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Google calendar error 404 Can not Access


All you need to know about the Google calendar error 404

Well, it will be an understatement to say that everyone uses and depends on the Google Calendar for tracking and scheduling their events. Yes, that’s how big this service has become. So, if there is some sort of error when trying to access such a widely used service – you know it’s big trouble. After all, big companies and individuals use the calendar API in their everyday lives. So, when 404 errors occur, it directly affects many businesses and their productivity.

But, this doesn’t mean that this is an unfixable error. Yes, there are solutions that you can try for the Google calendar error 404. In fact, many faced this problem in recent months. And, the following methods worked for them. So, you can be sure that one of the below methods will help to solve the issues. 

What is Google Calendar API? 

The Google Calendar API has the feature to integrate the mobile or web application with the Google Calendar. It is a time management calendar developed by Google.  It helps users to create and schedule important events. That is why new ways are introduced now and then to increase user engagement. With the use of this API, you can find and view public calendar events. Then with the proper authorization, you can access private calendars too. You can also work with calendar-related objects. As a user, you will also be able to get more integration with the Google calendar. It allows you to create, display or sync with the Google Calendar. Further, this integration can increase the user experience in many ways.

The Google Calendar is assisting businesses to schedule their events. It has helped them to manage major events. It is known as the Google Workspace and is used in the fields of business, education, and government. There is a subscription-based service available where the customers can find premium functionality.

Here are some of the excellent features of the Google Calendar. 

  • The Google Calendar helps the users to create and edit events.
  • The users will be able to enable recurring functionality with optional parameters for frequency.
  • The users can add color to the event for identifying it.
  • The events can be viewed by the user in different types of a setup such as a week, month, or schedule.
  • The locations can be added for a better understanding of the event.
  • By using the options provided the users can set the notifications.
  • The users can invite other people to the events. The event is clear on the calendar.
  • The privacy settings permit the user to define the levels of public visibility of the calendar or individual events.
  • The users will be able to enable or disable the visibility of the special calendar such as the Birthdays calendar. It retrieves the date of birth from the user’s Google account.

What is the error 404 on Google? 

There are many types of errors in Google. The Google calendar error 404 means “Not Found” in Google Calendar API. You may experience this error in different situations when using Google Calendar. Many get it when executing a simple request and others get it while trying to access the calendar. Further other reasons for the error include the requested resource not existing in the ID. It may also occur when you are trying to gain unauthorized access to calendars.

On the whole, the Google Calendar error can also happen if there is a service outage or a server crash. Google calendar not found error 404 is a standard error and can occur anytime in your experience.

Google calendar error 404 – is the API to blame?

To understand the answer, you need to know the basics first. Well, you can integrate your web or mobile apps with the Google calendar using the Google Calendar API. On one hand, you can find view events in the public calendar. And, on the other hand, you can modify private calendars if you have access. So, if there is even a small error, you know it’s going to affect a lot of things. For that reason, Google error 404 became a hot topic of discussion.

Well, there is more to it than this. Yes, you can get even deeper integration to sync, display, or create with calendar data. In short, the whole user experience becomes easy and comfortable because of this. Now, you can see why many complained about their troubles due to the Google calendar error 404.

In short, the API itself is not to blame for what happens. Still, errors are common to occur. To understand that better, just keep reading.

Google calendar error 404 – common API error

Whether it’s a human or a program, errors are a common thing. But, to understand how to solve them, you need to know more about the type of errors that you commonly see in the calendar API. Of course, Google calendar not found error 404 is one of the common types you will see a lot. Certainly, knowing further about all the types will help you to understand the Google calendar error 404. First, let’s get to know more about the error messages that you get to see.

Generally, when you get an error, you will get to see 2 levels of information regarding the error. Yes, they can help you to know what exactly is the problem. In short, you will see the header and response body in the error message. In the header, you will get to see HTTP error codes and messages here like error 404. On the other hand, you can extra details on how to tackle the error using the JSON object in the response body.

When you use the calendar API, you will usually get 4XX errors like the following. Of course, the cause and the methods to resolve each one are unique.

