Till now you used to control How to run Android Phone with Face but now you can control the phone with your face. Today I am going to tell you about one such Android Phone App, whose name is EVA Facial Mouse. With this help, you can run Android smartphones from your face, that too without touching the phone. You can do all those things with this Android Smartphone App that you do by touching the phone like Video Playing, Call, Message, Photo Capturing, etc.

The name of the Smartphone Android App we are going to talk about is “EVA Facial Mouse” and it is a Face Recognition Android App through which you can control & operate the phone with your face. You do not need to Root Android for this. Just you have to install EVA Facial Mouse App in your Android Smartphone, after that you can set up this Phone App by following some steps given below.

Download EVAFacial Mouse App

Use the EVA Facial Mouse App to activate the phone:

To run Android Phone face to face, when you download and install EVA Facial Mouse App, after that, you just have to do some setup in your phone, so let’s see.

Step #1: How to run Android Phone with Face

Open the EVA Facial phone app and a popup message will show, you go to your Android Phone “Accessibility Setting” by clicking on the “OK” option and enable the “EVA Facial Mouse” option from that, as soon as you enable Another message box will show you, you click on OK,

Step #2: How to run Android Phone with Face

Now for Facial Mouse, just keep clicking on the “Next” option until you see the option given in the image in the EVA app.

Now if you look in the above image, you will be seeing the symbol of “X” and some points will be written in it, in the point it will be written that you should select the “EVA Keyboard” option from the setting of your phone,

To set up the EVA Keyboard, you have to click on “Setting” and go to the “Language & Input” option of the phone.

By going to Language & Input, you have to click on the “Current Keyboard” option,

You will get the option “EVA Keyboard” in the current keyboard, you have to enable it,

After selecting EVA Keyboard, you click on the “Next” option,

Step #3: How to run Android Phone with Face

After clicking on the Next option, you will have to do your Face Recognition Process with the Face Detection System. It will take you just 2 minutes for this.

Step #4: How to run Android Phone with Face

After setting up the face, you just have to click on the “Next” option until the “Finish” option comes, after that, you can use the EVA Facial Mouse to control & operate the Smartphone. If you want to open any app or open any message, video, song, photo, then you just have to move the mouse with the help of your face and wait till it blinks 2 times, that’s all. The option will open in front of you, and there are also some tools that will always be visible on your screen, such as Back, Volume, Power Button, etc.


Friends, in this post, I have told you about the Face Recognition android app, with the help of which you can operate & control android phones from your face. To use the EVA Facial Mouse app, you will not have to root the phone nor do you need a computer or any other tool. You can download the EVA Facial Mouse app from the Google play store, so hope you liked this post and it would have been helpful for you, if you have any problem with this post then you must comment to us,

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