One of La Crosse Technology’s latest personal weather stations is la crosse technology 330-2315. The lacrosse 330-2315 allows you to monitor the weather situations in your household and orchard. This equipment has a bright, easy-to-read LCD screen. However, new to this model is that it has a very advance Wi-Fi connection. 

This enables the equipment to transmit its data to the world’s biggest personal Weather station network, Weather Underground. One can experience the convenience of keeping personal weather information at any time, without cables or messy software. This 330-2315 easy-to-set-up workstation is the first of its kind. Similarly, it can also be set up and ready to use in a few minutes.

The la crosse technology 330-2315: Overview

The la crosse technology 330-2315 is a low-cost all-round weather station. Similarly, they provide most of the functions you would expect from a simple home weather station. Although the 330-2315 model has some additional features, it also has some disadvantages. What is confusing is the actual model number 330-2315 of the la crosse technology 330-2315 professional weather station. La Crosse claims that this is such a simple weather station and similarly can connect to a wunder weather station

This model is best for those whose interests are occasional in weather data and very beautiful screens. The 330-2315 only favors people who show interest in weather information.

Features of la crosse technology 330-2315 

The different features of la crosse technology 330-2315 are the following: –

  • Connectivity

  • This professional equipment is wireless.
  • Similarly, its signal transmission distance can reach 330 feet.
  • However, this is roughly the average level of other weather stations of its kind. 
  • Its Pro contains a Wi-Fi module.
  • Hence, you can easily connect to the Internet for data download.
  • In fact, the date and time can even be retrieved via the Internet.
  • Further, this shortens the setup time.
  • After connecting to Wi-Fi, it will connect to View La Crosse.
  • However, the application is very simple and easy to use 330-2315.
  • Similarly, this app allows you to remotely view weather data and know when the battery is low.
  • This latest version also provides wireless connectivity to the weather station underground, the Underground weather.
  • One more thing to note, this lacrosse 330-2315 requires a 2.4 GigaHertz frequency band.
  • However, it does not support 5 GHz channels.
  • Sensors

  • The equipment has 7 different sensors.
  • Similarly, it can measure:
  • First, outdoor temperature
  • Second, indoor temperature
  • Third, outdoor humidity
  • Fourth, indoor humidity
  • Fifth, wind speed
  • Sixth, wind direction
  • Seventh and finally, rain.
  • Each Sensor has a precise ID and a “parked position”.
  • They will be available on display till manually deleting it.
  • Display

  • The la crosse technology 330-2315 professional weather station has a color dynamic weather display.
  • And, the display connects to an adapter or a battery in the event of a power failure.
  • The 330-2315 installs on the wall or can equip with a folding desktop stand.
  • Similarly, the display provides graphical weather forecasts with icons for:
  • First, sunny
  • Second, bright
  • Third, cloudy
  • Fourth, rainy
  • Fifth, thunderstorm
  • Sixth and finally, snow. 
  • In addition, there are changes for each of the four seasons.
  • Similarly, there are display symbols for Wi-Fi signal and battery discharge in the sensor.
  • Another cool feature of the console is the display of temperature and dew point and gives its feeling.
  • Similarly, the screen updates every 30 seconds.
  • The screen size is 8.1 x 5.7 x 1.4 inches.
  • Forecast

  • Displays graphical 24-hour forecasts.
  • Storm Alert
  • They come with a storm warning function.
  • Internet Publishing
  • The la crosse technology 330-2315 has the configuration to send weather data to the Internet.
  • The data is sent to the display via a 2.4 GHz WiFi transmitter.
  • Similarly, data sharing happens every 30 seconds by multiple sensors and uploads to the Internet every 5 seconds.
  • Hence, they help in publishing weather data on weather underground aruba.

Pros and cons of la crosse technology 330-2315

  • Pros

  • First, it has seven different weather sensors.
  • Second, they have a Wi-Fi connection
  • Third, can publish data on the Internet 
  • Fourth and finally, it has the best LCD screen
  • Cons

  • First, the price is expensive compared to other models with similar specifications.
  • Second, no IFTTT.
  • Third, no Amazon Echo or Google Home integration.
  • Fourth, not very reliable and high quality as other models with the same facilities.
  •  Fifth and finally, little online publishing capabilities.

Weather Instruments for 330-2315

The la crosse technology 330-2315 professional weather station is exceptional. They have a thermal hygiene sensor that is discrete from the anemometer, wind vane, and rain sensor. This is good because you can put the thermometer and anemometer in the best position. Hence, we get a more accurate temperature reading and wind speed measurement. However, most all-in-one weather stations do not have this feature. Similarly, the full set of sensors for la crosse technology 330-2315 are: –

  • Indoor/outdoor thermometers measure temperature.
  • Indoor/outdoor hygrometers measure humidity.
  • The 330-2315 Barometers measure indoor air pressure.
  • Wind vane and anemometers determine wind speed and direction.

Summing Up

The la crosse technology 330-2315 is a simple and easy-to-install household appliance. Similarly, 330-2315 are at a lower price than most identical goods. However, customers seem to have satisfaction with it. Its characteristics indicate that this is not a very accurate and high-quality weather station. On the other hand, the price is very competitive. It supports uploading your weather data to the Internet and weather station underground. For this, no need to purchase additional hardware. This makes it a very affordable home weather station with Wi-Fi. It also gives the facility to read the measurements via an app through your mobile phone. The most common plus point of the lacrosse 330-2315 is the ease of setting up the equipment. This is the reason for the worldwide acceptance of la crosse technology 330-2315.

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