How to charge laptop with HDMI is a trick many want to know. Some think that it is a bit weird to charge this way. However, it is true that charging your laptop is possible without a charger. The laptop is a portable electronic device you can take anywhere. Still, charging is crucial. There are not many places to charge the laptop in some scenarios. 

In these times, you can use an HDMI to charge your laptop. Further, when doing some important task your laptop charger may not work at times. When having an HDMI it is possible to solve this issue. Can you charge a chrome book with an HDMI cable? Is it a count for many? Let us see some of the hacks on How to charge laptop with HDMI.  

Can you play Sims on Chromebook?

When can you charge your laptop with HDMI? 

How to charge laptop with HDMI is a question that many have. However, using an HDMI port may be convenient. It is best to use this alternative in emergency cases. If your laptop charger does not work then you can use an HDMI. 

Also, if you are traveling and need to charge your laptop immediately then using an HDMI is a smart idea. If you have limited resources to charge the laptop the quick way for charging is through HDMI. Now let us see How to charge laptop with HDMI

Is charging with HMDI a safe option 

Laptops come with special chargers or adapters that provide proper voltage to charge. However, all the alternatives available for charging do not satisfy this requirement. Most of the HDMI may offer only less voltage for charging. It is not a great option for electrical appliances. 

Further, Low voltage may damage the functions of these appliances. Especially, laptops require an adapter that offers an ideal voltage for charging. Due to this, charging with HDMI is suitable only for urgent cases. Do not use HDMI as an everyday charging option. 

The alternatives for charging 

There are a lot of alternatives to charging your laptop. Many ask how to charge chrome book with HDMI cable? There are many solutions to this. Three ways through which you can charge a laptop with HDMI are as follows. 

  • There is the USB port 
  • Changing laptop battery 
  • Charging with laptop battery or car battery 

The HDMI port is the most convenient way to charge any laptop. They are handy and cost-effective too. Here you can find different ways to use all these alternative ports to charge the laptop. Let us see the different ways How to charge laptop with HDMI

How to charge chrome book without charger

HDMI port is suitable for many laptops. However, most of chrome books may come with a USB port too. In this case, you can use this port to charge your laptop. Also, if you ask how to charge laptop with HDMI then you can follow these steps. 

  1. The first step is to click on settings icons that have a gear symbol in your laptop. 
  2. Now click the power option in the settings 
  3. There is a power source option that allows you take receive power from a few sources. Plus, click the USB-c port option. 
  4. If there is no power source option in your system then you may not be able to charge through USB. 

How to charge a hp laptop without a charger

There are different ways to charge your Hp laptop. These alternative ways are useful for you in times of emergency. Many of the users ask how to charge a hp laptop without a charger. Further, there are surely ways such as using a car battery. Cars have electricity that is useful for charging laptops. In real emergencies, these alternatives prove to be very useful. Let us see the steps to do it. 

  1. Use the AC adapter for this purpose. An AC adapter comes with a USB-type connector and a USB-type C connector on the other end. Further, these adapters are ideal to charge through the car. 
  2. First, turn on your car engine. 
  3. Now use the car charger and use your charging port in the vehicle. 
  4. The next step is to plug the USB connector into your laptop. 

Also, during the charging process do not leave your laptop unnoticed. Most of the HP laptops may not come with charging through an HDMI port option. Due to this reason, you can use the Car battery for this purpose. 

Further, If you have a USB port you can also use the power bank for this purpose. Some may think about how to charge hp laptop with HDMI when there is no USB port. The answer is by using the power bank. Let us see the ways to charge your HP laptop with a power bank. 

Moreover, using a power bank is a hassle-free way to charge your laptop. It is a portable battery as you can carry it anywhere. All you need to charge your HP laptop is to connect the power bank. The convenient feature abut power bank is that they do not need any external outlet. 

There are different types of power banks available these days. However, some versions may not suit your HP laptop. Therefore, you need to have a power bank that is compatible with Hp laptops. You can use a USB C power bank to charge the HP laptop. 

  1. First, take a compatible power bank and use a USB C port.
  2. Now connect one side of the USB port to the power bank. 
  3. There is another side of the USB port that needs to be connected to the laptop. 
  4. After this, there is a pop in your HP laptop. It may ask you to select the USB port for charging or other purposes. Now select the ‘charging only’ option. 
  5. You can see laptops quickly charging after this. 


How to charge laptop with HDMI is a puzzle to many. This may sound easy but a bit hard to try. Also, most of the laptops are programmed to charge only through their specialized chargers. 

Due to this, they may not have the option to charge through HDMI. Still, the above tricks are useful for many laptops users. They work effectively for most laptops. You can try these tricks to successfully charge your laptop through HDMI. 

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