Game Pigeon Hacks and cheats for win Every Game on Easy Way


Gamepigeon is a popular mobile party game developed for iOS devices. It is created by Vitalii Zlotskii and released by them in 2016. Now it is available in Apple’s iMessage app. Also, it is only accessible to users through the iMessage app that allows the players to begin and respond to the game’s conversations. This game enjoys lots of commercial success from the audience and this is the reason why many are enjoying the game. Now there are many game pigeon hacks to easily play the game. If you are interested to play the game do not miss this chance to use the game pigeon hacks. So here are the details to know and use the game pigeon hacks. 

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1. 8 ball- Game pigeon hacks

You can easily become the expert at the game pigeon cheats in the 8 ball. You have to practice properly to become great at this. Also, easily use the 8-ball pool cheats to beat your pals. The game pigeon hacks will help you to unlock levels and pass through the tough setup. Here you can know how to start 8 ball pool and use the game pigeon hacks. 

If you want to start the game go to iMessage. Then on the apps find 8-ball Pool. Send these to the contacts you like to play with and the game will start. Your competitor has to install the game before you play it. The rules of the 8-ball pool are similar to the normal 8-ball pool so first know the rules before using the game pigeon hacks. 

You have to, first of all, arrange the balls and use a v-shaped indicator to aim them. The white ball will hit the balls and the sequence will follow. If you are wondering how to hack game pigeons then follow the game pigeon cheats given below. 

  • Try to do the opening play right 

The first step you have to follow is to always aim for the second ball in the last ball row. You have to be alert to do it in the opening play. After you aim for the ball to power up to a full bar you have to release the shot. The one last ball will be pocketed and the rest will be easy for the picking. This is one of the best game pigeon hacks. 

  • Look at the game settings 

You can go to the bottom part of the screen to get the game settings like the music, sound, and images. You can disable the settings to save cellular data and the battery. Use this game pigeon hack to win the game. 

  • Use a ruler 

You can make use of a ruler to get the perfect angle when you are playing the game. Angle the ruler perfectly to measure how the ball will reach the places you want. Then you have to aim for the holes properly. 

  • Note the aim circle 

You have to look at the aim circle before taking the shot. If the aim circle has some lines in the middle you must not take the shot. Then you have to adjust the aim until it shows. This is one of the important cheats. Use this game pigeon hacks to win against your friends. 

2. Basketball Game pigeon hacks

There are many tricks to crack the Basketball game in the Game Pigeon. It is one of the most popular games on the list. It is a great game with good graphics and also it is interactive. Some of the features in the game make it complex to play. But you can use the game pigeon hacks to play the game. It is useful for people who want to know how to hack game pigeon. By using the game pigeon hacks you can play the game easily. 

First, you have to check if you have properly installed the game or not. Check if you have downloaded all the updates. If you want to play the multiplayer mode you have to ensure that the player does the same and also updates the game. 

There are many different rounds in the game with different challenges. But the main aim of the game is to score as many baskets as you can. The distance to the hoops will vary and it depends on the level you are playing. 

To get the score you have to aim correctly at the basket.  Also ensures if the ball goes through. This means that the power you put on the shot will rely on the distance and the elevation angle.

  • You have to practice to achieve the goals in the game. 
  • The gamepigeon cheats depend on all your position and timing. 
  • You have to tap the ball and then hoop as quickly as you can. In this way, you can make sure that you do not miss the shot. 
  • You can have one of your fingers in the ball and the other one on the rim. Tap on the first ball and tap the rim. It will offer you a good conversion rate. You have to learn a good rhythm of letting the ball. So learn this continuous flow. 
  • One best game pigeon cheats are to turn off the music. It will not drain the battery.

3.Sea battle Game pigeon hacks

There are also game pigeon hacks to play the GamePigeon Battleship or Sea Battle. It is one of the best iMessage extensions. Also, it looks like a great battleship game you would have played as a child. But sometimes it can turn hard when you venture into the other levels that are why it is good to use game pigeon hacks. Here are some of the game pigeon tips and tricks to play the game well. 

  • The strategy to play the sea battle defense 

When you are trying to position your boats you have to be very smart about it. You have to start using the game pigeon hacks to be good at it. You must not put everything in one corner. Do not put every ship around the edges. It is a great way to create a pattern so people will easily see it. You also have to change your strategy every time you play the game. 

If you are putting any ships on the edges of the board you have to put the biggest ships there. This will lessen the number of free spaces the enemy may get when they sink the ships. But the big ships are the ones that will get hit first. So you have to take away some of the advantages of the enemy. 

So if you find any large areas open you can put the little ships in the place so it is hard to find them. These are the last ships of the game. Also, they will not be captured in the checkerboard pattern if you place them properly. 

The best thing you can do for the offense is to consider the placement of the battleship. You should not allow AI to do it for you. You can think about the checkerboard and choose a color. This is the strategy we are going to discuss in the offense. You must not place the small ships in the same colored area. 

