the ear at all, after that he talks to him after receiving a phone call. One such small Wireless Bluetooth Headphone whose price is Rs 297, you can buy it from here.

#4. Camera Lens Kit: Nowadays Mobile Camera is used as a camera with the help of DSLR Camera Apps, External Lens is used so that the photo or video can be taken exactly like a Camera. If you also do photography or video recording from a phone, then you can purchase this Camera Lens Kit for Rs 295.

#5. 3D VR Headset: This is a portable VR that is designed by looking at Google Cardboard. But Google Cardboard was only of paper, it is made of plastic material. If you want to enjoy Virtual Reality or want to watch 3D videos, then you can buy it for Rs 269.

Mobile Gadgets Under 399:

#1. mini Bluetooth Speaker: If you are fond of listening to songs, then you can buy this Bluetooth Speaker for Rs 345, it is a value for money product.

#2. Mini Tripod: If you do Mobile Video Recording then you can buy this Mini Tripod, the price of this Tripod is only Rs 399. I have bought it myself, it is a good product.

Friends, here it has been told about Mobile Useful Gadgets Under 199 299 399. These are all the cheapest and most useful Gadgets, all of them are better according to their price. If you want to buy a product for mobile, then you must first search it online and compare it with the offline market price, then purchase, you will always be in profit.

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