The Pixelbook 12in is an excellent new addition to the Google line of laptops. It is a high-end laptop that provides a lot of features and a good price point.

The Pixelbook is a laptop with a 12-inch display, running Chrome OS. The Pixelbook is Google’s newest and most expensive laptop to date. It was announced on October 4th, 2017, and released on October 31st, 2017. Use your voice or the Assistant on your Pixelbook to do things like find answers online, play music, send a text message, show you info from Google Photos, and more, a touchscreen display and the first Chromebook to run on a 7th gen. Intel processor. The laptop features a 12.3-inch 2400×1600 pixel, 3:2 aspect ratio LCD screen with touch support, powered by an Intel Core i7-7Y75 processor and 16GB of RAM. Its keyboard is now backlit with a half-height ‘

Google Pixelbook 12 in specs

Did you know? google pixelbook 12in is the most adaptable device you can think of. It doubles up as a laptop and a tablet. Additionally,  

google pixelbook 12in a great entertainment device. This is because of the tent and entertaining viewing modes it features. It can be accessed in two ways. First through dedicated hotkey and next through voice activation. Now, let us consider the google pixelbook specs.

Google Pixelbook 12in– What is in it?

  • It features a 7th generation Core i5 processor. The processor is from Intel. It is a 1.2 GHz Intel Core L5-7y57 dual-core processor which is based on speed 1.2 gigahertz.
  • Want to learn about the storage capacity of pixelbook laptops? Here you go! It is 8GB RAM with 128 GB SSD. This is not all! You will be able to connect to an external storage device as well.
  • You can connect external storage solutions to google pixelbook laptops. You will do it through the Type C ports. You have two of them on the device.
  • The display size is 12.3in
  • You can enjoy a clear and crisp view with google chrome pixelbook. This applies to all types of environments. Even a brightly lit environment. This is because of the integrated Intel HD graphics card. Additionally, the display resolution is 2400 X 1600. Besides that, the brightness rating is 400nit.
  • Furthermore, you can operate it in two modes. You can use touch mode. Alternatively, you can use a pixel book pen. It comes with the google pixel chrome book. This means you can easily navigate, draw, or write.
  • You can expect the Lithium-ion battery to last up to 12 hours on a single charge
  • It is ideal for multitasking.
  • Google pixel book 12 comes with 512 GB internal storage.
  • The device offers an excellent backup facility. You will store data, documents, etc., for use offline.

Above all, google pixelbook 12in is a device with a built-in voice assistant. This makes using it simple and effective.

The Unique Features of the Google Pixelbook

Many features of the Google Pixelbook makes it desirable among users. It is a high-end technology that comes in handy with unique features. Let us see some features of the Pixelbook features you need to know. 

  • The Build and the Quality 

The build of the Google Pixelbook is appealing that is sleek and durable. It is a laptop that is only 0.5 inches thick and lightweight. However, due to its sleek design, there is no compromise on its durability. 

The magnesium alloy frame is an exceptional feature of the Google Pixelbook 12. Also, the rippled base of the equipment provides more grip for the user. It is one of the favourite features of many Pixelbook users as the lifespan is high. The laptop screen is durable due to its alloy base. They are suitable laptops for both personal and commercial use. 

The frame is resistant to breakage which is a rare feature in any chrome book. The build of this Pixelbook is spacious. The keys have enough space in-between that makes typing faster and easier. Without any doubt, the google Pixelbook 12in comes with one of the best build and quality. 

  • The Crystal Clear Audio

Many wonder how the audio feature in the ultra-thin Google Pixelbook is. Even though it is thin the makers have placed speakers below the keyboard. Precise audio features provide the best sound experience for the users. 

The audio jack is 3.5mm which is compatible with external audio devices. Also, high definition sound is an assurance that these chrome bookmakers provide the users. Using audio for personal audio programs and work projects are possible with the Google Pixelbook. With 

  • The Best Processor With Low Heat 

The Google Pixelbook comes with a quality processor. These next-gen processors can provide a smooth experience. Google Pixelbook stands high amongst its competitors due to its high-end processor. The low power and low heat are unique features of an Intel processor. The Google Pixelbook uses the Y series Intel processor that prevents any overheating. 

There are no fans to control heat like the old models. The new Pixelbook offers fan-less and low-heat technology for you. With low heat, the lifespan of your Google Pixelbook is high than any other chrome book. 

