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Halo infinite user is banned Behind the reason


Many Halo infinite users are finding themselves banned from the ranked playlist for no serious reason at all. This is becoming increasingly frustrating for the users as they are trying to get a good rank. But they have discovered now that they are banned from it. The gamers are provided no information other than the time remaining for the ban. But the game is not giving details about any other developments. This is one part of the game that shows us that it is still in the beta stage. But why is Halo infinite user is banned and why halo infinite banned for crashing? Here know about all the details.

Halo Infinite is a great first-person shooter game released in 2021 from the Xbox Game Studios. The game is about a human super-soldier Master Chief and his battle against the enemy banished on the Forerunner ringworld Zeta Halo known as Installation 07. Continue reading to know the reason behind the issue Halo infinite user is banned. 

What is the plot of the Halo infinite game? 

The game is set in the year 2560. In the events of Halo 5: Guardians the human artificial intelligence Cortana and the allied forces rebel against their creators United Nations Space Command (UNSC). They take control of the ancient Forerunner weapons called the guardians Cortana subjugate the galaxy. But the alien races called Banished fought against Cortana and the UNSC. The main character of the game is the UNSC “Spartan” super-soldier known as Master Chief John-117. He is on a mission to neutralize his former partner Cortana.  

The Halo infinite happens during 2559 when the UNSC ship is attacked by the Banished. The Atriox defeats the Master Chief and takes him to space. Then six months later the UNSC pilot finds the chief in space. Eventhough the pilot wants to flee the Master Chief urges them to continue fighting against the Banished. After that the Chief and the Pilot travel to a place in Zeta Halo which is destroyed by an unknown calamity. 

In the ring, the Chief finds the weapon which is an AI created to behave like the Cortana to capture her to destroy her. The weapon says that she was successful in her mission she fails to self-delete as per the command. Then the Chief discovers the weapon and gets the memories of Cortana left as residual data. 

Zeta Halo is in full control of the Banished which is now led by Atriox’s lieutenant Escharum. Master Chief, Pilot and the Weapon have to find ways to stop a calamity. 

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Why do you get the halo infinite user is banned message in ranked? 

The main reason for getting the halo infinite user is banned message is because many are leaving the match before finishing it. The game is punishing the players who are leaving the ranked matches by banning them. That is why many are experiencing halo infinite banned for crashing. It may happen because of voluntary or due to internet issues. 

How long will the halo infinite user ban last? 

The list of ban times in Halo Infinite may last from five minutes to sixteen hours. It is not clear when the ban count resets or when the game bans the players from leaving the game. It seems the system starts to ban the players after leaving the matches more than two times. The system seems to be flawed because of which the players are stuck in the situation. Still, the players can avoid the Halo infinite user is banned issue by finishing the game. 

What is Halo Infinite ban time? 

The amount of time Halo infinite user is banned message depends on the times the user commits this infraction. The ban timer may increase each time. Further, the minimum length of the time of ban appears to be five minutes and it will extend accordingly. Also, there is a reset, alleviate, or decrease the timer so if you are unfairly banned because of sudden crashing it can be rough. Yet the user is banned halo infinite is not a universal issue. For many, the crash was registered as sudden and they were banned for five minutes from the ranked matches. This is the place where the problem occurred. On the other hand, this was not a problem at all in the Quick Play Games. So it looks as if there is leeway in this matter. 

How to remove Halo infinite ban? 

If you are planning to remove Halo infinite user has banned problem then you have to appeal for it. You have to offer information about when and how you received the enforcement action. The appeal also must have a respectful counter-argument for the Halo Infinite system to remove it. Add information about the user-banned halo infinite to support your case. So for the halo infinite user is banned no timer, you can use the official website that says that the appeal must be filed when the enforcement is in place. 

How can you appeal to lift Halo infinite ban?  

  • Open the game and go to the Halo Support section for solving Halo infinite user is banned issue. 
  • You can find it in the top right corner of the aka.ms/HaloSafety. 
  • Then scroll down to find a place titled “Was this article helpful?”. 
  • Press submit the ticket button available at the bottom. 
  • Choose the right issue type – Enforcement – Ban Appeal. 
  • Fill in all the required details in the fields and submit the ticket. 
  • The website also requires the Halo Infinite players to abide by the community guidelines of Xbox. This will help you to solve Halo infinite user is banned issue. 

The people who are applying for the ban appeal must not use threatening or insulting language with the agents of Halo. But one way to appeal to the system is with the ticket form available at the bottom of the support page. The users have to submit only one ticket for one issue and the same tickets will not be considered. You have to stay tuned for more gaming news and also find other updates about Halo. 

Conclusion: Halo infinite user is banned

Follow the steps here to lift the Halo infinite user is banned problem. Then you can enjoy playing the game and finish it properly.

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