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Hyperx Mic not working on window Fix it


Do you think that the hyperx mic not working then there are sure fixes for this issue? The quality and the design of the hyperx are remarkable. The HD sound quality and unique gaming experience make it people favourite. Audio precision and ultra HD content are exceptional features. For people looking for a condenser mic feel that hyperx is the best choice. It is all-inclusive microphones that come with the steamer and podcaster. LED indicator and flexible setting of this makes it a unique mic. 

When using hyperx there are no noise cancellation features in it. It is a special device that is used for the world-class gaming experience. There is nothing that can disturb you when using this mic for gaming and other applications. Still, this quality hyperx mic not working is a prevalent issue. Due to this, many gamers are trying various ways to troubleshoot. If you want to know the reasons for the issue and solution then here are a few steps to consider. 

The overview of hyperx mic not working issue 

  • Damage in the jack and USB switcher 

Hyperx mic requires a jack or USB connection to integrate with any system. The issues with the connecting devices can cause hyperx cloud 2 mic, not workingissue. If there is damage to any of the devices connecting this mic is difficult. 

  • Outdated device driver 

An outdated driver makes it challenging to connect or support new devices. The hyperx mic, not working issue is common when there is an outdated driver. If you have a driver that is not updated then here you can find help to troubleshoot the issue. 

  • A fault microphone setting 

The setting of the devices and mic can change constantly. Changing the setting manually is important in these cases. Hyperx cloud 2 mic, not working many is due to a modified setting. By changing this setting connecting it with different devices is possible. 

The crucial problems that can occur with hyperx mic

  • The stinger issue 

Hyperx cloud stinger mic not working is a common issue among many gamers. When the device is unable to detect the mic the hyperx cloud stinger mic not working issue can occur. If your device does not show any option to select hyperx as your microphone for games then there is an issue with the cloud stinger. You can fix the issue by following quick steps. 

  • Problem with the alpha mic 

Alpha-model is a popular type of hyperx mic. When this mic is not working there is a difficult for users to speak through the mic. If you can connect the microphone but are unable to voice out then this is the cause. These are troubleshooting methods for these problems. 

  • Hyperx mic issue on PS4 

Many PS4 users face the hyperx mic not workingIf you are one of them then there are ways to resolve this problem. 

  • The cloud fight microphone issue 

Today, the hyperx cloud flight mic not working experienced by many users. When this problem occurs the gamer is unable to sue this exceptional mic. However, there is the best hack for you to fix the issue with a few steps. 

The effective ways to resolve hyperx mic not working  

The microphone not working is frustrating if you are up to play the favourite game. However, there are effective ways to solve the problem quickly. Follow the below steps if you are facing a hyperx mic not working problem

Run a basic troubleshooting 

There are plenty of factors that cause the microphone not working issue. The hyperx headset mic not working due to poor connections. When the microphone is not connected properly it may crash or it may be muted. 

  1. Checking the mute and unmute settings of your device is essential. It is the basic troubleshooting to perform before drawing any conclusions about the matter. To check the setting follows these hacks 
  2. When using a USB switcher makes sure that the switch to mute is not active. 
  3. The next step is to check if all the connectors are proper. If there is any issue with one of the connectors try to unplug it. Now plug the connector again into another USB connection. Also, you can use a jack instead of a USB.

Checking the sound settings 

Hyper x cloud 2 mic not working due to default in sound settings. The computer may have a different default setting that may not be suitable for hyperx mic. You can reinstall and reset the sound setting to safely connect the hyperx microphone. To perform this action follow the below steps. 

  1. Hold the windows and R key simultaneously. The dialogue box opens now type control then presses enter. 
  2. After the above step, the control panel opens in the device. In the view tab right click and choose large icons. 
  3. The third step is to select the sound option in the large icons. 
  4. There is an option that says recording and an empty place that allows ticking disabled devices. 
  5. Now right-click the headset microphone to select the enable key. Right-click on the option to set it as default. 

These steps can help you to enable the headset. Check if this solves the issue by connecting your hyperx mic. 

Reinstalling the windows 

Many times the corrupted file in the operating systems may be cause for hyperx microphone not working. These corrupted files may stop the mic from not working. By reinstalling the windows the corrupted files are deleted from the system. Before resetting the system makes the user back up files. 

  1. The first step to perform the boot process is to select the setting option. 
  2. In the settings, there is a category for update and security. 
  3. After this choose the recovery option and then restart now. 
  4. Wait till the page loads. Then you can find troubleshoot option on the page. 
  5. Now tick the reset option on your PC. 
  6. Now remove everything option will enable you o backup and reset the system. 
  7. Now to update the windows there is an option to insert media. Insert the Windows 10 and continue to the next process. 
  8. Now click the reset PC option to update the system to new window versions. 

These steps will enable new and improved connections to your system. Many users find hyperx mic not working resolved after these processes. 

Accessing microphone permission 

  1. New microphones and devices do not receive access on windows and other systems. During these cases, the systems will be unable to detect any new device. 
  2. Go to the setting option and select privacy. 
  3. Now tap on the microphone setting and allow if there is access to the new microphone. If there are any older microphones connected then change to a new hyperx mic on your system. 
  4. Now choose the allow apps to access your microphone. Now ensure that the allow access switch is turned on in your system. 

These steps will enable and allow microphones. You can now connect the hyperx mic to enjoy your favourite games and content on the system. 

FAQ: Hyperx mic not working

Why I am not hearing any sound from the hyperx mic? 

A loose headset connection is a cause for such a problem. Unplug and plug the connection again for a smooth process. 

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