The Different Models Discussed And Special Features Of Lenovo V570 Specs If you are looking for a laptop that will give you all the performance you need, but also is able to withstand some heavy use, then look no further than the Lenovo laptop. The stylish design and low weight of these laptops make them perfect for someone who will be using the laptop while attending business meetings or going on regular computer trips. Among them, the most sought-after is the Lenovo V570 specs laptop.

What is The Specialty Of Lenovo V570 Specs

This is one of the most sought-after and powerful laptops in the world today. Many professionals, business people, students, and even regular folks like to have this laptop to get their work done and stay up to date with what is happening in the business world. So, it’s no surprise that the laptop specs are critical, and consumers want to get the best. 

When you are looking at laptop specs, there are a few things you need to look for. They are covered in this article and explained below.

  • Security: The Lenovo IdeaPad V570 comes with enhanced security features as a Lenovo security suite, fingerprint reader, and active protection system. But still, it cannot overpower the Lenovo V570 specs laptop which still remains the most sought after. 
  • Integrated Graphics Card: Lenovo v570 specs

    The first thing to note on the Lenovo Ideapad V570 specs is the integrated graphics card. This is what will drive the screen, and many times the game that you want to play the most on your laptop will run best when using an integrated graphics card. It uses Intel HD  graphics 3000.The integrated graphics card in the intel sandy bridge processor (core ix-2xxx). The Lenovo IdeaPad V570 also uses an NVDIA® GeForce® 525m-1GB graphics card to support its gaming capacity.

  • Processor

    : However, the thing that sets this Lenovo v570 specs i5 apart from the others is that it uses an Intel Core Duo i5 processor based on the sandy bridge architecture basically with an integrated graphics card and dual-channel DDR3 memory controller. The CPU is clocked at 2.3 GHz(Turbo boost 2.6-2.9 GHz) and GPU at 650 (1200 MHz Turbo). The Lenovo v570 specs i5 also has Intel core i5-250M,i5-2410M, etc. The processor’s speed is crucial because it determines how quickly you can complete tasks and how fast your programs run. The processor’s gigahertz rating is also essential, but you will also want to pay close attention to the RAM. The RAM is what allows the computer to quickly and efficiently process the data you are trying to input

Avast using all CPU

  • Screen: Lenovo v570 specs

    It has a screen of 15.60 inches, a standard display size for laptops, and offers almost the widest variety of products. It has a pixel size of 1366×768 glossy. The next thing that is important about this laptop is its size. At just over 3.5 inches, it is very close in size to some of the other Ultraslim laptops like the Dell Inspire and HP Compaq.

  • Weight:

    Weighing around 2.4 Kg, the weight is quite similar to that of laptops with almost exact specification at 12-16 inches display-diagonal weight.

  • Storage: Lenovo v570 specs

    In addition, the Lenovo v570 laptop specs also have an option for two different sized hard drives. One of the drives can be a full-sized disk, while the other is only a few gigabytes in size. This is one of the excellent features for those who need extra space to store their extensive media collections. While The Lenovo IdeaPad V570 storage comes in 320 GB,750 GB 5400RPM DD.

  • USB Port:

    The problem with the laptop is that it has all of the features that you would want from a high-end laptop. It has all of the same ports as you would find on a high-end laptop. Therefore, it may be helpful if you do not need all of these functions, but if you do, then you will have them all available. For example, it has 3 USB ports 2.0, which is more than you will find on other models of laptops.1xUSB eSATA Combo. The Lenovo ideapad V570 also has Intregated 2.0MP HD camera

The headphone jack is a must-have feature if you like listening to music on your  Lenovo v570 wireless card specs laptop. It also has a mike 1 HDMI  and 1 VGA cable slot. Suppose you need a computer for internet usage. In that case, you need to check out the special Wi-Fi connection on this machine, which will allow you to connect to several wireless networks, including Verizon Fi, AT&T verse, and Sprint Nextel. It has 6 in one card reader (SD,SDMC,MMC,MS,MS-Pro,XD)

  • Battery Life:

    The third and final part of the laptop is the battery life. This is probably the most critical area to look at because if you’re going to be using the computer for any substantial amount of time, you will want to get long battery life. Fortunately, most models come with a good three hours or more of battery life, but you want to make sure that you look at all the options you have and find out which ones give you the most extended battery times. 

One of the things that you should check out when viewing the specs for the Lenovo V570 is how much battery life you are going to get. It has a 6 cell battery with three hours of power storage. It would really help if you remembered that this machine is designed to be used for multimedia, so you will need to play your favorite videos, photos, and music clips. If you actually happen to be an internet marketer, then you will find that there will be plenty of web pages open at any one time. The battery life will be short-lived if you continue to do this.

Other Specifications

The Lenovo V570 specs include everything that you would expect. It actually has all the significant features you would expect, including the large touchpad, built-in speakers, optical mouse, and rechargeable battery. What is unique about this laptop is that it also includes two USB ports, one for networking and one for connecting the battery. Other than the design and the power options, the unique aspect of this laptop is the ability to purchase it with the entire backlit keyboard. You can see how useful this feature could be if you will be typing a lot of very long emails or documents.

  • Operating System

The Lenovo IdeaPad V570 uses genuine windows ® 7 professional and Genuine windows ® 7 Home premium. You can choose your specification depending on your demand.

Apart from that, The Lenovo IdeaPad V570 comes with the following software pre-installed into the system.

  • Abode Reader 9.0
  • Lenovo Ready comm. 6.0
  • Active protection system 1.0
  • McAfee Pearl
  • Lenovo energy management 6.0
  • Onekey rescue system 7.0
  • MS office 2010
  • Power DVD
  • Power 2Go
  • Lenovo security suite2.0
  • Windows live essential 
  • Pricing

When looking at the prices of these Lenovo IdeaPad V570 and Lenovo V570 specs laptops, you may be shocked to see that they are actually much less expensive than those powered by the MacBook Air. However, you can save some money on this machine by opting not to buy the premium version. This could easily set you back $500, and it is not hard to understand why you might want to avoid paying the premium for a laptop with these kinds of specs. Of course, this depends entirely on the purpose for which you want the computer.


The compact design of Lenovo gadgets means that you don’t have to sacrifice space when it comes to using the laptop and the 4GB of RAM will allow even the most ardent gaming fans to get their work done. The integrated graphics card and full-sized keyboard are great features that make using the laptop easy and comfortable.

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