Hello friends, IPL Match 2020 has started on 19th September. But this time it is not being shown to us for free on Laptop Browser through Hotstar (How to watch IPL 2020 match online). For this, we have to pay Rs. 229 / month will have to be paid because this time live stream is happening on IPL Start Sports Channel which is not free. In such a situation, now we have no option left to watch online free IPL matches.

I am not very much interested in cricket, but I have opened Hotstar on my laptop browser to watch the match of Virat Kohli’s team. So there was a message like this.

“All Sports for 1499/Year” and Online Free IPL Match Live Stream were not found. That is, now we have to pay money to watch IPL, only then we can watch it on our laptop. So do we have any way by which we can watch the match for free?

Yes, I have a way by which we can watch online free IPL matches. But for this, a little technical mind will have to be applied and this method does not always work. I have tried it works on my laptop and you can try it too. If the work is done then you can save Rs 229.

Note: This method sometimes works, you have to keep this thing in mind.

How to watch IPL 2020 match online?


1 How to watch free IPL matches?

1.1 How To Watch Online Free IPL Match:

1.2 What is the problem during IPL Live Streaming?

2 Method 2: Buy Hotstar Disney Subscription

We all have smartphones and on all phones, we can watch Online Free IPL Match through Hotstar App. For this, we do not need to pay money, but when we go to watch IPL 2018 match through the Hotstar website on a Laptop or Desktop Browser, then we need to pay money for this.

We all know that the number of spectators will increase in IPL 2019 in the last two years because for the last two years Ban MS Dhoni’s team Chennai Super Kings has got a chance to play from this year and we all know Dhoni’s. How much is the fan following and how many people like them?

By the way, watching online on a laptop is less than that of a Smartphone and TV. But then those who are there will have to pay 229 rupees to see. If you want to save money, then you just have to follow a small trick. As I have applied for my computer browser.

How to watch IPL 2020 match online:

I have used this trick in the Chrome browser because the trick we are going to do on our computer is less. His solution is available on the Chrome Web Store. That’s why you should also open the Chrome browser on your laptop with me and follow the steps mentioned here.

First of all, we have to open the Chrome web store and search for the extension named Web Developer there. Whoever gets the extension first will have to download it.

web developer chrome

After downloading Web Developer Extension we have to open Hotstar Website on Browser and when Hotstar All Sports for Rs. If you see the option at 299 / year then you have to stop.

Now we have to open our Chrome browser and click on Web Developer Extension given on the right side corner and go to Cookies Option.


After going to the Cookies option, we will first get the Disable option, by clicking on it, we have to disable Cookies.

Cookies Disabled

When the Cookies option is disabled, after that we have to come back to the Hotstar website again. After that now we have to refresh the website and wait a bit. In no time we will get to do Live Streaming in Online Free IPL Match Laptop Browser.

What is the problem during IPL Live Streaming?

Cookies We have talked about this before. If we disable Browser Cookies. So we get to watch Online Free IPL Matches. But along with this sometimes we also have to face the problem.

Sometimes even after disabling cookies, IPL 2020 Live Streaming Free is not available on our laptop browser. In such a situation, we may have to wait a bit for this or may have to close the Hotstar website and open it again.

As soon as cookies are disabled, all the accounts login on the laptop are logged out. In such a situation, if we do not know the password of any website and it is login in our system, then its password may have to be reset.

Method 2: Buy Hotstar Disney Subscription

If the free method does not work, then you have the only option, you can buy Disney + Hotstar Premium account and at this time you are getting 58% discount here.

By purchasing a subscription from here, you can enjoy all the other entertainment channels along with sports channels for a whole year. But if you want to buy an account only for IPL then you have to pay Rs 299/month.

Friends, this is the best and free way to watch Online Free IPL Match on Laptop. With which we can save our Rs 229. By the way, if we have a Smartphone then we can watch all the matches of Direct IPL 2020 without registering with the help of the Hotstar App. But the fun of watching on a laptop is something else. I have used this trick, you should use it and if any problem is coming or Live Streaming is not running properly, then definitely tell about it in the comment.

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