What should you do when the graphics card fan is not spinning?

The GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is a special processor that helps with graphical uses like machine learning and editing. To help with its function, it has its fan attached to it, which is called the GPU fan. Yes, this is the one that helps with the airflow to keep this processor functioning smoothly. But, you may face problems when the graphics card fan is not spinning due to various reasons.

Of course, such issues can be anxiety because you don’t know why the GPU fan is not spinning. Well, you don’t have to worry about anything. Below are some issues and tricks that can help you to resolve such a problem.

Present in Idle mode: graphics card fan is not spinning

Well, GPUs have an internal cooling system to prevent overheating. And, there are no GPU tasks or extensive browsing by the user; the fans will be off. Overall, this helps the GPUs to function safely. On the other hand, when you use it for higher tasks, graphics card fan not spinning no display is a problem. Of course, the fans of the GPU spin at a low speed. Still, there will create noise and heat because of the continuous spinning. Then, this can affect the other parts of the PC. In turn, this can affect the longevity and static condition of the fans. And, that will result in a graphics card fan not spinning problem. So, you can handle it by switching it off when not in use. That way, the fans won’t cross the temperature limit.

Restart the device: graphics card fan is not spinning

Perhaps, this is one of the easiest and best ways to treat any problem with the device. Of course, you can do this when dealing with the fan on graphics card not spinning problem. After all, it can help with the static graphics card fan problem. Don’t let the simplicity of the method make you think that it won’t work. IT techies heavily rely on this method to solve problems. Certainly, this is a good method because it can reboot the system, restart GPU fans, and align the major functions. So, with this method, you can easily solve the graphics card fan not spinning problem.

Remember to check the connection with the power supply and the motherboard for the PCI-E slot.

Power connectors

Another common reason for the graphics card fan not spinning is the connectivity issues. Well, the graphics card comes in different varieties with different types of connectivity and power source. Generally, most models need either an 8 pin or 6 pin power source. Also, one must make sure that the power supply is the required wattage for the graphics card. Otherwise, it could cause static conditions that are the main reason GPU fans aren’t spinning problems. So, if you find your system turning off without any reason, you need to pay attention. Surely, you can rectify this problem when you make the necessary adjustments.

A little oil can help.

Surely, you know that lubrication is necessary for all kinds of metallic devices. After all, the metals go through constant wear and tear, which produces heat. In turn, this affects the internal working of the graphics card and may be the reason for the fans on GPU not spinning. For that reason, you should lubricate the metal surface regularly. Yes, it reduces the production of heat and increases the longevity of the device. So, apply a little oil to the GPU fan blades, which helps in proper functioning.

Of course, you cannot use all kinds of oils out there. Instead, choose silicone-based oil for your GPU fans. After all, its high viscosity can help to reduce the heat produced due to friction. Also, it can act as an insulator. But, never go for oils that are used in cooking because they can damage the system itself. Using oil is another simple way to correct the graphics card fan not the spinning issue.

Clean the dust particles

Yes, dust can get on the blades of the GPU fan. Certainly, the deposition of dust gives extra weight, which may cause the graphics card fan not spinning. In turn, this excess weight uses more energy to spin and eventually stops the fan itself. One of the main functions of the fan is to throw out the hot air present inside. Surely, the air has dust particles in them. So, they start to settle on the fan blades. For that reason, you need to clean the blades of the GPU fans regularly. If you are still searching for my graphics card fans aren’t spinning; now you know the answer.

Well, this is a time-consuming process. After all, you need to open the PC and carefully clean the fans. Then, you need to dry it and place it correctly back into the device. But, such an effort is worth it. In the end, you don’t have to worry that the GPU fans aren’t spinning.

Drivers and software

You can try reinstalling the drivers if your graphics card fan not spinning. Of course, you can download them from the official website. Or, you can alter the GPU software with other commercial software. This will help you to change particular settings and control the fan’s spin. Also, this will help you if you have a graphics card fan not spinning no display issue.

Well, if you see no improvement with all of these methods, then it’s time for a new fan.

Consider replacing the GPU fan

Till now, you saw the normal causes for fans on GPU not spinning. Suppose, if none of them works, there’s a possibility for the fan itself to be faulty. You can test the hardware and maximum speed using software that can show you the status of the fan. And, if they are not up to the level, you should consider replacing them. Of course, this is the last solution when your graphics card fan not spinning. So, make sure to try out other methods before considering this one.

The bottom line

That’s all folks. So, if your graphics card fan not spinning, use the above tips. Since they are widely used methods, you have nothing to worry about.

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