You may wonder how to disable laptop keyboard. There are many reasons for this. A laptop keyboard is a crucial accessory that is attached to your laptop. More than typing there are lots of purposes of the keyboard. It may be difficult to disable the keyboard permanently.

 However, there are few tech methods through which you can know how to disable laptop keyboard. Various settings on a laptop can turn off the laptop on your keyboard. Many turn off the laptop keyboard to use the external keyboards. Using external keyboards or Bluetooth-enabled keyboards is possible. Let us see what the steps on how to disable laptop keyboard are

The need for using an external keyboard 

How to turn off the laptop keyboardis a question for many users. There is a lot of reasons why many want to disable their internal keyboard. Some of the benefits of using external keyboards are as follows 

  • Less heating problems 

How to disable laptop keyboardis a question that many want to know a proper solution to. Using the internal laptop for many hours can cause a heating issue in various laptops. If you are using a built-in keyboard then overheating in the circuit will reflect on the keyboard too. 

Further, Heat in the laptop can also affect the fingers. However, an external keyboard is a convenient addition. This will not cause any overheating issues. Further, exposure to heat is less in these keyboards. 

  • Less typing errors 

There are lots of laptops with a standard keyboard. Due to this many ask how to disable laptop keyboard. Also, standard They may not suit your typing style. If the keys are far away from each other then typing errors are more. Working in an inbuilt keyboard that is suitable can reduce productivity.

 However, the external laptop offers you plenty of choices. You can choose any type of external keyboard that chooses your typing style. 

  • More flexible and convenient 

Today, laptops are crucial for everyday work. Using a convenient laptop keyboard can make your body posture poor. Inconvenience makes man users wonder how to disable laptop keyboard. Due to this purpose, many choose external keypads that are flexible. You can keep these laptops far away from the screen and use them as per your wish. 

  • Neat and hygienic 

The keyboard is the part of any laptop that is prone to more damage. Also, even your display and other parts might be tidy but the keyboard is very dirty. Due to higher use, this can happen. However, using a clean keyboard is possible with the external ones. Due to old or damaged keyboard many wonder how to disable laptop keyboard

Using a USB keyboard for your laptop 

Connecting the USB keyboard to the system is an easy task. There are many alternative keyboard options for the USB. In some laptops using an alternative keyboard is as simple as plugging in a new one.

Further, the hardware and setting will automatically change with new keyboard insertion. Typing and more keyboard settings are additional features in the alternative keyboard. Let us see the steps to disable laptop keyboard. 

Tips to use Bluetooth keyboard for your laptop 

  1. The process of using a wireless keyboard is very simple. If you want to turn on a laptop keyboard that is USB enabled then here are a few tips to follow. 
  2. The first step for this process is to check whether Bluetooth on the device is turned on. You can go to the setting and check if the Bluetooth of the device is on. 
  3. Now turn on your keyboard, check if the battery is enough in the system. Also, check if the pairing mode on your laptop is on. 
  4. The next step is to add a Bluetooth device and connect the keyboard to your device. 
  5. During this process, your laptop will search for a new keyboard. Now click the USB keyboard you want to connect. 

Ways to disable keyboard on your laptop 

There are both temporary and permanent ways to disable the keyboard on your laptop. If you want to disable it permanently there is more setting you need to change. There is a keyboard driver that automatically installs in every device. let us see some of the steps on how to disable keyboard on laptop

  1. Further, this keeps your keyboard version updated. Every time there is a driver update the keyboard in your laptop gets new features. By stopping this keyboard driver it is possible to disable the laptop keyboard. These are the steps you need to follow. 
  2. You need to press the start button and search gpedit. msc on your laptop. 
  3. Now there is a computer configuration file you need to click. Further, in the administrative templates, there is a device installation option. 
  4. The next step is to view the device installations restrictions. Also, there are plenty of options when you click the right button. You need to click the prevent the installation of devices option. Now enable this option on your laptop. 

These are the steps that will allow you to prevent any new keyboard drivers from installing your device. 

The tips to disable laptop keyboard windows 10

How to disable laptop keyboardis a question for many. Especially, Windows users have different steps to disable the keyboard. If you want to disable laptop keyboard windows 10here are the steps to follow. 

  1. The first step you need to do is press the Windows + X. Now click the device manager option from the list. 
  2. The next step is to detect the keyboard on the list and click the arrow on the page. 
  3. When you detect your laptop keyboard right-click it. Also, you can disable the internal keyboard on your laptop. If you cannot find the advisable option you need to uninstall the keyboard. 

The next step is to click the file and exit. After this process, your windows laptop will now be disabled. Also, if you find that the laptop keyboard is still connected you need to go to the device manager.

 You can find a keyboard option on this page. Now uninstall any driver related to the keyboard. This can successfully remove your laptop keyboard from Windows 10 devices. 

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Methods on how to disable keyboard on Mac

How to disable laptop keyboards is what many users ask. Especially, if you are using Macbook then this process is different. Using an alternative keyboard for Mac is a preference for many. There is more convenience when using an external keyboard for the device. However, there is no disable key for any MacBook keyboards. But, let us see steps on how to disable the keyboard on Mac. 

  1. There is a shortcut to disable the keyboard on your Mac. For this, the first step is to press the Ctrl+F1. It is a one-click method to disable the internal keyboard in your device. 
  2. There are ways to use third-party apps to disable the internal keyboard in a laptop. Further, there is a most recommended karabiner that allows Mac users to disable the keyboard. 
  3. If you want to disable the keyboard through third-party apps then download the karabiner tool from the browser. 
  4. You need to download and install the tool on your device. 
  5. Now go to the search option in the tool to disable the keyboard. 
  6. There is a box that ticks the internal keyboard in your device. To disable it you need to unpick the option. 
  7. Using this app is the simplest way to disable the keyboard in Mac. 

If you wonder how to disable laptop keyboard then these are simple steps for you to follow. 

FAQ: How to disable laptop keyboard

How to disable the laptop keyboard without completely removing it? 

Use the device manager option to uninstall keyboard drivers. 

How to lock a laptop keyboard? 

Press the windows and L key at the same time to lock the keyboard. 

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