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Discord can’t unmute Resolve it on easy way


Discord can’t unmute is a common query among many users. When muting the self on discord unmuting it again is an issue for many. However, this issue is fixable. There are plenty of hacks to solve this problem. Also, Discord is the world’s best voice and text chat app. convenience of communication through its platform is exceptional. 

Hanging out with friends and community is now effortless with discord. Since its release, more than 10 million subscribers record their unique chat experience with discord. However, some users are experiencing a few problems with unmute option. If you are wondering why I can’t unmute myself in discord then there are reasons for it. Let us see what is making stopping discord to unmute you. Also, it is a place where you can find successful fixes for discord that can’t unmute. 

Reasons that are responsible for discord can’t unmute the issue   

Problems with device microphone: Discord can’t unmute

When there is no access for discord in the system’s microphone then performing mute/unmute action is difficult. The unmute option is possible only when there is permission for the microphone. 

Further, when you can’t unmute discord then there is a problem with microphone permission access. If there is a permission issue you may not be able to connect the discord microphone with the system. 

Mistake in the output device setting

Output device in the discord is important as it helps to talk with friends and other contacts on discord. The microphone is used for you to talk and output the device to receive your chat on another end.

Additionally, if the output device is not set correctly then Discord can’t unmute me can occur. If you have confusion why Discord can’t unmute me the key reason for it is the faulty output setting. 

Disturbance in microphone 

Many users may have two or more microphone connections on the system. When using a microphone of another app and Discord won’t let me unmute. The overlapping of two microphones is the crucial reason for this problem. 

Especially, in systems such as windows accessing one microphone at a time is possible. When you do not why Discord won’t let me unmute then the reason is privacy violation of using two microphones. 

Improper browser setting 

Many use browsers to access the discord instead of the discord app. It is essential to grant permission to the discord platform due to this problem. Moreover, when doing this the discord microphone can run smoothly without Discord can’t unmute problem.

 Going to the browser settings to grant permission may help discord to perform mute and unmute functions smoothly. 

Accessing the push to talk 

Today, many find it difficult to access or use the push talk feature in discord. At these times you may not know how to How to unmute yourself on discord’s. Furthermore, using conventional ways to mute and unmute is impossible in these cases. Using the dedicated button to push the total feature is necessary in these cases. 

Moreover, these are common problems when you encounter Discord can’t unmute problem. Troubleshooting these problems is possible with these below-given fixes. Let us see these reliable steps to fix the problem. 

The reliable hacks to fix Discord can’t unmute

Granting access to the discord app 

To make a voice call smooth you can grant access to the microphone on discord. Without permission, there is no way to use the microphone. Also, you can follow these steps for the process. 

  1. Click on the windows start option. 
  2. Now enter the setting option to proceed further. 
  3. In the setting menu, click on the privacy category. 
  4. Now there are many options in privacy and select the microphone. 
  5. The microphone option shows devices and apps that may use the microphone on your system. Further, identify discord and select it. 
  6. Use the toggle option to grant permission to the discord app. 
  7. Restarting the systems after these steps is essential. These steps can help to resolve the Discord can’t unmute issue. 

Deactivating the push to talk: Discord can’t unmute

Push to talk is an advanced feature in many systems. The unmute/mute option is useful to access the microphone conventionally. Also, to use the standard unmute option it is essential to deactivate push to talk. You can follow the below steps to do it. 

  1. First, open the discord application. 
  2. There is a setting icon at the discord app click it. 
  3. In the app settings, there is a voice and video option that enables you to deactivate push. 
  4. Now click the voice activity. By enabling this option conventional mute and unmute options will be available to you. Further, these steps are helpful for many users facing the Discord can’t unmute. 

Changing the setting of the output device 

Discord not letting me unmute is possible when the output device has an issue. Faulty output can lead to this problem often. Also, to change any improper settings in the output device you can follow the below steps. 

  1. The first step is to open the discord app. 
  2. Now click on the settings menu in the application. If you are unable to find the setting then you can see it near your account username. 
  3. in-app settings there are voice and video options.
  4. In this option, you can detect the output devices connected with the app. 
  5. Now adjust or increase volume in the output device. 

You can restart the discord app to save changes. These steps will solve Discord not letting me unmute problems. If the problem still occurs then there are other hacks to try. 

Stop other apps from accessing the microphone 

When two microphones have access there is a Discord can’t unmute issue. Unmute option is not smooth when another app is accessing the microphone. If you want to quit other apps using a microphone then follow these steps. 

  1. In your systems right click on the taskbar to open the task manager. 
  2. Now there may be many apps accessing the microphone. Whatsapp, messenger and other social apps use a microphone. 
  3. Select the program that you want to quit using a microphone. 
  4. Now use the end task button to save the changes. 
  5. Lastly, use the re-launch option in the discord option to solve the Discord can’t unmute problem. 

Changing the browser site settings 

If your browser is blocking you to use a microphone then use these effective steps. 

  1. Open the settings in google and click on three dots in the setting icon. 
  2. Navigate to the privacy and security page in the browser. 
  3. Now in the microphone settings indemnify discord and delete it using the bin icon. 
  4. There is allowing option in the browser that helps you to access this app to use a microphone. 
  5. These steps are useful to change anything blocking the browser from using a microphone. 

Using a different browser 

If you are facing Discord can’t unmute issue often then changing the browser may help. Some browsers may have trouble loading the discord app. Many browsers come with exceptional features to support the chat apps. Opera and other popular browsers have successful discord applications. Smooth usage of the discord apps is possible through this process. Your privacy and microphone disconnecting issues are less with this browser. 

All the above are reliable ways to fix the discord unmute issue among many users. Even after trying all these methods, the problem occurs you can use technical help to troubleshoot. 

FAQ: Discord can’t unmute

What is the major cause for discord not unmuting? 

The major causes for discord unmuting issue are incorrect device settings. 

How to fix the glitch on discord unmute? 

Update the discord application and restart the PC. 

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