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How To Delete Useless WhatsApp Photo Automatically


WhatsApp is the most popular application for message sharing. From Morning to Night, many types of photos reach our phone through WhatsApp Messenger. Which slows down our phone and fills up the gallery. Here you will know How to Delete Useless or Useless WhatsApp Photo Automatically?

Good morning with the opening of the morning and our good night at night, how many texts, video clips, photos, screenshots, stickers, cartoons go to our phone five times.

Most of which are useless. And only a few are of our use.

These extravagant media files fill up our gallery. Due to this the speed of our phone becomes slow and space is also less. Imagine how cool it would be if we could easily remove useless photos and stickers from WhatsApp?

Our friends, family, relatives, or co-workers are the ones who send us messages on WhatsApp. Which you can’t even refuse in real life.

The easiest way is to open the WhatsApp images folder on your mobile device, select Delete, and then select all the images you want to delete.

But this is quite a time-consuming task if the number of saved images is huge. It is very annoying to clean all WhatsApp junk like this every few days to reclaim your phone’s memory.

Also, if you use the file manager app to delete the WhatsApp images folder, it deletes the entire folder without stripping the important pictures from the useless picture.

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How To Delete Useless WhatsApp Photo Automatically?

Kijiye Siftr Magic

WCleaner for WA

Remo Cleaner for WhatsApp

Media Cleaner for WhatsApp

Whatsapp Cleaner and Manager

How To Delete Useless WhatsApp Photo Automatically?

You can get rid of all these useless images, videos, and audio files in just a few taps using image cleaning apps.

There are many types of cleaning apps available in the market that can clean your WhatsApp folder in just a few steps.

Apps that Delete Useless WhatsApp Photo Automatically

Kijiye Siftr Magic

First of all download the app Kijiye Siftr Magic from the play store. Sifter is an Indian start-up. Whose founder X is Adobe Employees which gives you such a magical app.

Which you can delete useless photos without any effort.

Yes, now after the app is installed, when it analyzes all the photos of your phone.

Tells you the number of junk photos like in my case after analysis the app has generated 250 junk photos.

Now here’s the thing to pay attention to. You can delete all photos at once. If you don’t need it but wait…..

It is not necessary that all your WhatsApp photos will be some photos that you would like to keep safe which are not deleted.

Yamaha Sifter app analyzes junk photos and divides them by category. Untick the categories you want to keep pictures of, such as Cartoons, Greetings, Scan and Screenshots, Miscellaneous. Like in my case I will untick Scan and Screenshot. This is necessary for me.

You also do exactly as you want to keep the category, you should untick us from the checkbox and delete Banky. Congratulations.

Now next time us category image will remain in your phone and the rest useless spam photo will be self-delete.

WCleaner for WA

This app is developed by Evolving Technology Experience (ETX) software development company based in Canada.

As the name suggests, it is dedicated to WhatsApp. It not only deletes photos but also removes all files downloaded from WhatsApp.

It removes all unwanted images, audio and video files, voice notes, profile pictures, backup, and save wallpapers.

You can choose to delete pictures or unwanted files. You can efficiently manage wallpapers, profile photos, and voice notes from this app.

In addition, it gives you the ability to delete all, tap delete files you choose and delete files before a certain date.

Remo Cleaner for WhatsApp

This app is developed by an Indian software development company based in Bangalore. It provides file cleaning in three categories: images, audio files and video files.

It also offers three deletion options: deleting a single file, deleting all files, or deleting selected files in a particular range. This enables you to watch an image or video, or listen to the audio before deleting it, so you don’t lose any important files.

You can view files categorized into two simple sections: Inbox and Sent. This classification lets you take into account which files you are going to delete.

Media Cleaner for WhatsApp

Media Cleaner is another powerful app to get rid of unwanted files accumulated in your WhatsApp folder.

The app also uses artificial intelligence backstage to recognize the forwarded images, audio, and video files.

The app employs its unique algorithm and analyzes the media-related data to find out whether the media files are junk or not.

It provides options to clean junk files in one go. Alternatively, you can delete selected media files.

You can set it to delete duplicate files without confirmation. You also have the option to mark certain files as important so that they are not accidentally deleted.

It is not suggested to delete marked files in the following cleanup cycle. You can also move files to an SD card for backup. The app is very light on the usage of your phone’s resources.

What’s more, if your friends also have this app installed, it works even better for junk file suggestions.

Whatsapp Cleaner and Manager (How To Delete Useless WhatsApp Photo Automatically)

It’s a five-start app that saves you from the nightmare of smartphone space consumption. This powerful tool cleans and manages your WhatsApp files.

So that you can save space on your device. It is a simple application to clean shared WhatsApp files like images, videos, and audio stored in your phone. You can reclaim the space consumed

That is, by installing an app, one can get rid of the junk images of WhatsApp. How did you like this post, do comment and tell us.

Also, to remove useless or junk photos, what do you use the app or delete manually, also let me know in the comment.

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