  • The Smooth and Intuitive Touch 

The glass trackpad of the Google Pixelbook is one of the amusing features. The touch experience is smooth as it offers both single and multi-hand gestures. It comes with the best touch and keyboard according to the reviews. Accurate touch makes it suitable for the work environment. Most of the thin laptops have trouble with their touch features. 

However, the Google Pixelbook is unique as it offers a satisfying touch experience. Vibrancy and power touch is all that you can experience with the new Google Pixelbook 12. 2 in one convertible laptop offers various types of touch option to the users. 

  • The Innovative Pixel Pen 

To enjoy the best Google Pixelbook experience using the Pixel pen is crucial. The stylus for Pixelbook is worth every penny. The pressure responses and settings of this stylus are plenty. You can be artistic and innovative with the pen. If you love to sketch then busying stylus along with the Pixelbook is worth it. 

The digital ink of the pen is smooth that offers a seamless experience. Pressing the pen can help to increase its thickness. Further, more features add up the quality of the Google Pixel book. Not only for drawing but office work, marking and taking notes are also some of the things you can do with it. A stylus is an incredible tool that helps to have the best experience of Google Pixelbook 12. 

  • The Android Integration on Google Pixelbook 12in

The Google Pixelbook offers the perks of Android integration. With this technology, users can still enjoy some of the android applications as well as the games. The Android OS offers fine giving you a Mac Book-like experience on the Android OS platform. 

Android applications are useful you reduce the workload. If this is the case for you then the android applications are compatible and integration on point in this pixel book. 

  • The Fair Price of Google Pixelbook 12in

Google Pixelbook is a bit more expensive than other chrome books. Due to its high-end features, the price is a bit more. The touch screen, processor and all the other parts make it a quality product. Battery life, durability, webcam, smooth touch screen are some of the features that add up the cost. This premium Pixelbook is worth your investment due to its quality. 

Google Pixelbook Chrome Book

The pixel book laptop runs on Chrome operating system. Hence it is referred to as Google pixelbook Chromebook.  The pixelbook is the brand name. Google has given it for Chromebook. It is as effective as any other laptop or Macbook. However, it is cost-effective. This is because the pixelbook Chromebook offers high performance at a relatively reasonable price.

All about Chrome Operating System

Chrome is a new operating system. The new generation computers use this. The advantages include

  • Faster booting time
  • It just takes a few seconds
  • It is cloud-powered
  • Last but not least, it is browser-based.

 Therefore, you can enjoy internet connectivity quickly. Additionally, the updates happen automatically in the Chrome OS. This means that the operating system will be quick. Also, it is secure.

Google Pixel Book and Productivity

You will be using your pixel book for different reasons. You might be using it for your work, education, editing photos and videos, or pursuing your hobbies. You might want to use different apps for this purpose. You will be able to use any app that you might require for the same. Besides that, you can be assured of office Apps. It includes Microsoft office, excel, and PowerPoint. Last but not least, the pixel book is great for drawing, sketching, and designing.

Entertainment Unlimited

The fun never ends with the google pixel chrome book. This is because it offers scope for non-stop entertainment. You will be able to stream music, stream videos, etc. Additionally, you will be able to install apps that score high on the entertainment quotient. You can also download TV apps in a jiffy. This indeed means great entertainment round the clock. Additionally, you can download social Apps. You will not notice how time flies when you log on to it.

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Gaming with Pixel Book Chrome Book

Gamers will love the google pixelbook 12in. it is indeed ideal for playing both console and PC games. You will also be able to play mobile games that are available on Google play. With adventure, racing, and other games ready to hook on to, your entertainment is guaranteed.

Responsive keyboard

The pixel book 12 in has a highly-responsive keyboard. Therefore, it is ideal for computing work and games. The keyboard is comfortable to use as well. You can get all the information you want from chrome os using the keyboard, and it will be quick. Alternatively, you may use the voice mode as well.

Good quality sound and camera.

The google chrome pixel book has impressive and effective speakers. This will ensure a good gaming experience. However, it will be useful for students as well. You need not worry about missing out on your classes, and you can listen to the recorded sessions for valuable inputs. Next, you have a 1080 p webcam. Therefore, you can view and click quality pictures.

Quick Review about Pros and Cons 

Advantages of Google Pixelbook 12in

  • The sleek design 

Appealing build and design are some of the advantages of the Google Pixelbook. It is ultra-thin and the high-end build offers every reason to buy it. Sleek handle and HD display are perks of having this Google Pixelbook 

  • The android support 

Another crucial advantage of Google Pixelbook is its android app support. Offices have high requirements for android applications. High productivity and entertainment is the assurance maker’s offer with android compatibility. 

