Moving your site from one place to another is one of the most stressful things that can happen to a website owner. It takes time, effort, and money. A managed WordPress host makes this process easier by handling everything for you behind-the-scenes. Here’s how:

Site Migration Can Be Challenging

If you’ve ever had to move a website from one server to another, you know how stressful and complicated it can be. Many settings need to be tweaked and changed, and if there’s even one mistake made in the process, it could mean the complete loss of your site. A managed host takes care of all this for you so that when they say “site migration,” they really mean “peace of mind.” They’ll do everything possible to keep your site safe and secure during the transfer, which means no red tape or hassle!

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Managed WordPress Hosts Make Migration Easy

If you need to migrate multiple WordPress sites, a managed WordPress host can help. A managed WordPress host will handle all of the hard work for you. They’ll do this by:

  • Installing and configuring your new website, including a fresh copy of your content and files.
  • Translating any custom code that may be running on previous versions of WordPress (if necessary).
  • Coordinating with DNS providers so they can make changes to your domain name if needed.

With a managed migration from one platform to another, all these tasks are taken care of for you by an experienced team who knows what they’re doing! The only thing left for you is selecting the right hosting provider…

What does a managed WordPress server do for your migration that you can’t do on your own?

A managed WordPress host is a cost-effective way to run your site and can also help with migrations. The company will do the heavy lifting for you, so you don’t have to worry about technical details.

Managed WordPress hosting providers offer many benefits:

  • They’ll help you with the migration process from start to finish. This includes setting up and configuring your new server, transferring over all assets (like images), changing DNS settings for domains and subdomains, testing everything out before going live, and more. In short: they take care of everything!
  • You don’t need to know anything about servers or coding languages; they do all that work on their end.

1. Migrate from non-WordPress sites

Your web host can import data from various content management systems (CMS). This is the most common way to migrate your site to WordPress. Reliable server hosts can make a complete clone of your website, including all its content and customizations. You might want to migrate because you don’t have access or control over the hosting environment for your site. Or perhaps you want more control over how it looks and works? Whatever the reason, you can find an experienced hosting service that will help.

2. Backup and migrate existing sites

  • Back up your site before migrating it.
  • Importing a backup into the new host is an effective way to migrate the data from your old server to the new one. You’ll still need to test the migration before launching it, but your host can also help with that.
  • You will have to keep track of your data centers and storage areas to ensure that all your site data is successfully transferred. A clear understanding of the amount of data and program space your business has and requires will help you create a hosting plan alongside your new provider to support your entire digital network.

3. Change DNS settings in one place

As a WordPress user, you may have thought of DNS as the internet’s phone book. It’s just a list of IP addresses and domain names. You can’t see or read it, but it’s critical to your website’s operation. And there’s one important caveat: changing DNS settings can take up to 24 hours for them to propagate across the globe.

So if you want to move hosting providers without downtime, who doesn’t?—you need a managed host like Nexcess that will handle all those pesky details for you in one place so that they happen automatically at the right time.

4. Always Stage Your Site Before Launch

After you’ve installed your new site, you can use temporary URLs to test the new theme and plugins before making them permanent. The Nexcess team will provide you with server space for staging after migrating your site to its new hosting environment. You can then ensure everything is working as expected by viewing your site through these temporary URLs before changing them to the final ones. This straightforward process allows you to test your new software or platform layout before launching directly to the customers.

Managed Hosting Can Seriously Benefit Your Business

Managed WordPress hosting is not just for new sites; it can also help existing sites run better and move more efficiently. If you’re thinking about moving your site from one platform to another, managed hosting can be of immense help. You get an account manager with most managed hosts who help with the migration process. They’ll manage your DNS settings, make sure everything runs smoothly during the transition and guide you through any issues. The best part? With managed WordPress hosting from Nexcess, you can build a customized hosting plan tailored to your digital infrastructure, so you only pay for the power and services you need. This makes managed hosting a more cost-effective option for data migration and web hosting.

The bottom line is that there’s no need to worry about your WordPress migration with a managed host. Your server host will handle the complex technical stuff so you can focus on running your business or personal blog. Start benefitting from a managed WordPress host today and grow your digital network.

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