  • 400 – bad request
  • 401 – invalid credentials
  • 403 – forbidden for non-organizer
  • 404 – not found
  • 409 – requested identifier already exists
  • 412 – precondition flailed

Cause for Google calendar error 404

If you are wondering what are 404 errors, then this answer will help you to get a good idea. Generally, the not found error message comes up when the resource you want cannot be found. In fact, this can occur in many different situations like updating an event, accessing a calendar, or completing a get request. Another possibility for the Google calendar error 404 is when trying to access a calendar that you don’t have access to. Furthermore, this error can happen when there is a service outage or global server problem. Surely, you will agree that this type of error is something that the user is not responsible for. Of course, there is a solution to resolve this error.

Fix the Google calendar error 404

Though you are not responsible for the 404 errors Google, you can still try to solve them. One of the frequently used methods is the exponential backoff. In simple terms, you will keep trying regularly a failed request with this method. In turn, this increases the time to look at the errors related to response time, network volume, and rate limits.

So, when you get a failed request, try it again for 3 to 4 attempts. Certainly, this will improve the user bandwidth and increase the output of requests in similar environments.

  • Points to remember when using this method

  1. When you are trying again with your failed requests due to the Google error 404, at least wait for 1 second. Yes, a minimum of 1 second delay period is necessary when you try again.
  2. Make sure nothing gets duplicated when you try again. Well, this can happen when it automatically creates a request because a change occurs during the retry. For example, you cannot fix invalid login credentials by retrying the request during the 404 errors.
  3. Suppose, the Google calendar not found error 404 happens when you update an event. Well, it could be because of improper XML in the entry. So, make sure that you give the correct details to avoid it.

Well, that’s all there is to know about the Google calendar error 404. Hope this helps you out.

Here are the other steps to fix the Google calendar error 404.

Step 1 

  • The Google calendar has to be made public to import. 
  • The timezone on Google calendar and WordPress have to be the same. 
  • Enable APIKey for Google and check the client ID. 

Step 2 

  • During the first time try importing manually so the API will be set in MEC. 
  • Go to the  MEC Settings > Import/Export > Synchronization Tab and copy the URL that it provides. 
  • Visit the site CPanel and make use of the URL to cron jobs. It is one of the features of CPanel. Contact the host provider to know about it and set it up. 

Step 3

  • Visit the Google Calendar API page (https://console.developers.google.com/apis/library/calendar-json.googleapis.com). 
  • Try to enable the specific Google Calendar API. Double-check if you have done this. 
  • In the actual settings of the API check if the “Application restrictions” are set to “None”. 
  • Within the Google Calendar go to the calendar you want to display on the site. Check if it has “Access permissions” set to “Make available to the public”. It has to be ticked. 

Step 4 

  • After creating an event check if it is added to the Google Calendar. If it is not added to the calendar then it will not be visible in the Google Calendar app or at calendar.google.com. 
  • Open the Google Calendar app. 
  • Tap add 
  • Next to the Event calendar icon check if it says Event. If there is no Event you have to tap the Calendar icon to switch to the proper calendar. 

Step 5 

  • To check if the Calendar sync is turned on open the settings app. 
  • Click accounts and select an account. 
  • Tap account sync.
  • Ensure the account sync is turned on for the Google Calendar. 

Step 6 

  • Open the Settings app on your device. 
  • Click Apps or Apps & notifications and then App info.
  • In the top right click tap more and find the calendar storage in the show system. 

Step 7 

  • Check if the Google calendar is visible or not. 
  • Go to the menu. 
  • In the left calendar’s name ensure the box is checked. If you find color at the end of the box click the box to show the calendar.

Step 8 

  • If nothing else is working you can check the calendar app data. Clear some of the data in it. You might lose some unsynced data through this step. 
  • Open the Settings app on the device. 
  • Click the Apps or Apps & notifications section. 
  • Go to the App info to get the list of all apps. 
  • Choose the calendar. 
  • Click the Storage and then Clear data and then OK.
  • If you find the “Calendar Storage” on the list, clear data from it. 
  • Turn off the device and switch it on back again.

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Common FAQs

  • What are 404 errors in the Google calendar?

Simply put, error 404 is not found. This occurs when the requested resource cannot be found.

  • What is the cause for Google calendar error 404?

It can happen for 2 reasons. First, is the absence of the requested resource even with the ID provided. Second, the user does not have the right access to the calendar.

  • What is the best way to resolve this problem?

The exponential backoff method is the best way to resolve the 404 errors Google problem.


The Google Calendar 404 error is one of the common errors in the Calendar. But following the steps here you can fix the google calendar not found error 404. These steps will help you to resolve the issues you experience. If the solutions are not helping, you can report the problem to Google. You will get a reply from them as soon as possible.

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