The Lightworks green screen is an option in Lightwork’s non-linear editing system. Lightworks is an NLE system to edit and master digital video. Similarly, Lightworks is one of the first developers of computer-based non-linear editing systems. Since 1989 it has won the Innovative Non-linear Digital Editing Emmy Award. Lightworks has millions of users worldwide because of the worldwide use of the software. Similarly, Lightworks is in use in three platforms on Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

The Lightworks green screen: Importance

The importance of Lightworks green screen is the following: –

  • Have you been wondering how people apply green screen techniques to movies?
  • With applications like Lightworks green screen, you can now create stunning green screens for your creative videos.
  • Among many free video editing software, in terms of color coding, Lightworks is the right tool for you.
  • Similarly, Lightworks has a very simple interface.
  • As a result, you can use these functions to get the video as one’s needs.
  • Speaking of free software, Lightworks has many amazing features that complement the green screen Lightworks one will be using.

The Lightworks green screen: Chroma Keying

  • Chroma keying is an important process in Lightwork’s green screen.
  • Similarly, it is the process of adding effects to objects that are in front of a blue screen or green skin.
  • The Lightworks chroma key makes the human background light works transparent image and does not require any editing.
  • Similarly, this allows us in covering other backgrounds or videos on the theme.
  • Several movies and TV use Lightworks chroma key abundantly.
  • The actors are usually in front of a color background.
  • Further, replacing of requiring shot adding happens.

Features of green screen Lightworks

The features of the Lightworks green screen are the following: –

  • First, straightforward UI
  • The Lightworks user interface is easy to understand
  • Similarly, it does not require difficult functions. 
  • Second, collaboration editing 
  • Work with your team.
  • Share containers, editorials, media, etc. in real-time.
  • Project Sharing, Media sharing, and AAF interchange.
  • Third, Multicam support 
  • Edit videos from multiple cameras on the timeline.
  • Lightworks edit them quickly and create a luxurious ending clip.
  • Fourth, wide container support
  • Firstly, MXF OP1a, MXF OPAtom – P2, MXF OPAtom – native.
  • Secondly, Avid support.
  • Thirdly, Quicktime.
  • Finally, AVI, .mts, .m2ts, .m2t, .mpg, .mp4, .wmv (export only), .ts (import only), .m2v (import only), .asf (import only), .vob (import only).
  • Fifth, import and output
  • First, Batch Import.
  • Second, Transcode on Import.
  • Third, Export Clips, Edits, Bins, Racks, and entire Projects.
  • Finally, Import 30fps and 25fps media into a 24fps project.
  • Sixth, trimming
  • First, Ripple
  • Second, Roll
  • Third, Slip and Slide
  • Fourth, Asymmetric, multitrack trimming
  • Fifth, Dynamic trimming during playback
  • Sixth, Keyboard and numeric moving and trimming
  • Seventh, Single click drag and trim – no separate tool required
  • Finally, Auto Unjoin


  • Finally, third-party support in Lightworks green screen.
  • Firstly, Boris FX (64bit Windows and Mac OS X only).
  • Secondly, Boris Graffiti (64bit Windows and Mac OS X only).
  • Thirdly, Adobe After Effects Plugins (Windows 32bit only).
  • Fourth, Premiere Plugins (Windows 32bit only).
  • Fifth, Blackmagic Fusion (7.5 and higher).
  • Finally, GenArts Sapphire (Windows 32bit only).

Pros and Cons of green screen Lightworks

The pros and cons of Lightworks green screen are the following: –

  • Pros
  • Firstly, Green-screen support.
  • Secondly, Multiple ChromaKeys are available.
  • Thirdly, real-time 4K editing with effects.
  • Fourth, Histogram tool and 32bit GPU precision.
  • Fifth, ease in sharing video on the internet.
  • Finally, Batch processing is available.
  • Cons
  • Firstly, lack of Lightworks green screen tutorial to understand the function.
  • Secondly, missing video stabilization feature.
  • Thirdly, a 3-D editing facility is not available in Lightworks.
  • Finally, only export videos to MP4 in the free version.

How to use green screen in Lightworks?

  • Firstly, recording of the video.
  • First, you need a green or blue background to take pictures.
  • Similarly, one can use a piece of paper, a large piece of paper, or a postcard to create own background.
  • If planning to record videos frequently, then use an inexpensive chroma key background that includes a frame for hanging fabric.
  • Similarly, good lighting is essential for recording on a green screen.
  • Care must be taken to ensure that the screen is evenly lit.
  • Also, make sure your subject is far enough away from the screen to avoid shadows and paint splashes.


  • Secondly, importing and trimming the video into Lightworks.
  • On Lightworks click the New Project button, give it a name, and select the frame rate.
  • Similarly, we use a still image as the background, but you can also use another video.
  • However, if there are undesirable scenes at the beginning or end of the clip, select trim or trim.
  • Then use the yellow handles to change the start and end of the clip.
  • Drag the video clip to track V1 and still image V2.


  • Thirdly, setting the key in Lightworks add image overlay.
  • Now click on the VFX tab
  • Then select track V1 in the timeline.
  • Finally, click on the tab with a plus sign.
  • Similarly, click the Favorites drop-down menu and select the key, then select Green Screen.
  • Then click Add Effect.


  • Finally, tweaking and exporting.
  • You can also use other tools in Lightworks to adjust.
  • In fact, Color adjustment or crop some parts of the video.
  • After finishing, choose Export and you will see two options.
  • If you choose the free YouTube and Lightworks video options, you can save the video in downloadable MP4 format.

Summing Up

The Lightworks green screen is an excellent video editor for a video artist. Similarly, when your PC configuration is low its amazing user interface makes it suitable for professional editing. Now, with free tools like Lightworks, you can add stunning green or blue screen effects to your video. So what are you waiting for? Record a video now and create amazing works of art!

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