Spotify is facing a lot of problems like discord pausing Spotify at present. One of the main problems is that of issues that cause tracks to pause without user intervention. Users of the streaming service complain that Spotify keeps pausing and skipping songs at random without elucidation. Others claim that after the phone screen gets off, the app stops playing. 

However, the app only resumes playing when turning the screen back on or pressing a button. If you are experiencing the discord pausing Spotify error from Discord and directs to the voice settings to fix it, don’t worry because you are not alone. Adding the confusion, Discord reports Spotify scuffles even if the music app is off or not working. In fact, it is annoying for anyone to see such a pop-up for no clear reason. Let us discuss how to stop discord from pausing Spotify vocal settings error.

Discord pausing Spotify: About Spotify

Speaking of Spotify, it is a digital music streaming service that gives prompt admittance to its vast online library of music and podcasts and keeps users enjoy their time. Similarly, Spotify lets one listen to any content he wants at any time. In addition, Spotify is both legal and easy to use. One can find millions of songs from a variety of genres and artists and any type of music. 

Similarly, based on your listening history, it recommends music with the help of a complex algorithm, as well as curated playlists and internet radio stations. In addition, if you are a person who likes hearing real crime stories or tech talks, the Spotify podcasts are more than enough. As a result, there’s something for everyone and nobody will get a boring feeling hearing to discord pausing Spotify.

In fact, by buying the Gimlet Media and Par cast podcast networks, the company is investing heavily in podcast content. Similarly, Spotify even lost another $100 million on an exclusive multi-year deal with Joe Rogan Experience. The best thing is that the use of Spotify for normal people is free of cost. However, the service offers a Premium subscription, which leads you to its premium content. Hence, you can also enjoy a supporting version of the platform without spending a dime. 

Discord pausing Spotify: Reasons

  • Firstly, temporarily storing data in Spotify may be a reason for pause. 
  • As a result, one can overcome this by restarting the phone.
  • Secondly, usage of the mobile in power saving mode is another problem for discord pausing Spotify.
  • Hence, deactivating the power saving mode can reset the error of Spotify.
  • Usually, the power-saving mode may have caused interference in Spotify streaming.
  • Third, enabling the data saving mode can also be a sole reason for discord keeps pausing Spotify.
  • That means a reduction in the amount of data usage by Spotify can cause Spotify auto pause discord issues.
  • Thus, disabling the data saver mode can overcome this issue.
  • However, when you are in an area with poor cell coverage, for uninterrupted listening it’s better to download music to your device.
  • Similarly, how to stop Spotify from pausing on discord? Let us discuss some ways below to fix this error.

Various Methods in Fixing discord pausing Spotify

Below is a discussion on how to stop discord from stopping Spotify? There are various methods to solve discord pausing Spotify errors. Some of the ways to solve the above error are: –


  • Turn off power-saving mode.
  • Mostly, all mobile devices are having a power-saving mode option reducing the background activity to save battery life.
  • As a result, power-saving mode stops: –
  • Firstly, background updating of apps.
  • Secondly, stops automatic mail retrieval.
  • Finally, stops downloads, etc.
  • Hence, this setting can interfere with Spotify on any type of device let it be android apple or mac.
  • So, if you notice Spotify keeps shutting down while listening to music, turn off the power-saving mode. 


  • Disable data saver mode. 
  • Spotify has a built-in data saver mode which diminishes the amount of data usage while streaming over cellular networks.
  • As a result, the data saver mode can cause discord Spotify not to work due to the potential interference with playback quality. 


  • Restart your device.
  • The easiest way to fix the Spotify auto pause discord is to restart your device.
  • As a result, it’s better to turn off the device completely for a minimum of 15 seconds before restarting it.
  • Because this operation erases all the data in temporary memory. 


  • Keep your device up to date.  
  • Sometimes, the discord Spotify not working may be due to not updating of app or OS.
  • As a result, always make sure to keep your mobile device up to date with the latest versions of the Spotify app or OS. 


  • Logout Anywhere.
  • Most of the Spotify users log into their accounts on each device they are using.
  • As a result, it is better to use it by logging in to a single device.
  • To do this, go to the presentation page of your Spotify account.
  • Once on this page, scroll down and select the Exit Anywhere button.
  • Then just log on to your Spotify account again and enjoy. 


  • Connect or disconnect from Wi-Fi. 
  • Spotify allows you to choose from several levels of quality in streaming music.
  • For quality lossless streaming, you need at least 2 Mbps to download and 0.5 Mbps upload speed.
  • Hence, streaming music in the best possible quality and not getting the results you want, try connecting to Wi-Fi.
  • If this is not possible, reduce the quality of your feed on Spotify.
  • Similarly, make sure that Spotify does not automatically stream at a higher quality than it is capable of.
  • Seventh and finally

  •  Reinstall Spotify.
  • If you have tried all the above fixes and still discord keeps pausing Spotify removing is the better option.
  • Whichever is your device, reinstall Spotify from your device and delete all traces of Spotify.
  • Consequently, again install the Spotify app on your device which will solve how to stop discord from stopping Spotify.

How to fix the Discord pausing Spotify issue?

