Best Camera & Battery Phones – Hello friends, if you want the best camera phone in the lowest prime but you are having a problem in choosing which phone can be the best low price phone for you (Best Camera Phones Under 15000) , in which you will get the best selfie and back. If you get a camera then you are in the right place.

Now gradually the image of the camera phone is going from Oppo and Vivo Smartphone because many such phones have come in the market in which we get to see better cameras than them and an example of this is the Samsung Galaxy A7.

With this, there is no popular camera phone of oppo and Vivo that we can get at low price, almost all its phones are 15,000 or above, so if you want to take a camera phone. So apart from these, you can get better in other brands at a lower price.

Best Camera Phones Under 15000:


1 Best Camera Phones Under 15000:

1.1 1. Redmi Note 8 Series:

1.2 2. Realme 5 Pro:

1.3 3. Redmi Y2:

1.4 4. Realme 2:

1.5 5. Redmi 6:

1.6 6. Realme 1:

1.7 7. Honor 9n:

At this time a budget phone comes in 15,000 to 20,000 rupees and if someone wants to buy a phone from Xiaomi or Oppo, Vivo, or any company, then we have a budget of at least 15,000 rupees in our mind. But there are some such phones which we can buy in low price range i.e. less than 15 thousand rupees and we will know how to list these cheap price smartphones here.

  1. Redmi Note 8 Series: Camera Phones Under 15000

Talking about the Latest & New Camera Phone List 2019 first comes the number of Xiaomi Redmi 8 series because you will get to see the killer camera in all its models.

Let us know about all the phones of the Redmi Note 8 series and their specifications one by one.

Redmi Note 8 – Maybe it’s Rs. 9999 is the first phone to get 4 rear cameras, in which the main lens is 48MP and the rest are of 8MP and 2MP. Along with Snapdragon 650 processor is available which makes the phone powerful.

Redmi Note 8 Pro- Maybe it will be Rs. 14,999 is the first phone to get 4 rear cameras, in which the main lens is 64MP and the rest are 8MP and 2MP. Along with Snapdragon 650 processor is available which makes the phone powerful.

  1. Realme 5 Pro: Camera Phones Under 15000

If anyone is giving competition to Mi in India, then it is Realme, its phones come in the market with amazing features and design and that is why customers like Realme phones a lot. If we talk about Realme 5 Pro, then it will be available for Rs. 12,999 and it gets a triple rear camera with a 48MP AI quad-camera.

Along with this, a 16MP front camera and AI-powered Snapdragon 712 processor have been used to keep the performance of the phone better.

  1. Redmi Y2: Camera Phone Under 15000

If we talk about any top 5 smartphones in the range of 10, 20, or 25 thousand rupees, then we will get the same name first and that MI, no better company phone has been made in the budget price range and hence till date. This is one of the most popular phones.

The low budget of Redmi Y2 is a phone with better performance, in which we do not get the feature of the best quality nor of the very bad quality, such as Snapdragon processor, Full HD display, etc., from here you can see its Redmi Y2 specification & comparison.

The most important feature of this phone is the camera given in it, in Redmi Y2 we get a 16MP front camera and 12 + 5MP back camera. Which according to me is Rs. 9,999 is the best camera phone under Rs.

  1. Realme 2: Camera Phone Under 15000

This phone has not come into the market yet, but you will get information about it in many places on the Internet. This phone will come on the market on 11 October 2018 and we can buy it from Flipkart. Realme 2 is a low-budget smartphone.

In this we get 8MP AI front camera and 13MP + 2MP rear camera which is not a very good camera but it is good for a low price phone and it will cost us only Rs.8,990.

  1. Redmi 6: Camera Phone Under 15000

This is the latest launch cheap price smartphone in which we can also get a better camera of better design and specification. This is the second-best phone of the Redmi 6 series and we can buy it on 4th October 2018 at 12 o’clock in the day as a Flash sale.

In Redmi 6 we will get a 12 + 5MP dual rear camera and 5MP front camera, according to today’s time, the camera specification would be looking average to us but its price is Rs. 7,999 is better according to Rs.

  1. Realme 1: Camera Phone Under 15000

This is such a Smartphone that everyone said that it is a better phone according to its price and Realme 1 also managed to make its place in the low price phone. In this phone, we have a better design, display, battery, processor,

A better camera is also seen and if we want to buy a smartphone with a low budget then it can be a better option for us. In this, we get to see 13MP single rear camera and 8MP front camera and its price starts from Rs 8,990.

  1. Honor 9n: Camera Phone Under 15000

Honor is currently engaged in making its place in the market and for this, it is launching better phones at low prices so that it can build some of its trusted customer bases, Honor 9n is a good budget phone in which we have some of the latest features along with the camera. Seen as Notch Display

Honor 9n we get to see 16MP AI-based front camera which is best for taking a super quality selfie, along with 13MP and 2MP back camera will be available. If we buy this phone from the official website of Honor then we get this phone for Rs. 11,999 can be found for Rs

Friends, in Top 5 Low Price Phone With Best Camera 2019, I have told about some such phones which are cheap in terms of price, good in terms of camera and also better in terms of hardware and latest features. If you want to buy one of these phones, then you can buy any phone, every phone is better according to the budget. But if you want to get the latest phone then you can buy Redmi 6, Y2 or realme 2. If you know about any other phone like this, then share it in the comment.

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