  • The strategy to play the sea battle offense 

When you are considering what squares to hit you have to consider many different things. The first thing to think about is what your opponent will have done of the many same things you did in the defense. You can begin by guessing around the edges and then moving to the area closer to the center. 

When you are guessing most people will guess in a checkerboard pattern. This means you have to think about the Battleship board as a checkerboard. Choose either red or white and aim for the squares. This will help you to pick many fields of the boats and not all of them. Some people may decide to make a giant X with every other square to assist you to divide the board. Further, you can also do this by the plus sign (+). 

When you hit the ship you have to continue going until you are knocked out. Some people may find it right to find it all and start. But it will make you hit more water that way. When a ship is fully hit the boxes around it will fill in. So you need not guess those. You need not put boats in that area and it is a good way to stop bad moves. Use this amazing strategy to use the game pigeon hacks. 

4. Mancala – Game Pigeon Hacks

Mancala is one of the best and oldest games in the world. This is a count and capture game that needs physical interaction. Now you can play Mancala in the iMessage with your friends. Follow the game pigeon hacks to play the game safely. 

Further, the Mancala game requires rules like you have to play with only one opponent. Also, each player must have one Mancala. The game ends with six holes so both styles are empty. So by following the rules you can use the game pigeon hacks to play the game. 

  • Control the game in the first move

Your first move has to dictate whether you have to dominate the game or not. If you are beginning to play the game play the offensive. The best move in the game is starting the third hole. It permits you to land in Mancala and score a point. This move will give you the second and the most critical move. 

Further, the smart move offers you endless options as a player. It also blocks your opponent from making offensive moves. Plus the next moves have to start from the second-rightmost hole or the rightmost hole. So this above strategy shows helps you to win Mancala in one move. Here are the game pigeon hacks for you to win. 

  • Pay attention to Mancala 

The easy way to score points is through the game pigeon hacks of scoring points with subsequent moves by making sure that there are many stones as possible. When the seeding stones land on the Mancala you get a chance to move again. 

But you should not depend only on this strategy. If you rely on this trip it clears your side quicker than the limit you set on the terms of moves. This is one of the popular game pigeon hacks. 

  • Set up baits 

One of the best cheats is setting up baits. You have to allow the opponents to raid your stones. This is a technique best used for controlling their future options. 

5. Anagrams – Game Pigeon Hacks

The Anagrams is a sixty-word hunt game developed by the Game Pigeon team. You will get a list of letters and you have to find the word combinations from those letters. Mostly two persons will play the game and the winner will be the person with the most combo words. 

Here are the game pigeon hacks for you to play the game with ease without any extra hurdles. With the help of the game pigeon cheats, you can complete the game sooner than you expect. 

The easy way to play the Anagrams is by selecting the letter and combining as many as you can in the 60 seconds that elapses. So this is one of the best game pigeon hacks. Therefore, if you want to win the game use the game pigeon hacks for this game. 

6. Word Hunt – Game Pigeon Hacks

The Word Hunt in Game Pigeon is a popular trivia game. Here you can learn about the game pigeon hacks to play the game easily. Also, it is one of the suitable games for the kids too.

First of all, you have to understand the rules of the game. Some of the basic rules are below. Form words on the grid given and drag the finger across the board. So it is important to understand the arrangement of the game. You have to check whether it is a word solver 4×4 or Wordhunt solver 5×5 grid. Also, try to make some unlikely guesses too. Take a limited amount of time about 33ords and start them as soon as you have a clue. If it is incorrect you have to move to the next option. 

Further, start the timer and take a look at the whole board before creating the words.  The general glance will offer you an overview of what you have to do. Some of the possible word combinations will be available at just a glance. These are some of the game pigeon hacks you can use to win the game. 

7. Cup Pong – Game Pigeon Hack

First of all, you have to open the iMessage app and go to the Cup Pong. You will be able to play the game with your contacts. Give an invite to your friends to know whether they are ready to play the game with you. 

Click the blue and white arrow to send the message. Then turn by turn play with your opponent. Now follow the steps here for game pigeon hacks. You can enjoy playing the game if you play it the right way.  

You will get two chances per turn to get the ball into the cups. If you are making your first shot you have to drag the ball directly on the vertical line. Also, it is an amazing way to land the ball into one of the cups in the center. Further, if you are ball lands on the cup the cup will be taken from the board. 

  • You will get points for each of the cups that land. 
  • Go slightly left or right which of the side has more cups. The main trick is to aim the ball in the direction of the most cups to get the best shot. 
  • Before you start to make the shot you have to visualize the exact path. The ball has to travel to make it to the cup. You have to hold a straight-sided object such as a ruler or a postcard against the screen to make a path between the ball and the cup to know the perfect line. 
  • Play until you improve your aim as practice makes you perfect. Leave the game to play in real-time or you can also return later. 

Therefore these are some of the amazing game pigeon hacks in the game you can follow. 

8. Darts – Game Pigeon Hacks

Darts is also one of the best games in Game Pigeon. First, know how to play the game. 

