Discord game detection not working is a crucial discussion among gamers. If you are recently facing this problem then there is nothing to worry about. Gamers with the issue can fix it. Also, when the platforms such as discord have any problem it is the buzz of the town. Discord is a key platform that helps gamers to communicate. It is a VoIP platform that allows both gamers and non-gamers to talk over text, voice, and video. 

Broadcasting the game title and detecting the game is possible through discord. Playing multiplayer games and communication is smooth with it. However, in recent times many gamers report discord game detection not workingIt is an issue that can affect the gaming and playing process. 

Also, live streaming games and discussing game strategies are common applications through the platform. However, when game detection fails to play multiplayer is not possible. If this issue is frustrating you then follow this guide to solve a problem. 

The possible reasons for the discord game detection not working

The status of game activity disabled 

Many users have the discord apps saved on PC or smartphones. At times, the activity of the app may have stopped. The disabled activity of the game will create game detection issues. Further, the application of the discord is not proper due to the disabled game status. Enabling the captivity can fix the issue in no time. 

Server problems 

The discord stream game not working may seem like a technical problem. Mostly, it is due to server issues. The platform server may be at fault. Also, if you are using a browser to access the discord then this can cause server issues.

 If you witness that the discord stream game not workingthen wait for another day to check if the server gets back on track. By doing this you can resolve the issue without any fixes. 

Old discord versions 

The platforms like discord have continuous updates. It is important to have the latest version of the app in your system. Having older versions then they may have problems. If discord not showing game on your PC, it is due to older versions. 

Also, the older versions will not detect current games. They are outdated and can cause much more problems on your PC. Uninstalling and downloading the newer version can fix discord not showing the game

The window update 

There is a need to update the PC to new changes. Outdated windows versions may not process discord properly. Moreover, any problem with the windows update setting can cause discordnot detecting gameproblems. Troubleshooting the update issue on PC can be the resolution for discord not detecting the game

Checking game authenticity 

The discord is a secure platform. It may not detect unverified games that are not licensed. Check the source of the game to check if it is secure. Even discord not detecting Minecraft is an issue among the player. 

Further, in these cases make sure that you download proper files of Minecraft. There are plenty of third-party files of a game on the internet. Downloading licensed files can solve discord not detecting Minecraftissues. 

The superior fixes to try on your PC

Many things can cause discord games to not be detectedHowever, if you can find the underlying issue it is effortless to troubleshoot it. Still, if you are not able to detect the cause you can try out all these fixes on your PC. 

Enabling activity status 

Discord game activity not working is a common problem among gamers. If you face this problem try out these hacks. 

  1. In the windows tab, open the discord app. 
  2. Now open the user settings that are located near the user profile. 
  3. On the left side of the screen, there is an activity status option. 
  4. If you see that the game activity status is in disable mode then toggle it to enable. 
  5. The result of these steps depends on whether your game appears on the activity status. 

If the game appears after this step then the issue is resolved. If you do not see anything o activity status then the problem is not fixed. Further, try out other troubleshoots for discord game activity not workingissue. 

Correcting the network issue 

Automatically adding a game is not possible with a server issue. However, manually adding the game can help to solve discord game detection not workingproblem. Let us see the steps to correct your server. 

  1. Open the game that you want to play, now minimize the game page. 
  2. Now it’s time to open the discord app on your PC. 
  3. In the setting tab, you can see a game activity option. Click on it to proceed further. 
  4. When clicking on the game activity there is an option to manually add the game. 
  5. Now you can copy the hyperlink to the game of your choice and add a game. 
  6. If automatic game detection is not working then manually adding the game is possible. 

Updating the discord app: Discord game detection not working

Discord is a platform that updates promptly. New features and versions of the game download automatically through the updates. If you witness discord game detection not workingthen update the app. these steps can help to update discord on your PC. 

  1. Click on the discord app on your PC. 
  2. Open the app and find the discord updates option. 
  3. Now check if there are any newer versions of the app available. 
  4. If there is a new version then update the newer one. 

Now restart the Pc to check if the discord app is detecting your game. The newer versions of the discord come with fewer glitches. Therefore, these steps are expected to fix the game not detecting issues in your PC. 

Reinstalling discord app: Discord game detection not working

Even after trying all the above steps still discord game detection not workingthen reinstalling is essential. Re-downloading the discord has many benefits. For reinstallation, you can follow these steps. 

  1. Open the control panel of discord to uninstall it. 
  2. After installation is complete delete any files related to it from the PC. 
  3. You can download the discord app from a browser or any other app store.
  4. After download use your existing credential to register. Now check the game activity to detect new games. 
  5. Many times, re-downloading is the best hack for many gamers. Using the discord for gaming purposes without disturbance is possible by re-downloading. 

Checking the authenticity of the game 

Most of the time discord game detection not workingis due to external factors. Only genuine games are detectable by this platform. For security reasons, unauthorized games do not have access to discord. 

After following the above steps still, the issues are not solved then check game authenticity. You can right-click on the game to know about its details and license. Downloading a licensed game can prevent the game activity issue on discord. 

Restoring windows: Discord game detection not working

There are possibilities that windows are the cause for discord game detection not workingIf this is the case update your windows to solve the problem. See if there are any new update windows notifications in the system. After Re-launch discord to check that is connecting the new game.

The above steps are successful for most of the discord subscribers. Patiently try out the above steps to solve discord game detection not workingeffortlessly. 

FAQ: Discord game detection not working

How to make discord to detect the game?

Go to the activity status of discord and enable detect game option. 

Does discord detect pirated games? 

Discord will not detect games that are pirated. 

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