What you should know about the legend of dragoon new game plus?

Recently, there has been a lot of rumours on the possibility of the release of the legend of dragoon new game plus. Its developer, Bluepoint Games, is known for making amazing remastered versions of games like the Shadow of the Colossus. For that reason, many believed that their next big thing will be the famous JRPG. Furthermore, people are checking out the legends of dragoon 2 release date on the internet in great anticipation. Perhaps, you are also curious about this world-famous game. Just keep reading to know what to expect in the near future.

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Why the fuss about the legend of dragoon new game plus?

Of course, many wonder why a game that came 2 decades ago is causing a lot of fuss now. Well, that’s how good the original or the first version was. In other words, people want the legend of dragoon remake because of the impact that the first version made. This JRPG got its release by Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Japan Studio during the period where this type of game was a huge thing. And, this game got a lot of positive reviews and quickly became everyone’s favourite. In the end, this has become a cult classic game, especially with the western audience. Now, loyal fans of this game want to know more about the legend of dragoon new game plus.

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Possible plot for the legend of dragoon new game plus

Many unofficial sources do say that the legend of the dragoon remake will have a storyline similar to the first one. In the original game, players got the role of Dart which is the main character and the designed “Dragoon Warrior”. This mercenary uses the dragons’ power to avoid huge trouble and save the world. Yes, this got criticism mainly because its storyline is quite similar to Final Fantasy 7. Still, this game became a huge hit especially in America and earned a lot of loyal fans.

On the other hand, this game had quite a number of unique features that made it stand out among the other JRPGs. For starters, it had new mechanics like the additional abilities for other characters. Well, they were like extras to the basic attacks for more damage. But, this game has turn wise combat attacks like the Final Fantasy series. Surely, you can expect the same in the legend of dragoon new game plus because it has been a huge hit among the public.

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Remake rumours of the legend of dragoon new game plus

Well, it has been 2 years since the release of the original game. Now, there are a lot of rumours going around about the legend of the dragoons 2 from the Bluepoint Games. Previously, they made a remaster game from the scratch for PS4. Now, they are on their way to remaster another good old game. In turn, this has made worldwide fans hopeful for the legend of dragoon new game plus.

Initially, these rumours got their fuel due to the Twitter comments of the Technical Director, Peter Dalton. And, that’s how the fans started to connect the dots. After all, the studio made it clear that they are working on another huge remake for the PS5. Obviously, this seemed like the legend of dragoon remake to the curious public. And, those rumours slowly started to gain huge momentum.

As time passes, the rumours did quiet down. Then, the studio made an official announcement that they are working on a very new project for the PS5. Furthermore, they did say that it was going to be the next visual benchmark for video games. Certainly, this made the fans upset because it didn’t look like they were working on the legend of dragoon remastered version.

In short, the legend of dragoon remake is still a possibility because the studio never gave a definite no to this game. Yes, if not now, the future will hold that possibility. So, loyal fans have to wait for some time.

Why the legend of dragoon new game plus is good for PS5?

Surely, you must have heard about the remake success of the final fantasy 7. With the amazing features stored in the PS5, the legend of the dragoon remake will take the gameplay to the next level. Of course, the storyline didn’t stand out as did its features and special abilities. In fact, the special attacks and visual effects of the game is the major reason for its huge success in America. Also, the cutscenes were cinematic because they were completely voice acted to give a special feeling during the gameplay. So, the immersive experience of the first part is the reason why there is a demand for the legend of dragoon new game plus.

Obviously, you must have heard what the PS5 is capable of. Surely, such powerful hardware can take the experience of the legend of dragoon remastered to the next level. Moreover, the PS5 has something called a dual sense controller which will give you an upper hand when playing this game. Furthermore, there is a built-in mic that players can use to call out the additions. And, there is the haptic feedback feature! Yes, you can feel how it will be to fly in the sky like the characters. In the end, the possibilities are endless with this latest technology.

History will repeat itself

Surely, the dream of having the legend of dragoon remake can become a reality if Sony agrees to it. So, loyal fans need not feel sad. Yes, there is no official announcement for the legends of dragoon 2 release date. On the other hand, there is also no official announcement to say that such a thing will not occur. In fact, there are several online petitions that are present to get the next game.

The bottom line

To date, this is all there is for the legend of dragoon new game plus. So, keep in expectations for further future developments.

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