Friends, if a video has been accidentally deleted from your Youtube Channel, and you want to recover that video. So you are in the right place because today I am going to tell in this article that “How to recover deleted youtube video”. If this happened to you. So you must read it.

It often happens with YouTubers, that even without wanting, some video gets deleted by mistake. This happened to me too, so I am telling you about it. So that if this happens to anyone in the future, then they can do their Deleted Video Recovery in this way.

The trick that I am going to tell about in this article is not any recovery software. This is an Online YouTube Creator Support provided by YouTube. By which any YouTuber can recover his Deleted Youtube Video. So let’s see…

Friends, Youtube has always been supporting all its creators. Whether it is a problem related to the channel or a YouTube policy problem. Youtube always keeps on providing you the solution.

One of these services of YouTube is “Deleted Video Recovery Support”. With this YouTube Support, you can do Deleted Video Recovery from YouTube.

But for this, you must have some video necessary information, such as…

Many times it happens that we do not have Deleted Video url or Id. So for this wherever you have shared your video, such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google Plus, Etc. From here you will get the URL of the video.

Now you can claim on YouTube Support for Deleted Video Recovery by following some steps,

Step 1: First of all you click on this link “YouTube Help Community”.

Step 2: Now YouTube Help Center will show in front of you, from here you click on “Contact Support” option.

Step 3: After clicking on Contact Support, you click on the option “Contact Creator Support”.

Step 4: Now you will get four options,

Monetization & Adsense

Copyright & Content Id Claim

Policy & Community Guidelines

Channel & Video Feature

You click on the “Channel & Video Feature” option in all these four.

Step 5: Now you click on “Email”,

Step 6: After clicking on Email, an application form will open. In this form, you will get many options, which you have to fill. Let me tell you about this, in which option you have to enter what.

Full Name: Enter the name on the email address you have created the channel using your email address.

Email Address: By entering the email through which the channel key has been created.

Channel URL: Here you enter the URL of your YouTube channel.

How Can I help you: In this, you tell about your problem. (For Example– Hello YouTube, i accidentally deleted my video and I would like to have it back. it’s a very important video).

Is Your Issue about a Specific Video: Here you select the “YES” option.

Video Id: Enter the URL of the deleted video here.

Is This Request for a Verification Badge: Select the “No” option here.

Please Attach a file if it Helps to Describe your issue: Upload a Thumbnail or Screenshot of Deleted Video here, if it is not then you submit it the same way.

After submitting the application for Video Recovery, like YouTube, in 24 to 48 hours you will get the confirmation mail that your video will be recovered.


Friends, in this post “How to Recover Deleted Youtube Video” has been told. This is the best way for YouTube Deleted Video Recovery if any of your YouTube videos have been deleted and you do not have any backup file of that video.

Hope you liked this post and it was helpful for you. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this post then you must comment on us.

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