Social media is an amazing place. Especially since the entire world went into lockdown, social media was our chance to connect with the outside world.

However, it can also be scary when we think about all the predators and cybercriminals lurking there.

In this excerpt below, we are bringing you some of the best advice which will help you to be safe on social media.

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1. Antivirus Software

Yes, you didn’t expect this!

When we talk about social media, we generally do not think about antivirus software. Antivirus software is more likely to protect your internal devices. However, if you use social media applications like Facebook messengers, Instagram DMs, or even Tinder. There is a possibility that you will stumble across shady links.

Now, if you have an antivirus, you can scan these links in the scanner and see whether they are safe to click upon. Otherwise, if you have already done the deed, then do not panic.

Simply scan your device again with the help of the antivirus and see if there is any new infiltration in your device. Plus, even if it is not for social media, antivirus is something you should have on your device.

Download some of the best antivirus software for free from Scan your downloaded files as well before you run the software.

2. VPN

This is an excellent way to protect your online presence. Your IP address is like a treasure to hackers, and you are giving open access to it without a VPN. Especially if you are using public wifi in some cafe, they are just waiting for you to make a wrong move.

This is why you need a VPN. If you have never heard of a VPN, it is a Virtual Private Network that reroutes your traffic, creating a personal connection between your ISP to your device.

This automatically hides your IP address from others, and you are able to browse through social media for hours without worrying about cybercriminals hacking in. Plus, with a VPN, you will have to access a faster internet connection, only if you use a paid network and not a free one.

Free ones can be shady sometimes!

3. Being Mindful

Being mindful of the internet is very important. Some of the care activities which will protect your presence on social media are –

– Not accepting duplicate friend requests. Suppose you see a friend in your friend list who you guessed was already on your friend list. Double check before accepting the friend request, and if it is a duplicate, immediately report and block.

– Do not share your live location from every place. Be mindful and share vacation pictures after you are back. The same goes for your last night’s party. You do not have to share your location right away; the world is full of predators.

– Do not talk to every person you stumble across and share confidential information about you. There is always a power in learning how to live alone; you do not have to feel the solace of loneliness from a stranger over Instagram.

4. Strong Passwords

Strong passwords are a president’s way of having a safe social media presence. You cannot simply have your name and your birth date, or worst, ‘12344’; it is high time. You have to give strong passwords because cyber criminals have special methods of guessing your passwords.

With strong passwords, you will have a sense of security, and if possible, try to double authentication during login.

Like once you log in, have an OTP sent to your cell phone as well if you are not logging in with your regular device. Or, answer questions if they detect a different IP address of log-in.

Have any type of authentication and approval system whenever logging in with a different device.

Be Careful!

There you have it, some of the experts advised ways you can protect your presence over social media.

Always remember, it is a great place to meet new people, market, or simply show off your skills. However, it shouldn’t be your entire life.

If you are sensing any shady behavior from someone, chances are they are meant to be suspicious. So, report them immediately and stay safe.

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