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CPU opt vs CPU fan Difference between it


Ever wonder what is the difference between CPU opt vs CPU fan? One must have seen a lot of fan headers on the motherboard creating doubts. As a matter of fact, a computer processor contains multiple fans. All these fans create the cooling effect requirement for the processor. As a result, these fans make sure that the computer runs smoothly without overheating. 

Similarly, the main duty of the CPU cooler is to prevent ill-fated incidents resulting from overheating and accompanying damages. On the motherboard, one can see 2 fan heads. That is, one head is for the CPU_FAN and the other is for CPU_OPT. So what does CPU opt mean and what is cpu_opt? How these two fans are dissimilar? Here you will find all the details of the processor fan and processor options along with their detailed user guide. So, check it out!

CPU opt vs CPU fan: What is a CPU FAN?

Before discussing CPU opt vs CPU fan let’s take a look at CPU_FAN.

  • The CPU_FAN is a command corresponding to the CPU fan header on the motherboard.
  • So, what do you mean by a CPU fan?
  • A small fan or cooler in connection to the motherboard for cooling a processor is a CPU fan, i.e., a CPU fan on motherboard.
  • As a result, this processor fan keeps: –
  • Firstly, the motherboard.
  • Secondly, BIOS.
  • Third and finally, other complicated circuitries in CPU

from overheating and also keeps the processor thermals cool.

  • With a different meaning, the word “CPU_FAN” is the main CPU fan header on the motherboard and other software like HW Monitor, NZXT CAM, etc.
  • Similarly, they also control the fan speed and make sure the processor does not hurt from feverishness.
  • However, the connection of these CPU-conserving fans should always be at the core.
  • Otherwise, the fan will not work nor allows the user to boot his system safely.
  • In addition, by adjusting the fan speed the CPU_FAN allows the CPU to continue running.
  • However, if the bad connection of any fan to the CPU or the CPU fan on motherboard stops working, the device will turn off immediately.
  • Hence, depending on processor temperature, the CPU fan header comes with four pins to provide better voltage and fan speed.

CPU opt vs CPU fan: Definition for CPU_OPT

Next in the discussion on CPU opt vs CPU fan let’s take some time to know about the cpu opt fan.

  • Some PCs especially high-end gaming PCs require more than one CPU cooling fan due to the workload.
  • However, in such cases, a single CPU fan is not enough to connect and maintain the temperature of the cooling devices.
  • Similarly, in such cases, it will be beneficial if you plan to use an AIO / liquid cooling system in addition to the key freezing scheme.
  • While thinking to connect another cooling fan check out the CPU opt fan or a CPU_OPT.
  • However, the CPU opt fan connector is an extra header to connect the other fan.
  • The expression “OPT” in CPU_OPT means optional.
  • That means this fan attaching the manifold is an optional cooling fan.
  • As a result, your CPU will work normally even if a fan is not available on this header or the fan connected is unserviceable.
  • In short, even if this header is blank, your device will work without any issues.
  • However, CPU_OPT can give the user warnings in the case of a device overheating.
  • Additionally like a CPU_FAN, the CPU_OPT is also having a 4-pin CPU opt fan connector.
  • As a result, the CPU_OPT fan is also able to adjust the fan speed according to the temperature of the processor.
  • So to use multiple fans in cooling your CPU, the best option is to use the above two headers.
  • However, using CPU opt vs CPU fan both at a time on CPU, allows the user to keep his CPU in good condition.
  • As a result, it also ensures that your device enjoys efficient cooling during peak working hours.
  • The above details must have given details on what is cpu_opt or what does CPUCPUCPU opt means.

Differentiating cpu opt vs CPU fan

Both CPU opt vs CPU fan are headers and connectors for the processor cooling fans. So, guess the differences! Well, there are two major differences and they are the following: –

  • Firstly, the headers.
  • Always one must keep in mind that the main header is the CPU_FAN header.
  • Therefore, if the connection of the fan to the main header is wrong or if the fan is unserviceable, the PC will not start and instead, it will stay off.
  • On the other hand, CPU opt fan connector is an optional header on the motherboard.
  • As a result, if you connect a fan or not onto this header, your device will continue to work and will stay on. 
  • Secondly, prevention of damage.
  • One of the main differences between cpu_opt and cpu_fan is the capacity for the prevention of damage to the device.
  • Similarly, the processor can detect if the CPU_FAN header of the main fan is working properly.
  • As a result, it will shut down the device after giving the user warning to prevent any mishappening to the device due to overheating.
  • Conversely, the CPU_OPT header can only alert you about any damage done to your device.
  • The CPU_OPT cannot instruct to shut down the device on detection of any damages.

Summing Up

Thus, from the discussion of CPU opt vs CPU fan CPU_FAN headers are the main CPU cooler. Hence, they ensure the device is not overheating and adjust the fan speeds accordingly. In addition, using cable splitters can connect the primary cooler or the radiator to ensure proper operation of the device. On the other hand, you can mount the secondary heat sink or the processor cooling fan on the CPU_Opt header. 

However, in cpu_opt and  cpu_fan both of the fans serve different purposes. As a result, one has to pay attention to which fan or cooler you have to mount on a particular header. In addition to that, users can also use other headers in case of emergencies or need.

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