  • Launch the iMessage app and begin a new message with the friend you want. 
  • Now click on the menu icon and clock the blue “A” button to find Apple iMessage App Store. 
  • Look for GamePigeon to download the app. 
  • You have to open the darts game and choose to create a game. 
  • Now make your moves and send a message to your friend. Then you can invite them to play. 
  • The darts in the game look like normal darts. You have to be able to aim the darts at a dartboard. These will be in different regions and have different scores. To begin the dart will be divided into different segments. It will have the label 1-20. You have to hit each segment which will give you the score number of that segment. 
  • You can also find a bull’s eye which has a score of 50 in the inner and outer with a 2 score. Also, you will find the double outer line with the double score and the triple inner line with the triple score. 
  • So you can score if you aim well on the dartboard. You can draw a gesture to the specific region and hit it with your finger. 

The game dart is a 301 game which means that each of the players in the game starts with a score of 301. Also, the total scores are deducted from this until you reach 0. The player who gets the zero first wins the game. Some of the other game pigeon hacks you have to know about are the following. 

  • You have to concentrate on the regions like twenty. Some of the places like bulls-eye, double, and triple regions are the hardest to aim. So you can concentrate on the areas which are easy to aim. Start by aiming at nineteen which is in the bottom section of the screen as it is an easy target. Then you can go all the way to twenty and more. 
  • Go to settings General > Accessibility > Assistive Touch and choose to create a new gesture. 
  • Then you have to draw a gesture in the segment of the board you want to hit. For instance, we can take twenty. You have to know where the segment located on the screen is. 
  • You have to save the gesture and launch the game on iMessage. 
  • Then a touch button will appear on the screen when you are playing the game. Click on it to utilize the gesture and get the one you want. 9.

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9. Mini-Golf – Gamepigeon Hacks

Even if you are not a pro it is easy to win the game pigeon hacks with the simple tricks and hints. The game lets you take turns by putting the balls on the golf pitch. Here are some of the best game pigeon hacks to play the game effortlessly. 

  • Understand the objective of the game

It is vital to know the objective of the game on iMessage. The aim is to get as many points more possible as your opponent. Also, you have to make some accurate shots and try to manipulate the ball properly.  

  • Choose an ideal opponent 

The opponents you are facing will have a great influence on the match. So if you are a beginner you have to choose players who have a similar skill set as you. Then it will give you a lot of time to start the match and learn new stuff. 

  • Have a strategy

It is best to have a strategy before playing the game. It will guide you and also you can be consistent in your gameplay. After you develop a strategy you will be able to use it against different players to get an edge. 

The simple strategy is to always get your shots fast. It will allow you to mount pressure on your opponent so you can allow them to make mistakes. 

  • Get creative 

You must use the available options to make some creative moves. You have to pay attention to the directional guide so you can angle the shots well. One useful tip is to have a straight object to project the bounce direction of the ball. It will permit you to power up the shots a lot more. Then you can still be able to estimate the reach. 

  • Follow the moves of your opponent 

One good way to win the mini-golf is to watch the opponent’s moves. You have to use the moves which only worked for them when they hit the ball. This is the cheat many people use. 

  • Use powered shots in tight spaces 

You have to use high-powered shots to move past the obstacles. Power your shots to get the right balance. Spend some time playing the game to improve your overall ratings. The constant matches will help you to develop your skills in the game and you can win. 


The Game pigeon hacks are easy to use and you can also win the games in the app. You can put your skill against your friends and win them.  So use the hacks with the tips given here.


  • How do you cheat on GamePigeon word hunt?

Word Hunt in GamePigeon is one of the best games on the list. It is also an educative game and a competitive game. One of the best Game pigeon hacks is that you have to understand the game arrangement. Once you know the basics of the game it can be easy. The next point you have to keep in mind is that you have to act quickly. The game is based on timing so the quicker you act the more effectively you can play the game. Therefore, you can understand the steps in the game to fully understand and play it. 

You can also make use of the website This was made by a Word Hunt player. Use this site to easily win the Word Hunt game when you are playing with your friends. With its help, you can multi-task or split-screen so you can upload or drop a screenshot of a word hunt round. It saves a lot of time and everything happens automatically. 

  • How do you play fillers on GamePigeon?

Filler is also a fantastic game available on GamePigeon in the iMessage. Filler is a color matching game that is similar to Reversi (aka Othello). The main concept of the game is dominating the board. So it is a simple game. First, install the Game Pigeon app to install the game. 

You have to click Filler in GamePigeon to get the game. It will create a message with the game. You have to press the send icon to send the text to the iMessage contact you want to play with. As it is a two-player game you can choose to play with any one of your contacts. After you choose a contact you have to send the game to them as a message.

After sending the message you have to press the play icon to open the game. It will have a 7×8 squared grid and each square will have 6 colors. Also, the colors are red, blue, green, yellow, purple, and black. On each of the turns, the boxes will be shown to the players. These are known as the fill colors in the game. 

When you choose the fill color the starting block will mix with an adjacent block which will match your chosen color. At the last, the game will finally end when all the blocks are merged. The winner is the person with the most merged blocks. 

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