YouTube 500 Internal Server Error: Why do they occur and how to fix it? 

In the first place, YouTube error 500 is the most common issue. YouTuber user faces this error now and then. In case you come across this error, don’t worry. There is nothing wrong with your device. 

Read through the article to learn more about YouTube-Server error. It will also detail solutions on how to fix 500 internal server errors on YouTube. 

What is the meaning of 500 internal server errors? As mentioned earlier in the article, YouTube server error is common. YouTube users face this issue occasionally. Further, YouTuber error 500 is a server error. It means the server may be down. The error occurs through hacking as well. 

Furthermore, most YouTube users have come across this issue. Usually, seeing an error on the app makes us worry about your device. But with the right help, the error can be set right. In case you see this error on your device, worry not. It is a common problem with multiple solutions. 

YouTube internal server error 500 Chrome is fixable. 

Reasons for 500 internal server errors YouTube fix 

The main reason for YouTube error 500 is as follows: 

  • Presences of a corrupt file 
  • Permission error 
  • A third-party plug-in or theme can be faulty 
  • Finally, the memory limit of PHP can be exceeded. 

How to fix 500 internal server errors YouTube? 

To begin with, the network 500 YouTube error is fixable. Here we will discuss multiple ways to fix the problem. The solution provided is in detail and easy to follow. 

  1. Simples solutions to how to fix 500 internal server errors YouTube 
  • Refresh your page 

The first simple solution for how to fix 500 internal server errors YouTube is to refresh. It may so happen that the error is temporary and is easily fixable. So, the first thing you need to do is refresh your page. Furthermore, page refresh is simple. Just press the F5 function key on your keyboard. The page will automatically refresh. If the YouTube server error is temporary, refreshing the page can fix the issue. 

  • Restart your browser 

The next simple solution to fix YouTube server error is restarting your browser. Most internet and app users know how common errors occur. The first thing we all do to try and fix the error is click on the refresh button of the browser. Further, clicking on this restarts your browser and fixes the issue. Similarly, restarting your browser can fix network 500 error YouTube

However, the error is fixable by this method only if there is an issue with loading the webpage. It also fixes the issue with problems loading the web content. 

  • Try opening YouTube in a different browser 

The third simple 500 internal server error YouTube fix is opening a different browser. Sometimes certain YouTube videos don’t play on a particular browser. It can lead to an internal server error. The best thing to do is change the browser in such a case. Try opening the YouTube video in a different browser. If the problem is gone, then enjoy watching your video. However, if the issue persists, then try the different solutions listed below. 

  1. Alternate solutions for how to fix 500 internal server errors YouTube 

Don’t worry if you are still facing the error even after trying the above solutions. Try the various alternate solutions to fix the issue mentioned below.

  • Router restart 

In the first place, network 500 error YouTube can also occur due to connection problems. YouTube videos are played with an internet connection unless downloaded. In such a situation, check your internet connection. Sometimes you cannot connect to the internet due to server error. In such cases, restart your internet router and wait for the issue to resolve. 

  • Open YouTube videos on Chrome 

The next simple way to fix the internal server error is to open the videos on Chrome. It is highly recommended to use Chrome as a browser to play YouTube videos. But YouTube internal server error 500 Chrome persists try this solution. 

The first step for how to fix 500 internal server errors YouTube is to delete all cookies and cache. To delete the cookies and cache, follow these steps. 

1) Open Chrome browser on your device 

2) Then right-click on customize and control google chrome options. Under the options select settings by right-clicking 

3) Clicking on the setting will open a new tab. In the newly opened tab, look for advanced settings. Under the advanced setting, the option finds clear browsing data. 

4) Under clear browsing data, select the first four options. They are browsing history, download history, cached images, and files. Apart from this, also select cookies and other site data. After selecting all these options, click on clear browsing data. 

5) Then close the chrome browser and open it after some time. 

Check to see if the issue is gone. 

  1. Other solutions for how to fix 500 internal server errors YouTube are: 

  • Deactivating plug-ins or themes 

The newly activated software or add-ons can cause internal server error. As third-party code can be interfering with your server configuration. Hence, deactivating them can fix the issue. 

  • Debugging

Also, try 500 internal server errors YouTube fix by using debugging to identify the issue. 

When to contact the YouTube support team? 

Connecting to the YouTube support team is the last option. Be patient and try the entire solution one after the other to fix the issue. If how to fix 500 internal server error YouTube fails, contact the helpdesk. The help from YouTube support team is reachable through the phone. They can also be connected through other social media apps like Facebook.

In Conclusion: 

There are simple solutions for how to fix 500 internal server errors YouTube. But the support team from YouTube is always available to help you with any problem. Here in the article, we have listed simple steps to fix the issue.

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