  • Exceptional keyboard 

A spacious and accurate keyboard is worth the investment. The Google Pixelbook stands high amongst its competitors with the wide keyboard. 

Disadvantages of Google Pixelbook 12in

  • Poor Audio Support 

The Google Pixelbook can offer a unique audio experience. Still, the poor audio quality is one of the cons of buying it. 

  • No Biometric option 

The no biometric login can risk the safety of the device and user information. The lack of biometric login is a disadvantage in Google Pixelbook. 

Is there any Difference Between Google Pixelbook Chrome Books?

In the first place, there is no difference between Google Pixelbook Chrome books. Further, Pixelbook 12in is a Chrome book by Google Company. It is similar to Dell being a windows computer.

In simple words, the Pixelbook laptop is brand by Google. It is a type of Chrome book that is high-end in terms of features. Google Pixelbook specs make it the best in the market. However, the laptop is considerably less in price than MacBook.

What Makes the Google Pixelbook 12 Better than the Macbooks Air?

The Macbooks Air and Google Pixelbook have a neck-to-neck competition due to their features. They both offer unique experiences. MacBook Air has a unique fan base due to its qualities and features. The Apple OS makes it a high-end technology than any other chrome book. However, the slim build, quiet keyboard, exceptional processor and comfortable features make Google Pixelbook more favorable among customers. 

Reasons to Buy Google Pixelbook laptop

Here are four main reasons to buy Google Pixelbook 12in

  • Convenience

The first important reason to buy Google Pixelbook 12in is convenience. Further, the laptop is light in weight. Apart from the weight, it is also slim in design. But the body of the laptop is made of aluminum and it is solid. Hence, the laptop is suitable for use while on the go.

Apart from design, Google Pixelbook specs are also outstanding. The laptop comes with a soft textured keyboard. It also includes backlit and comfortable space for cursor movements. Therefore Pixelbook laptop is convenient to use.

  • It is made by Google 

Google is a well-known tech company in the world. Further Google products are famous all around the world. Their devices and operating system are easy to use. Similarly, Google Pixelbook 12in comes with an in-built Google assistant. It works wonderfully with all existing Google apps. Furthermore, Pixelbook will be up to date with everything the company has to offer.

  • Chrome and Android apps

In the first place, Google Chrome Pixelbook comes with a unique feature. It is one laptop that can run both Chrome and Android apps. This means there is no need of switching between hardware to use different apps. Further, the Android version of Microsoft office can run smoothly on Pixelbook. So, buying Pixelbook means you don’t have to compromise in using excel or word.

  • Cost of the laptop google pixelbook 12in

There is no doubt that there are multiple laptops available in the market. But Pixelbook laptop is best in terms of features. The cost of Google Pixelbook 12in begins from 999 dollars. However, online stores like Amazon offer a good discount for the product. Tough the price of the laptop is high, its performance and specs is a good investment.

Why Buy This Laptop?

The Google Pixelbook is a high-performance laptop that comes with unique and advanced features. To buy this laptop, several reasons make you feel admired about this product. Let us discuss about them briefly.

  • The Pixelbook uses a beautiful slim design measuring up to 10.3mm in thickness. Coming to the material, it is decked out in white plastic and aluminum that delivers a great look to the laptop. Thus, it looks much more trendy than the design of the latest smartphones. Furthermore, the laptop offers the fastest charging option.
  • Coming to its display, you will see and enjoy the videos with its 12-inches display. So, the resolution that you can expect here is around 2,400×1,600 pixels. With the 3:2 shape, you will feel less difficult to scroll up and down the widescreen
  • The next feature is the multi-touch capability of the laptop. This is not a new feature in laptops, as the older pixel models also have touchscreen options. But, here you will get many useful things like full access to the Google Play Store to download and enjoy using the Android apps, etc.
  • Whenever you feel the laptop is a bit oversized, you can just flip the Pixelbook’s screen and use it like an Android tablet. To tap, write, and draw on the screen, you can use the optional Pixelbook Pen. 
  • Coming to the interior design of the laptop, it uses the seventh-generation Core i5 or Core i7 processor. Though these are low-end processors, they are accompanied by 16GB of RAM and 512GB of NVMe storage.
  • To communicate with the outside world, the laptop comes with a built-in dual-band 2×2 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2. 

Ports And Wi-Fi:

Coming to the ports, the Pixelbook Laptop has four ports on the left side and two ports on the right side.


USB Type C Port (1st Port) – It is a charging port where you plug in a charger to charge the laptop.