The Discord pausing Spotify issue has been the main thing on the internet. After all, the ‘listen along’ Spotify feature working on Discord is a huge hit amongst the users. Now, with this issue, people are searching ‘how to stop Discord from stopping Spotify?’. Well, you don’t have to worry about anything because you have come to the right place. So, just keep reading!

What is this feature?

In short, the ‘listen along’ Spotify feature on Discord lets the user hear the songs from Spotify together with friends on the app. Yes, friends can see what songs you are listening to and listen along with you. Recently, people observed that the Discord pausing Spotify when listening to their favorite songs. Well, the truth is, you cannot listen to both Discord and Spotify at the same time. In fact, when voice activity is present for more than ½ minute on Discord, the song will stop playing. So, now you know why Discord keeps pausing Spotify.

Moreover, this app is a great way to connect with different people and chat. Also, it has been a huge hit among gamers. On the other hand, Spotify is known for its high-quality music streaming service. So, when you combine two great platforms, it is a sure treat to the loyal users of both platforms. For that reason, Discord gave access to its users to hear songs together with their friends from Spotify.

Of course, this opens the way for an endless amount of opportunities to remain connected. In other words, this is an amazing way to vibe together. Here, your friends on this platform can:

  • See the song’s status which you are hearing.
  • Play the song that you are hearing.
  • Finally, they can listen along with you. But, your buddies must have a Spotify premium account to do this.

Yes, this shows just how good this feature is. Still, the Spotify auto pause Discord problem is something that users wish to remove. Yes, you can rectify the problem by just following the below simple instructions.

How to fix the Discord pausing Spotify issue?

Well, the good news is that this issue is easy to fix. Yes, below are some of the popular methods that users found to be more helpful.

  • No voice activity

Due to the end-user agreement of Spotify, this feature will stop when it detects any voice activity. So, make sure that there is no going live, sharing a screen, or voice chatting. On the other hand, if the mic automatically picks sound, just enable the puts to talk.

  • Get Spotify premium

Yes, to use this feature, every single individual who listens must have a Spotify premium. Otherwise, the listener will see Discord Spotify not working.

  • Don’t let the device sleep

Well, you can experience this problem when using this on your smartphone. If the device goes to sleep, this feature may pause. So, make sure to keep your device awake by altering its sleep time.

  • Turn off crossfading:Discord pausing spotify

If you have crossfade on in Spotify, it may interfere with the playback of the song. So, if you want to know how to stop Spotify from pausing on Discord, just disable the crossfade.

  • Choose the right device

Certainly, Discord can get confused when you use different devices with your Spotify account. Well, this is easy to fix. Just pick the device from the Spotify app or play the song from the desired device.

  • Sync correct time

Well, if your device’s time and real-time is not in sync, then you can face delay issues. For that reason, make sure that the time is in sync.

  • Try reconnecting your Spotify account

If all the above methods didn’t answer your ‘how to stop Discord from pausing Spotify’, then this is the last method that you should try. Yes, just disconnect and connect again to your Spotify account to solve this problem.

Invite to ‘listen along’ in Discord

Once you get over the Discord pausing Spotify problem, make sure to invite more people. Yes, you can easily invite your friends to enjoy music with you. Remember, all the friends that you invite should have premium accounts in Spotify. With that in mind, just follow the below steps to invite your friends.

  1. In Spotify, choose the song and play it.
  2. Next, just make sure that the Discord is displaying the right track in your status.
  3. Now, pick a friend that you want to listen along.
  4. Next to the text box, you will see “+”. Click it and you will see a message preview.
  5. If you want, type a message.
  6. Finally, press “send invite” to share the link.

Your friend will receive the link which will have a Join button. Using that, they can easily join you in listening to the track you are playing. Also, you can see just how many are hearing the song from the bottom left of the app. Of course, if you stop the song, everyone will stop hearing it.

Connect Discord and Spotify

Till now, you saw the cause and solution for the Discord pausing Spotify issue. If you are wondering how to connect Discord and Spotify, then don’t worry. Just follow the below steps to enjoy music with your friends.

  1. First, click user settings
  2. Then, click connections
  3. Now, press the logo of Spotify
  4. Next, you will be asked to confirm whether you want to connect Spotify with Discord. Click yes.
  5. After this, you will need to log in to Spotify. Once that is over, you will get a confirmation message.
  6. Finally, check the list of connected accounts to see whether Spotify is present.

Summing Up: Discord pausing spotify

Millions of people around the world are great fans of Spotify’s music streaming and podcast services. Listening directly from your device usually solves the problem of how to stop discord from pausing Spotify in areas with poor Wi-Fi and cellular data access. Hopes that all the above ideas are of great help in fixing how to stop Spotify from pausing on discord.

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QNA: Discord pausing spotify

  • What is the cause for the Discord pausing Spotify problem?

This happens when there is voice activity from your side for 30 seconds. Well, just enable the push to talk feature to avoid this.


  • Will this feature work without Spotify premium?

In short, you need this when you want to use this feature and hear other people’s songs. On the other hand, you don’t need it if you play the song or just see what others are playing.

Hope this helps you to solve the Discord pausing Spotify issue. So, just use one of the methods you see here to enjoy uninterrupted playback with your friends!

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