This article discusses a way to fix screen tearing while not vsync. The Covid situation will increase the screen time of each adult and child. For screen tearing, it is distracting. While gaming it will kill the mood. Screen tearing is the graphic distortion that occurs when the GPU is out of sync with the screen. Horizontal lines appear because of the out-of-sync top and bottom during video playback or video gameplay.

V-SYNC is one of the solutions for it. On the other hand, it has some limitations too. So here we will discuss some of the alternative methods to fix screen timing without vsync.

An overview on how to fix screen tearing without vsync.

How to fix screen tearing without vsync? Actually, what is V-sync? Vertical synchronization or V-sync is an option on most systems where the graphics card cannot display anything in the video memory. Similarly, until the monitor completes its current update cycle screen tearing happens. During the vertical blanking interval, the driver trains the graphics card to copy quickly the graphics part from the screen. Similarly, this is to send to the active display area (double buffering) for screen tearing fixation. Or treat the two memory zones as mapping and switch between them simply by flipping. 

Nvidia and AMD video adapters have an “adaptive V-Sync” option which will avoid screen tearing. Similarly, this can solely alter vertical synchronization once the computer code frame rate exceeds the refresh rate. On the opposite hand, it’s in disabling mode. The frequency is lesser than the screen refresh rate causing screen tearing.

Methodology and techniques for how to fix screen tearing without vsync?

Actually, how do i fix screen tearing? Below are three methodology and techniques to make how to fix screen tearing without vsync: –

Using Nvidia G Sync or AMD Free Sync to exterminate screen tearing.

  • Firstly, Nvidia G-Sync and AMD Free Sync are two adaptive synchronization techs that can replace V-Sync to avoid screen tearing.
  • Similarly, they perform the same operation by constantly adjusting the refresh rate of the display.
  • This is to compare the number of mounts per second output by the GPU to abate screen tearing.

Using Nvidia Fast Sync or AMD Enhanced Sync to avoid screen tearing.

  • Nvidia Fast Sync and AMD Enhanced Sync can replace V-Sync and G-Sync / Free Sync for dropping screen taring.
  • However, they are essentially similar to the advance version of V-Sync in reducing screen tearing.
  • But without V-Sync causing input delay.
  • Then update your display for avoiding screen taring.
  • You don’t need a special GPU or monitor that is compatible with G-Sync / Free Sync.

Using Nvidia Profile Inspector to avoid screen tearing.

  • Use Nvidia Profile Inspector if one is not so verse in the other options above.
  • However, this is a third-party tool that provides simple solutions to fix screen cracks on Nvidia graphics cards.
  • Before, directly entering to Nvidia profile inspector, make sure that u know the refresh rate of your monitor.
  • You may already know this, but if you don’t know it, you can find out by opening options.
  • It includes opening the system, selecting a display, and scrolling down to advance display settings.
  • After picking this choice, see all monitors, plus the refresh rate in Hz.

Purchasing a more advanced new monitor to avoid screen tearing.

  • If you don’t want to try any of the above methods, use this.
  • Always keep in mind that the last option in fixing the screen taring is to buy a new monitor with a higher refresh rate.
  • This is not the best method, especially if you are ok with it.
  • There is no purpose to purchase a new monitor just because of laptop screen tearing.
  • Because you might waste a working monitor that meets your goals.

All these can escort you in enumerating how to fix screen tearing without vsync.

Screen tearing: Causes 

  • Firstly, to understand how to determine a computer screen tearing
  •  You should first become aware of how the monitor works to eliminate screen tearing. 
  • This is because screen tearing is occurring when your monitor is out of synchronization with the GPU.
  • They render multiple images at once but render one at a time which is a real cause for screen tear.
  • When this happens, your computer or monitor will start interpreting and processing the latest data.
  • This outcome is in image mingling and screen tearing. 
  • Below let’s deliberate how to fix screen tearing without vsync and its disabling.

How to disable vsync windows 10?

Below are the ladders to survey in your PC for how to disable vsync windows 10. There are three conditions usually and can help you know how to fix screen tearing without vsync: –

Having an NVIDIA graphics card.

  • Firstly, from the Start menu select the NVIDIA Control Panel app.
  • Secondly, then select Manage 3D Settings > Vertical Sync in the leftward pane.
  • Thirdly, click on the Vertical Sync option and select disable icon.

Having an AMD graphics card.

  • Firstly, from the Windows Start menu select AMD Radeon Settings (or right-click on the desktop and select AMD Radeon Settings).
  • Secondly, go for Gaming in the above menu block.
  • Thirdly, make a difference to the Wait for Vertical Refresh option to Off to disable it.

Having internal graphics processor chip, such as IntelHD graphics like gamers.

  • Firstly, from the Windows Start menu select IntelHD Graphics Control Panel. 
  • However, this may be also available as a tray icon on the taskbar in the notification area.
  • Secondly, in the Control Panel, select 3D General Settings > Custom Settings.
  • Thirdly, go for the Vertical Sync option and select Off to disable it.


These explanations can effectively foil screen tearing without vsync throughout the game. However, they also have their shortcomings, such as slight delay or lagging. Ultimately, you decide which solution is best for you to improve your gaming experience. You are the decider for which option to opt for how to fix screen tearing without vsync.

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