USB 3.0 Ports (2nd & 3rd Ports) – These ports are mainly used for connecting with external input devices such as a mouse, keyboard, and external hard drive.

Microphone Port (4th Port) – This port is used to connect with headphones or microphones to listen to some audio or songs.


SD/ Multi-card Reader (1st Port) – To insert any SD card or memory card, you can use this port directly to insert it and get access to its data.

USB Type C Port (2nd Port) – One more port that you can use for charging the laptop or use as a USB 3.0 port. You can also use this port as a Display Port/HDMI video out port.


This Pixelbook Laptop doesn’t support Wi-Fi 6 or 802.11ax but it supports the successor of it, which is 802.11ac. For wireless communication, the laptop comes with built-in dual-band 2×2 802.11ac Wi-Fi. Additionally, it uses Bluetooth 4.2 for the wireless connection. You can enjoy this wireless connectivity option provided by the Pixelbook Laptop.

As a student Can I buy Pixelbook 12?

There are a couple of factors to consider before buying Google Chrome Pixelbook. In case you are a University student, then consider the budget and college requirements. If both these factors are fulfilled then the Pixelbook laptop is a great choice. However, before buying the laptop make sure it fulfills all your needs.

Pixelbook specs are great. It consists of Chrome OS and supports Android apps. Hence, a basic requirement to complete your studies can be met through Pixelbook. In case you cannot do a couple of things on Pixelbook, look for other options. If you can manage small tasks on a computer at campus then Pixelbook is a good choice.

Frequently Asked Questions about Google Pixelbook 12in

  • What OS does Pixelbook use?

The first important question among Pixelbook buyers is the type of OS used by the device. Pixelbook 12in uses chromes operating system. Chrome is designed to update automatically. Apart from automatic updating it also includes virus protection. Furthermore, Chrome operating system is fast and works efficiently throughout the day.

  • Can I run windows 10 on Pixelbook?

Yes, Google Pixelbook 12in supports Windows 10 operating system. It is one of few Google devices that support windows. But the only drawback is storage.

  • Can you use Microsoft office on Pixelbook?

Yes, you can use Microsoft office on a Google Pixelbook laptop. Further, the laptop allows for the opening, editing, and downloading of files. It also allows for the conversion of Microsoft Office files. Hence, the use of word, excel, and PowerPoint files are possible in Pixelbook.

  • Do Android apps run on Pixelbook?

As mentioned earlier in an article, Pixelbook supports both Android and Chrome apps. Hence, Android apps can easily be downloaded and used in Pixelbook. Further, you can download Android apps from the Google play store. Since Android apps can be stored on Google Pixelbook 12in, they can be used offline. Hence, even in absence of an internet connection, you can still use android apps. Watching movies and listening to songs on Pixelbook 12 is possible.

  • Does Pixelbook come with Bluetooth connectivity?

Google Pixelbook 12in comes with Bluetooth connectivity. It means you can connect accessories to Pixelbook. In other words, mouse, headphones, keyboards can be connected to Pixelbook.

  • Does Pixelbook come with a USB port?

There is one USB port for the Google Pixelbook laptop. It can be found on the side of the laptop. Through the USB port, you can connect a charger. Also, the same port can be used to connect external devices.

  • Can Pixelbook replace a regular laptop?

Pixelbook chrome book is a great secondary portable device. Further, Pixelbook is a good alternate for large and bulky computers. Chrome Pixelbook laptop can be used anywhere with ease and simplicity.

  • Is playing games possible on Pixelbook?

As Pixelbook supports Android apps, playing games is possible. Further, you can download Android games from the Google play store.

  • Can I use Pixelbook for coding?

Google Pixelbook 12in runs on chrome OS. The operating system of the laptop doesn’t support developer apps. Hence coding is not possible on Pixelbook. However, you can edit files with the help of web editors.

  • How compatible is Pixelbook for working?

The answer to this question depends on the kind of word you do. Pixelbook supports Chrome and Android apps. It runs on Chrome operating system. Apart from this, it includes a great keyboard with enough space to move the cursor. The performance of the laptop is top-notch. It allows for the opening and editing of Microsoft Office files. Hence, Pixelbook is a good choice for work unless you want to do coding.

Conclusion of google pixelbook 12in

Buy your google pixelbook 12in a laptop today! It will be a worthy investment, and it will be very useful for students, professionals, and businessmen who are on the go. Additionally, it is a delight for those who buy it for the sake of entertainment. You will love to play games on this device.

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