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Best 4 Latest Free Mobile Game 2020 Lockdown 3.0


Hello friends, who do not like to play on the game on the phone. So today we are going to talk about the Top 4 Latest Free Mobile Game 2020. If you want to download Mobile New Adventure and Interesting Mobile games then you are absolutely right place. This time, the government has already told us that lockdown 4.0 is about to come, here you should understand that you have to stay at home for a long time. That’s why I thought that I should tell you all about some such smartphone games which can help you in passing your time.

Here we will know about the Top 4 Latest Launch such as Free Mobile Game. Which has just been launched this month and is being liked the most in the list of mobile gaming due to its unique and interesting features, such as graphics, game level, quality, etc. With this, here we will get to see not only Adventure but all other popular categories like Sports, Action, Racing games.

Best 4 Latest Free Mobile Game: Action, Mystery


1 Best 4 Latest Free Mobile Game: Action, Mystery

1.1 #1. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery:

1.2 #2. Real Cricket™ 18:

1.3 #3. West Gunfighter:

1.4 #4. Racing Limits:

All the games on it are above 4.0 user rating and they are currently being liked as the most mobile game in 2018. Out of the top 4 game lists that I am going to tell here, I like Harry Potter Adventure Game the most and we will know about it first. All the games that I have told you about here are available on the play store and you can do time pass in Coronavirus from the comfort of your home and you stop thinking about when the lockdown will end and as soon as this emergency situation will be over, you will get the information.

#1. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery: Latest Free Mobile Game 2020

Harry Potter is such a movie that everyone likes and how can we forget its three characters Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Now in this year, 2018 Jam City Inc. (Famous Game Development Company) has launched Harry Potter Game.

As its name, Hogwarts Mystery is an adventure game according to that, and if you want to download the best quality mobile game. So this can be the best game for you.

Because it is a big game that has many levels, controls, features, and rewards. Which can make your mobile gaming experience interesting. I will tell you about some of its special features here and the rest when you download it, you can see for yourself.

Students customize Avtar, attend magic classes to learn new magic.

Investigate the different mysteries of Hogwarts and resolve them with your magical skills.

Build friend’s relationships and Win Hogwarts House Cup.

#2. Real Cricket™ 18: Latest Free Mobile Games 2020

Many good quality games related to cricket are already present on the App stores, but when the World Cricket game app was launched some time ago. So it became the most famous App in Mobile Cricket games. Because in that we got to see gaming features of better quality.

But it also did not have many features and after playing for some time the interest from the game ends. In such a situation, now there was a need to add some new and better mobile game features to the cricket game and we get to see all this in the real cricket game.

If you are fond of Cricket mobile games, then you will get to experience a different experience in Real Cricket games and with the rest, you will get to see better features than the game. for example.

In this game, we will get to see the batting style of all the batsmen and know together.

We will get to see the original bowling experience in the real cricket game and we can decide what kind of bowling we want to do before bowling.

The cricket game level has been modified and we will get to see some new and competitive levels in the real cricket mobile game.

#3. West Gunfighter: Latest Free Mobile Games

This is a Western Adventure and Action game, which is based on a Hollywood movie. West Gunfighter is one of the best quality and feature games out of all the Free Action Mobile games we have played so far.

In this game, we get many customization and action control features which we rarely get to see in any free action game. for example…

Selecting and customizing different types of Male/Female Characters.

More than 100 Game Levels & Weapons

#4. Racing Limits: Latest Free Mobile Games

I like the racing games the most among all categories of games and I often play NFS Most Wanted Game. But so far I have not enjoyed playing any free racing games in Mobile games. Because we get a limited controlling feature in Mobile.

When I downloaded the racing limits game, I thought it would be similar to the old game. But no, the racing limits are better in all respects graphics, controlling and features. In this, we get all those features, which should be in a mobile racing game. for example…

City & Highway Traffic Race & one-way, two-way race.

Real-time multiplayer in which we can coordinate racing with our friends or anyone else.

Multiple Camera angle- Till now we used to get to see 2 or 3 camera angles. But in the racing limits, we will get to see 4 camera angles.

High Level of Graphics Details – We will get detailed and clear information about all the vehicles.

Easy and sensitive vehicle control features will be available which will make the mobile racing experience fun.

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