One of the crucial parts of a computer is the motherboard. Even a small problem present in your motherboard will affect the whole performance of the computer. Thus, it is crucial to maintain the motherboard in the best condition. So, how to clean motherboard and maintain it in the good condition? Here we will discuss some best and tricky ways to clean the motherboard and prevent getting any malfunction in it.

With your frequent routine usage of the PC, there will be a dirt or dust accumulation on the motherboard. If you didn’t take proper care of cleaning this motherboard regularly, then it will make it to get overheat, malfunction, and finally stop working. It may happen due to the short circuit of the motherboard due to dust or debris accumulation. So, how to clean motherboard using some tricky ways at your home?

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How To Clean Motherboard?

There are different methods available on how to clean motherboard, but here we will discuss some effective methods. They are cleaning the motherboard 

  • Using compressed air or a blower
  • Using isopropyl alcohol

But ensure that you don’t use a vacuum cleaner or a cloth to clean the motherboard. Such things will cause static damage to the motherboard.

There are two methods of general cleaning the motherboard. They are

  1. Routine Cleaning
  2. Deep Cleaning

Routine Cleaning:

This type of cleaning is like regular maintenance that one has to do, to protect the motherboard. This method uses compressed air and you can do this cleaning for six months or one year once.

How To Clean Motherboard Using Compressed Air?

If you are using compressed air or a blower to clean the motherboard, then you are using the right method for cleaning motherboard. It is the safest method too, but it takes some time to finish this procedure. You can visit any online store and purchase this product. You can type a ‘Keyboard cleaner’ or ‘Air blower’ in the search menu to get some results. After choosing the right product, buy them.

  1. The first step is to shut down the system properly. Then, dismantle the computer by opening the side panel of it. If multiple panels are there, you need to remove them too. Now, you can use compressed air to eliminate the dust present across the machine’s parts. 
  2. Based on the setup of the computer, the starting place will differ. But, it is better to start from the top and then reach the bottom for cleaning. This is because of the settling of dust at the lower parts when you clean at the upper parts. Finally, clean the lower part too.
  3. Using compressed air, how to clean a motherboard? The thing is you need to start from the back to the front case of the motherboard. Ensure that the blower’s tip is not touching directly the motherboard. You need to maintain at least an inch gap between the tip and the motherboard. You need to clean the motherboards continuously until all the dust particles are cleaned properly.
  4. Continue the process of cleaning the motherboard using compressed air on all the components. You need to stop this process until you see the loose dust is not present on the case.
  5. Now, you need to check the motherboard whether it is free from dust or not. Certain areas of the components are difficult to reach and clean the dust, thus stay cautious while cleaning such parts.
  6. Use a soft brush to remove the sticky dust on the motherboard. Handle it gently to clean it without causing any damage to it. This method of using a brush will help you on how to clean dust from PC.
  7. After using the brush to clean the dust, once again use the compressed air to clean across the components.
  8. Now, you can close the computer and mantle it properly.

Deep Cleaning:

This method is somewhat effective on how to clean motherboard. You need the below things to do deep cleaning such as

  • 99% isopropyl alcohol
  • Brush with soft nylon bristles
  • Lint-free drying towel
  • Metal tub bigger than the motherboard
  • Lint-free cotton pads

How To Clean Motherboard Using Isopropyl Alcohol?

If you are looking for steps on how to clean CPU paste from motherboard, this method will help you. Let us discuss how to clean motherboard using alcohol here.

  1. The first step is to shut down the system properly and unplug the wire connections with the system.
  2. Now, dismantle the computer gently and rest the dismantled parts in the metal tub.
  3. Ensure that you buy the 99% isopropyl alcohol to clean the motherboards. Use the soft brush to remove the dust or dirt particles on it. 
  4. Then, you need to clean motherboard with alcohol and use the cotton pads to clean the components that are rich in dust particles. When you do this process, it will gently remove the sticky particles from the components. 
  5. If the motherboard is not clean still, how to clean motherboard again? You need to use some more amount of isopropyl alcohol in a cotton pad or swab and clean it gently. 
  6. Finally, use the dry towel to clean once again the components. This is how to clean motherboard using alcohol.

When your motherboard is in dead condition or rich in dirt particles, you can use the above procedure on how to clean motherboard.

Pro-Tips For Cleaning The Motherboard:

So, how to clean motherboard and maintain it safe from debris or dirt? There are pro-tips to follow before cleaning it.

  • Ensure that you use 99% isopropyl alcohol to clean the motherboards.
  • You need to shut down the computer properly.
  • You can get the help of a professional if you are not satisfied with your cleaning procedure.
  • Ensure that you clean the motherboards once a year regularly.
  • Follow the steps on how to clean motherboard available on the net but not follow your own way of the procedure.


This is how to clean motherboard using compressed air and alcohol for the proper functioning of the motherboard.

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